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Leadership/Project Management

Amanda, OH
October 26, 2018

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Bradley Grosvenor

Amanda, OH H:740-***-**** C:571-***-**** PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

Accomplished leader that has directed operations for 48,000 people and managed property accounts in excess of

$130M. More than 20 years of experience in leadership and project management positions. Proven ability to build and lead dynamic teams and spearhead planning across multiple functions and organizations. Effective at analysis, problem solving and risk mitigation. Seeking management position with team-minded organization or company. I am flexible and desire to work with dynamic individuals and teams that share my drive. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Leadership Development Planning Public Speaking

Change Management/Innovation Strategic Analyst Budget Management Process Improvement Conflict Resolution Strategic Outlook PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

August 1994- Present Officer United States Marine Corps Deputy Director Training Support and Simulations Camp Pendleton, CA August 2017 to Present Marine Corps Installations West manages all support functions across 6 installations in California and Arizona. o Linked unit needs to available training support. Coordinated training, simulations and training support for 10,000 deploying Marines on 8 simulators and 29 training locations using 80 Contractors. o Solved complex training problems through coordination with the I Marine Expeditionary Force, to align throughput capacity and meet deployment timelines. o Participated in Lean Six Sigma studies on processes and resources to optimize organizational output with minimal personnel resources.

o Conducted 27 community relations events with civic leaders, children’s groups and foreign military. o 97% fill rate in program that ‘borrowed’ Marines from other units to meet training support requirements. Current Operations Officer (Crisis Management Officer) Camp Pendleton, CA July 2016- June 2017 I Marine Expeditionary Force’s (MEF) mission is to be the primary warfighting unit for the Marine Corps. It is comprised of more than 48,000 personnel. It deploys units globally, supporting the Pacific Theater and Middle East. o Director of the command center and the team responsible for communication, coordination and synchronization of operations across I Marine Expeditionary Force. o Streamlined and implemented processes, based on analysis, that decreased reaction time to ongoing events while increasing general knowledge across the organization composed of 104 units. Tracked units around the globe, anticipated problems and corrected them before impacting operations. o Planned and executed more than 100 distinguished visitor trips including the Secretary of Defense, Congressional leaders, business professionals and foreign military executive leadership. o Supervised the creation and briefed the weekly Operations and Intelligence update to senior leadership. o Conducted research and persuaded Commander for resources to overhaul MEF’s Command Center, then supervised the contract to completion. Mitigated risk to operations during the construction process. o Trained staff from all services to execute a training mission that led to Joint Certification. o Analyzed information and applied mitigating actions to recover personnel and retrieve equipment. Bradley Grosvenor H:740-***-**** C:571-***-**** Officer in Charge Georgian Deployment Program Republic of Georgia & Afghanistan January 2015-June 2016 The Georgian Liaison Team is a composite 60-Marine unit that trains and advises a battalion from the Republic of Georgia, then deploys with them. The Georgian/Marine team is in charge of all security operations both inside and outside Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. o Led 520 people and $130-million account in a multi-national organization which functioned almost entirely in a foreign language (Kartuli). Learned conversational Kartuli (Georgian). o Increased security effectiveness 78% over the previous 36 months through information operations and changing engagement strategy. Received Bronze Star for leadership in combat operations. o Developed relationships to influence business practices in foreign military and guided operations. Initiated change for all Georgian Army deployment training, resulting in a 21% more capable force. o Identified and returned more than $40 million of unneeded equipment to the organization creating cost savings on repair and maintenance.

Deputy Fire Effects Coordination Ctr (Emergency Operations Center) June 2014- January 2015 The Fire Effects Coordination Center is a section of the operations department of I Marine Expeditionary Force. It is responsible for all kinetic fires and non-kinetic methods to create a desired effect. Based at Camp Pendleton, CA. o Analyzed informational and mission goals to develop strategies that optimized the use of resources while balancing time. Relayed strategies to staff and executive level for decisions. o Used information operations to achieve desired effect on designated population according to mission. o Rewrote standard operating procedures for largest expeditionary force in the Marine Corps. Created planning teams and coordinated inputs across 14 functional areas. Final product was in excess of 400 pages. It is still the base document used today.

Executive Officer Headquarters & Service Battalion Camp Pendleton, CA August 2011- June 2014 Unit of 1450 personnel collectively managing all facilities, maintenance, transportation, personnel administration of Camp Pendleton. o Led an immediate staff of 5 teams with more than 100 personnel total. Coordinated all legal efforts, human resource issues both civilian & military, and increased the quality/timeliness of staff output. o Directed coordination during 3 wildfires to mitigate effects on military families, including providing lodging, food and resources until housing could be reoccupied. o Chair of the Incident Determination Committee for Domestic Violence. Member of the Sexual Assault Response Committee.

Future Operations Officer Training & Education Command Quantico, VA July 2008 -May 2011 Training and Education Command manages all schools, education, curriculums and training for the Marine Corps. It has more than 19,000 personnel across more than 50 locations in the United States. o Concurrently managed development of 22 programs for all emerging training initiatives that ranged from simulations development, acquisition training development, and women in combat. o Managed $4.2 million account and was able to return $1 million back to our organization 2 of 3 years by using efficiencies across programs and seeking funding from other organizations. o Developed simulations that increased quality of training while saving over 90% of training costs. o Led team conducting baseline assessment of all schools and training activities. Developed analysis methodology to reduce negative trends and justify resourcing needs. o Developed responses to Congressional Inquiries and Congressional Testimony documents. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science Iowa State University: Fishery and Wildlife Biology Post Graduate Study: Command & Staff Program - Management Communications, Management Principles, International Relations, Evolution of Strategic Thought, Organizational Structure and Planning

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