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Manager Executive Assistant

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
October 27, 2018

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CV - Ray O’Neil Naidoo Mobile - 071******* Email:

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“To educate a person in mind and not in morals is

to educate a menace to society.”

Theodore Roosevelt.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Leon C.


Theodore Roosevelt’s statement suggest that to attain knowledge, without the existence of integrity and moral is counterproductive to the progress of a society. That is why it is of utmost importance for me to grow with value, which I believe is the key difference between knowledge and wisdom. While knowledge may refer to intellect, wisdom refers to the ability to utilise intellect for the benefit of society. This is why; I strive to attain and portray wisdom, as well as, conduct every activity with excellence, striving toward perfection. In as much as people would say perfection does not exist, we are beings that have unexplored potential; and to accept that one cannot do better, is to except that one’s skills and ability is limited and that is something I do not accept. Therefore my value system together with my intellect, creates an obligation within me to help the person standing next to me, my family, my society, my community, my corporation and my country. I consider myself a learning individual, taking great pleasure in research and the attainment of new knowledge which, in turn, I use to increase my potential wisdom. Whatever I am asked to do, I will ensure that the needs of stakeholders are best met. I have developed the ability to quickly understand what is required and am able to rely on my balanced thinking style, utilizing both the right and left hemisphere of my brain to creatively and effectively meet those requirements. This allows me to analyse concepts logically and methodically, and more importantly develop solutions that are dynamic and unconventional, creative, logical and technically sound. This has become my most admirable and defining characteristic, I am able to adapt to any situation by determining the appropriate balance between interpersonal and analytical skills that are required to be effective in said situation.


Independent Contractor May 18 – Present

Ernst & Young (Audit Manager, Risk Advisory) Jul 17 - May 18

Old Mutual Plc. (Audit Manager: Banking, Credit & Liquidity) Jun 16 - Jun 17

FirstRand Ltd. (Head of Risk & Compliance – Banking & Advice) Jan 13 - Sep 15

FirstRand Ltd. (Executive Leadership Program) Jan 11 - Dec 12

FirstRand Ltd. (Audit, Risk and Compliance Manager ) Jan 09 - Dec 09

NetLearn Pty. Ltd. (IT Manager & ICDL Examiner) Jan 07 - Dec 08 AWARDS & RECOGNITION

FirstRand Volunteer Foundation Spokesperson 2014

FSR/ FNB Outstanding Achievement Volunteers 2014

FNB Branch Innovation Winner (Performance Reporting) 2013

FirstRand Outstanding Display of FSR Values 2012

FirstRand Outstanding Innovation Champion 2012

FNB Support Segment Innovations Winner (Root Cause Analysis) 2010 /2011 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

Major Academic Qualifications

Enterprise Risk Management (Advanced Diploma) 2010

Enterprise Risk Management (Certificate) 2009

Bachelor of Accounting (BACC) 2006

Matriculation 2003

Minor Qualifications

Ultimate Executive Assistant (Adam Fidler) 2013

Spiral To Success (Leadership) 2009

ICDL Qualification (Advanced Excel/ Word/ PowerPoint) 2007 CV - Ray O’Neil Naidoo Mobile - 071******* Email: Page 2 of 4


Mrs. Thaaniya Issacs (Partner: Ernst and Young) +27-83-253-****

Mr. Ricky Pillay (Mentor) +27-84-227-****

Mr. Gilbert Swats (Director: FirstRand Ltd.) +27-83-256-****

Mrs. Anita Jagnath (CFO: NetLearn Update CC.) +27-83-489-**** SKILLS & STRENGTHS


Verbal skills: a communication skills assessment revealed that “I am able to convey a message in a clear and concise manner. I am able to actively listen to others and understand different perspectives. I have a solid grasp on the criteria necessary for effective communication and am able to put them into practice”.

Writing Skills: I have always maintained excellent writing awareness, compiling various materials for all levels of an organizational hierarchy, including Executive Leadership. I am able to convey written messages just as well as I convey messages verbally.

Presentation skills: I have excellent presentation skills. I have attained my ICDL which has enhanced my ability to effectively use presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint. This technical aspect of developing presentations together with my verbal ability allows me to effectively and efficiently deliver a message to any audience. Computer Skills

I am an au fiat with the following application programs:

Word Processing

Spreadsheets (data analytics)

Database Applications

Internet, Email and

Project Management;

Balanced Thinking Style (Analytical and Creative)

I have a Balanced Thinking Style, utilizing both the right and left hemisphere of my brain. Both the analytical and creative hemisphere allow me to innovate unconventionally. Research and development

I have completed research modules at university level, and received distinction within those modules, I am an avid reader and I strive toward the attainment of knowledge. I enjoy conducting research and developing strategy which was a major portion of the role performed while I was executive assistant to the Head of Regulatory Risk at FirstRand Group. Most importantly I have the ability to observe and identify the cause and effect of events across all functional areas within which I work. Driver’s License

I have a valid Code 8 driver’s license.

