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Senior Business Analyst

October 28, 2018

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Willowdale, Ontario M2J 4L3

Home: 416-***-****



. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) 1984

. Master of Business Administration (MBA), McGill University 1976

. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), McGill University 1972


. Customer service

. Adopt industry standards / best practices

. Challenge status quo, seize opportunities, solve problems

. Resolve ambiguity, uncertainty, challenges, conflicts

. Sense of urgency

. Flexible and adaptable to change

. Build relationships with business / technology / vendor partners

. Influence / negotiation / interpersonal / communication / presentation skills

. Team building / coaching / mentoring

. Business / Emotional / Organizational / Strategic Intelligence

. Achievements / results / quality oriented

. Attention to details

. Continuous learning and improvement


Conceptual / Detailed Requirements / Gap Analysis 20+

Systems Specifications / Functional Design 20+

Test Scenarios / Use Cases / User Stories for QA / UAT 20+

Data Model / Mapping / Design / Architecture 20+

Process Model / Mapping / Streamlining 20+

Business Process Re-engineering / Workflow Optimization 20+

Digital Transformation / Global Optimization 20+


SDLC / AGILE / IWF 20+ Project Plan/Assumptions/Constraints/Dependencies/Status/Issues/ Risk Mitigation 20+

JAD sessions / workshops 20+

Change Management 20+

RFI / RFP / SLA 20+ RUP: Proof of Concept / Pilot / Prototype / ERD / Action Diagrams 20+


Global Systems: ADP Broadridge, FMC Pacer, T24 Temenos 20+

Web Applications: Document and Content Management 20+

Investment Accounting Systems 20+

Cash Management / General Ledger Systems 20+

Banking: Saving / Chequing Accounts, Lines of Credit, Loans, Mortgages, Deposits 20+

Wealth: Brokerage, Trading Life Cycle, Market Data, Insurance, Trust,

Mutual / Segregated / Hedge Funds, Portfolio Investments 20+

Capital Markets: Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Money Market, Commodities, Currencies, Foreign Exchange, Repos, Structured Notes, Arbitrage 8+


KYC/AML, SOX, Basel, Trade Alerts, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk 10+

QI, FATCA, Wealth Tax Reporting 10+

Dodd-Frank (Volcker), Federal Reserve (Reg YY / W), EU (MiFID) Requirements 5+


Enterprise Data Warehouse 7+

Data Governance / Data Quality 7+

Data Sourcing / Mining / Profiling / Cleansing 7+

Data Analysis / SQL Query Knowledge 7+

Data Analytics / Integration / Visualization (Oracle / Hadoop / Tableau) 7+

BI (Business Intelligence) / KPI (Key Performance Indicators) / Dashboard 7+

ROYAL BANK OF CANADA August, 2018 – Todate

Senior Business Analyst

Capital Markets

FRTB Market Risk

Fundamental Review of Trading Book: Draft business and data requirements for market and reference data to a data warehouse (Hadoop) for processing to downstream risk systems to calculate minimum capital charge for Basel 2.5 Market Risk for SA (Standardized Approach) and IMA (Internal Model Approach).

LAURENTIAN BANK OF CANADA March, 2017 – June, 2018

Technical Business Analyst

Finance Clearing / Settlement / Reconciliation

Legacy Data Migration to XEYE T24 Temenos: Laurentian Bank embark on digital transformation by migrating their product centric legacy systems for banking, term deposits/GIC’s, loans/mortgages (collateral and credit risk), registered products to customer centric T24 Temenos, a web-based (Oracle/Websphere) software platform with real time updates for non-financial and financial activities resulting in money movements, for compliance, regulatory, financial, management and tax reporting.

Map T24 general ledger accounts for all financial transaction positive and negative amounts to their legacy system SIBL (System Information Bank Laurentian) and corporate Master Piece chart of accounts for cheque and EFT inter-bank clearing and payment settlement with Symcor and CPA (Canadian Payments Association), for funding, disbursements, principal, interest and commission payments between Client/Nominee and Laurentian bank accounts, and daily suspense reconciliation. Draft test strategy/scenarios. Conduct UAT.

