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Manual Testing Project

Mani Nagar, Gujarat, India
October 26, 2018

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BBhhaavviikk HH.. MMooddii


MMoobbiillee:: +*911 88112288555544660033

EE--mmaaiill:: mmooddii11334477@@ggmmaaiill..ccoomm PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Unicode Technology Baroda

Manual Testing

12 May 2016 to 9 July 2016

Maxgen Technology Pvt .Ltd Baroda

Software Tester

516,Race Cource Tower, Near Natubhai Center Race Cource,Baroda Oct 2016 to up till now

CCaarrrriieerr OObbjjeeccttiivvee :

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Degree Board /


Year Of Passing Score Class

B.C.A Saurashtra


2016 68.00% First

H.S.C G.S.H.S.E.B 2012 45.73% Pass

S.S.C G.S.E.B 2010 44.31% Pass

Area of interest :

Software Testing.

want to work at field due to excellent liaison and convincing skill.

Testing application manually.

Automation Testing using Selenium IDE

Having knowledge of - Manual Testing and Automation Testing.

Functional Testing and Non-Functional Testing.

SDLC, STLC, V-Model, Performance Testing, Defect Life Cycle, Cyclomatric Complexity, Code Coverage Metric.

Technical skills :

Manual Testing Techniques

Web Application testing

STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) process

Verification and Validation process

Performance Testing using HTTP Watch tool

Bug Management & Tracking tool- Mantis

Functional and Automation tool: Selenium (IDE, RC, Overview of Web Driver)

Test Management Tool: Test Link

Load Testing Tool: Meter Basics

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Bunt

Programming Language : C, C++, Core JAVA, HTML, CSS, SQL, Android

Databases : MS Access, Myself, Oracle.

Knowledge of Tool Net beans, Eclipse, SQL-DB, Android Studio.

Activities & Achievements:

I had participated in the competition on C++.

Apart from that I had attended the workshop i.e. Creative Web Designing.

Furthermore, I had attended two days workshop of word camp Baroda.

I had also learned one year hardware & networking course from Maa Durga institute.

Project done so far during Unicode Technologies : Project Title Compucrack

Description Compucrack application is a Web based ecommerce application developed for one of our client at Australia. Compucrack application will be used for order the electronics devices from different stores for the specific region in Australia. User can buy any electronics products through online and get home delivery. Our application will help to manage as well as it will keep records of all categories of products, electronics stores, Orders and money Transaction for the product. It is very much helpful to customer to get advantage of good discount at Home by Online order. We can generate the reports also for daily, weekly, monthly basis. Roles and


I was Responsible for Black Box Testing

A step ahead of it I was Involved in Manual Testing of the Application.

Moreover, I was Responsible for Functional Testing, System Testing and Regression Testing.

I had Interacted with developers, users and various members of my team to discuss and to resolve defects and their priorities.

I had Participated in peer reviews of test cases.

Analyzing the test results and creating the bug Report. Work Experience :

Project Profile: I have worked on an android base Total Fitness application. Application (Total Fitness Application) was Fitness Guide for this sport’s fans. Total Fitness has many exercise & workouts for training at your gym at home & also some motivation videos are provided in the application also we have provided a database which contains all types of exercise & its information. Responsibilities:

I was responsible for project architecture design and database development.

I was responsible for prepare design document for full system so end user able to understand.

I was Responsible for developing user interface. Features:

Provide information about exercises and workouts

Admin able to upload training video/data and able to manage data from backend.

Application user able to access all video from android application. Personal Details:

Date of birth : 11th Oct1994.

Languages Known : English, Hindi & Gujarati

Nationality : Indian

I hereby declare that above written particulars are true and best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility.


BBhhaavviikk HH.. MMooddii

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