CV - Ray O’Neil Naidoo Mobile - 071******* Email: Page 3 of 4


MANAGER (Ernst and Young) JUL 2017 – MAY 2018

Manager: Thaaniya Isaacs


Management of National/ Provincial Government Audits: o National Student Financial Aid Service (NSFAS);

o Iziko Museums of South Africa;

o CAPENATURE Reserves;

Management of Investment Banking, Asset Management and Lending Audits: o Old Mutual (Retail and Investment Credit);

o FutureGrowth;

o Old Mutual Finance;

Audit resource planning to ensure effective and efficient delivery;

Provide oversight and guidance for audit team members;

Client Account Management/ Audit Committee;


Manager: Byron Naicker (Banking & Lending Subject Matter Lead) Responsibilities:

Audit resource planning and scheduling;

Management of Banking and Lending Audits:

o Old Mutual Finance (Retail Credit);

o OMSFIN (Asset Management and Counterparty Credit); o FutureGrowth (Asset Management);

o Group Credit/ Liquidity (Old Mutual plc);

Manage audit team to ensure effective and efficient delivery;

Provide oversight and guidance for audit team members;

Stakeholder management and committee reporting;

Provide oversight for Emerging Markets audit teams (Rest of Africa); HEAD OF RISK & COMPLIANCE (FIRSTRAND LTD) JAN 2013 – SEP 2015 Manager: Virginia Harris (FNB Branch Banking Chief Risk Officer) Responsibilities:

Strategic management due to change in macro-economic factors and other emerging issues;

Development of Risk Management frameworks/ methodology;

Guide 1st Line with implementation of the Group Risk & Compliance Management framework;

Guide 1st Line with developing Risk Management & Compliance Management plans (RMP’s/ CMP’s)

2nd Line oversight for new products within Retail Banking, Advisory, Insurance and Asset Management;

Guide 1st by conducting training on Information and Data Governance (including Cybersecurity);

Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Combined Assurance Program;

Preparation of Combined Assurance Reporting - FSR Board Reporting;

Guide business with regard to the following Compliance Management Tools: o Regulatory Universe;

o Compliance Management Plans (CMP’s);

o Compliance Monitoring & Testing;

o Advise business management on the legislative requirements when developing new products, including cross-border sales and distribution; o Regulatory workshops and compliance knowledge-sharing session;

Guide business with the proper use of the following Risk Management tools: o Process Risk and Controls Identification and Assessments (PRCI&A); o Risk and Control Matrices (RCSA’s);

o Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s);

o Operational Loss Data - Internal and External;

o Risk Scenarios - Capital Modelling;

o Business Continuity/ Sustainability Plans (BCP’s); o Root Cause Analysis (RCA);

CV - Ray O’Neil Naidoo Mobile - 071******* Email: Page 4 of 4

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM - FIRSTRAND LTD JAN 2011 – DEC 2012 Manager: Gilbert Swats (FSR Director)


Conduct research on regulatory and legislative developments (Basel III, FSB principles, FAIS, FICA, BANKS ACT, Treat Customer Fairly, Twin Peaks Regulatory Reform);

Conduct macro-economic research for South Africa (SA) and the Rest of Africa (RoA);

Develop strategic relations;

Management of the Department’s Budget and Resources;

Assisted in developing the FirstRand Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT), Treat Customers Fairly (TCF) and Ethics Programs;

Managed the project to implement PAPERTRAIL system within FirstRand;

Provide support to the Head of Regulatory Risk Management for regulatory meetings;

Management of the Department’s Innovation Program and Volunteer Program; AUDIT, RISK & COMPLIANCE MANAGER (FIRSTRAND LTD) JAN 2009 – DEC 2010 Manager: Vani Ramalu (Head of FirstRand Governance) Responsibilities:

Strategic management due to change in macro-economic factors and other emerging issues;

Strategic management as per the regulatory landscape relating to the financial industry: o Basel Accord (II & III);

o Banks Act;

o Financial Advice and Intermediary Services (FAIS); o Financial Intelligent Centre Act (FICA) - Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Terrorist Financing


o National Credit Act (NCA);

o Africa Regulatory Landscape;

o Twin Peaks Regulatory Oversight (SARB/ FSB);

o Consumer Protection Act (CPA)Treating Customer Fairly(TCF);

Guide 1st Line with implementation of the Group Risk & Compliance Management Framework;

Guide 1st Line with developing Risk Management & Compliance Management plans (RMP’s/ CMP’s);

Guide 1st Line with developing Risk and Control Matrices (PRCI&A’s/ RCM’s);

Conducting Risk Management Maturity Assessments;

Conducting risk assessments on business processes and business projects;

Conducting SWOT analysis with business management to assist in meeting business objectives;

Conduct training on Information and Data governance (including Cybersecurity);

High quality reporting to the relevant to governance committees;

Training & Development:

o Conduct knowledge-sharing sessions;

o Conduct training with business management on group risk frameworks; o Providing ad hoc advice and guidance to management and key personnel; IT MANAGER & ICDL EXAMINER (NETLEARN) JAN 2007 – DEC 2008 Manager: Jenny Cole (NetLearn Chief Executive Officer) Responsibilities:

IT Project Management administration;

Lecturer - ICDL modules;

Examiner - ICDL qualification;

Installation and upgrade ICDL software for Netlearn clients;

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