ROYAL BANK OF CANADA April – September, 2016

Project Lead / Senior Business Analyst

Wholesale Credit Risk Parameters Estimation

Global Risk Management

Basel 2 Compliance Capital Markets Wholesale Credit Risk Parameter Estimation to OFSI: Draft high level and detailed requirements, data and process models, business rules and use cases to extract Borrower, Facility, Product information from ESN (Enterprise Single Name) data warehouse. Design Guarantor, Guarantee, Collateral and Pledge entities including data attributes. Extract Transaction information from SLGRD (Special Loans Group Recovery Data) to create Pre-Default PD (Probability of Default) for Performing and Non-Performing Wholesale Borrowers, At Default UGD (Usage Given Default) Cohorts for Non-Performing Borrowers and One Year prior to Default information, Post Default LGD (Loss Given Default) Cohorts for Non-Performing Borrowers and Transactions including Collateral Liquidation, Recoveries, Direct Cost, Indirect Cost, Write-Offs to calculate Realized Economic Loss and Regulatory Loss. RDA (Risk Data Aggregation) and reporting.

EDF (Expected Default Frequency) Moody’s Analytics on Credit based on Asset Market Value, Obligation Default Point, Asset Volatility including VaR (Value at Risk) due to price, interest rate and currency fluctuations.

Design dash board for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) using Tableau. Use Hadoop to archive historical data and trends. Draft AGILE user stories for QA and UAT. Implement data governance principles and monitor data quality across systems. Implement Customer 360 by comparing Customer Name, Address, Country of Incorporation, Incorporation Date, Province/State, EIN/TIN, to ensure same wholesale borrower across multiple products and systems.


Project Lead / Senior Business Analyst

Finance Services Transformation

Finance Road Map: Finance acquired Oracle’s OFSAA (Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application) as the Finance Data Warehouse for one common platform for all applications. With authoritative Book of Record data, standardized and consistent data definitions and usage across applications, we realize the vision / mission of ‘one single version of the truth’, for timely and accurate financial, management and regulatory reporting globally. Data mapped and extracted to OFSAA via ETL can be shared / reused, for projects based on priorities established on the Finance Road Map. Design data governance principles and monitor data quality across systems.

StatsCan S4 AUA (Asset Under Administration): Statistics Canada is interested in Canadian household tax-sheltered assets held for retirement and other purposes from Canadian and Foreign sources. and investment income generated from these sources. This encompass data mapping of Corfax, Unitrax, iFAST, IRIS / ADP Broadridge, TOPS, SS&C FMC Pacer and normalizing data to the OFSAA Data Model to populate Staging Tables for Securities, Account, Position, Transactions, Income data processed according to defined process model and business rules, S4 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Reports produced in the OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) Results Area for filing with StatsCan quarterly. Prepare AGILE user stories for QA and UAT. Implement project in May, 2014: well received by stakeholders.

MFSR (Mutual Fund Sales Reporting): Asset Management Finance is interested in daily sales reporting to monitor mutual fund sales and performance. This encompass daily file feeds and data and process mapping of source system data and normalizing data to the OFSAA Data Model to populate Staging Tables for Mutual Fund, Account, Position, Transactions, process daily sales according to defined aggregation rules, produce Daily Sales Reports by Fund Family, Asset Type, Wholesaler / Region, Dealer, Sales Rep in the OBIEE Results Area and the Essbase Cube. .Implement dash board for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and historical trends, data governance principles and monitor data quality across systems. Feed data to CIBC Mellon and IFIC. Prepare AGILE user stories for QA and UAT. Implement project in October, 2014: well received by stakeholders.

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act): IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is interested in collecting tax from US citizens / residents abroad on income generated from securities held. Phase 2 encompass data mapping of 40 Retail, Wealth, Wholesale and Customer source systems for customers on boarded from July 1 to December 31, 2014 to OFSAA FATCA Model consisting of:

OFSAA Staging Tables for 7 Product Processors: and 4 Customer Tables

Customer 360 by comparing Customer Name, Address, Country of Residence/Citizenship

Province/State, Email Address, Birth Date, Language, Gender, Marital Status, SIN/SSN to ensure same customer across multiple products and systems

Workflow Staging and GUI (Graphical User Interface) Process Model to generate the XML for 19 GIIN’s (Global Intermediary Identification Number)

Workflow GUI allowing FATCA Office to conduct sanity checks for FATCA eligible accounts and account balances as of December 31, 2014, attestation by the LOB (Line of Business) for account and account balances for approval or amendment for submitting the XML to 3 jurisdictional regulators: US IRS, Canada CRA, UK HMRS

AGILE user stories for QA and UAT

Implement project in May, 2015: well received by stakeholders.

TCBC (Trade and Broker Compliance): Wood Gundy and ISI (Investor Services Inc.) are interested in enhancing their 100 Trade and Broker Indicators / Alerts currently on, EDH (Enterprise Data Hub), which receives daily IRIS file feeds including Customer Name and Address, Account, Securities, Broker, Trades, Commissions, Settlements, Bookkeeping, etc. for Wealth and Wholesale. Due to delays in processing these files across server hubs from ADP Broadridge to IRIS to EDH, there is a need to receive these files directly from ADP to load to EDH and eventually to OFSAA, to meet delivery schedules globally so that 45 downstream systems (including securities clearing, sales, reconciliation, credit, risk, compliance, audit) can utilize the data for financial, management and regulatory reporting. This requires:

Mapping IRIS to ADP data for 35 file feeds’ data model and process model

Capturing individual trades entered and processed by the Order Entry System at the atomic level

Building business rules for Trade Indicators monitoring to alert Compliance Officers of Trade and Broker violations

Implementing workflow to attest Trader and Broker Compliance, and Case Management System to resolve violations

Configuring to market data feed such as Bloomberg for performance analysis

ROYAL BANK OF CANADA March 2011 - April 2013

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Global Reference Data and Operations

Capital Markets Trading Book: BDR (Book Data Repository) is a web service storing 10,000 Books used for global trading (London, New York, Toronto, Asia Pacific). Each Book contains 55 attributes: Book Name / Description / Purpose, Book Transit (for Profit / Loss / Risk / eGL / Chart of Accounts), Book Status, Book Owner, Product, System, Finance, Currency, Counter Party, Accounting Rule, Regulatory Capital Treatment, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operations, Valuations, Compliance, Tax, Head of Trading, Authorized Traders. The Pega BDW (Book Opening Workflow) data and process model integrates Book attributes, approvals by 10 stakeholders, Book access by Traders and sends the approved Books to the BDR for extraction by downstream systems requiring Book information.

Implement BDR by mapping the Trade Flow in Capital Markets across 100 Products and 100 Front / Middle / Back Office systems, with 15,000 mappings of Middle / Back Office Books / Accounts / Sub-Ledgers to Front Office Books, and confirming Book Owners / Transits / Status for Regulatory Book Attestation. Prepare BRD (Business Requirements Document), SRS (System Requirements Specifications), Reconcile 42 Front Office Application Books in BDR with Front Office Source Systems. Draft 400 use cases on HPQC for QA and UAT. Train users on BDR and BOW, and team members on data cleansing / remediation.

Trading Products: Fixed Income (Bonds, Repo), Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Credit, Loan, Security Finance, Derivatives (Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Credit), Futures, Options, Swaps, Structured/Linked Products (Alternative Assets, Asset Backed Securities, Mortgage Backed Securities)

Front Office Trading Systems: ANVIL (Repo, Security Lending), BATS (Bonds), BLOOMBERG (Bonds), FIDESSA (Equities), INFINITY (Derivatives), MONACO ((Money Market), MUREX (Foreign Exchange) OPENLINK (Commodities), OPICS (Precious Metals), RATS (Foreign Exchange, Loans), GAT-GTS and SOPHIS (Structured / Linked Products), Accel, CTOS Client Credit Risk Management, FlexTrade, NexGen, ISIS (Integrated System Information Service) and OTIS (Online Transaction Information System).

Middle Office Systems : SLIM (Sub Ledger Inventory Management for Derivatives), GBOI (Global Back Office Initiative for Equities), FIRMS (Fixed Income Risk Management), ICIIMPACT (Inventory Management), CDS (Canadian Depository for Securities matching / clearing), DTC (Depository Trust Company for US Securities matching / clearing), MISTRAL (Euroclear / London Securities matching / clearing)

Back Office Settlement Systems: ADP Broadridge (Canada, US), GLOSS (London, Asia), RIMMS: (London, New York, Toronto), RIB (Beijing, Channel Island, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), ROLPH and NOLAN

Achievements: Implement BDR with ETL for extraction by LRM (Liquidity Risk Management for Basel III capital requirement), Risk Management, Operations, Valuations, Market Reference Data, Trade Analytics and Control. Total Program Budget $20 million

TORONTO DOMINION BANK November 2008 – December 2010

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Project Management Office

PPM: The web-based Hewlett Packard PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) was in Proof of Concept for 2 years until Senior Management requested it be implemented in 6 months. It manages over 1,400 Wealth Projects with annual budget of over $90 million and over 1,000 concurrent users entering time sheets for cost chargeback to the business. As a central repository for project information, its benefits include collaboration across teams / organizations, standardized project management discipline and best practices,: project budget / actual / schedule / workflow visibility, document management / approvals by stakeholders, predictable implementation, productivity metrics for continuous process improvement, reduced risk of failure and implementation cost, improved technology investment return, streamlined portfolio reporting to Wealth Executives, Relationship Managers, Project Managers and Resource Managers.

Lead detailed business requirements and system specifications, identify and close gaps between business requirements and functionalities provided by PPM. Prepare and execute 400 use cases in HPQC for QA and UAT. Log and prioritize defects for resolution by the vendor. Provide estimates for task completion.

Achievements:. Implement system on time and budget of $1 million and well received by stakeholders as state of the art project management web site.

BANK OF MONTREAL January – October 2008

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Corporate Technology, Wealth Management

BMO Guardian Advisor Web Site: BMO acquired GGOF (Guardian Group of Funds) 8 years ago, and GGOF Web Site needed a total makeover to BMO branding to launch new funds. BMO started this project several years ago with no success. Senior Management announced fund launch in 9 months to the media to ensure immovable implementation target.

Utilize AGILE methodology to implement Advisor Web Site. Use IBM Websphere and content management to allow advisors to customize their home page, manage client relationship, enquire Account / Fund / Commission /Transaction history from Citigroup Unitrax SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), obtain daily fund pricing from GlobeMedia, use Fund Navigator and Prostation for investment scenarios.

Achievements: Implement project on time, and budget of $3 million and well received by senior management, Marketing, eBusiness, Information Services and Operations, Legal, Compliance, Audit and the fund industry as the state of the art web site, which increase fund sales by 10% and reduce operational cost by 20%.

Web Site Link:

ROYAL BANK OF CANADA March 2004 - December 2007

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Global Technology Solutions, Wealth Management

Project Groundhog: Migrate Private Counsel and Trust accounts from Royal Trust to DS / ADP platform to improve process control and reconciliation. Use FMC for trading; separate Private Counsel assets from DS assets; transmit trades real time from FMC to ADP; auto confirm with CDS / DTC / RT Global for securities clearing and settlement with ADP as custodian; automate trade cancellations / corrections between FMC and ADP; streamline broker and client reconciliation; adopt ADP foreign exchange rates for all transactions.


Client Onboarding with ClientSource and ClientLink: Enhance ClientSource to produce sStatements and eInserts for DS (Dominion Securities) and DI (Direct Investing) clients. Analyze impact of ADP rewriting ZRSP (VSAM) to PLAN (DB2) on ClientSource. Enable Investment Advisors’ moves between Business Units for ClientLink (XEYE used for Customer Relationship Management) and ClientSource (used for Common Account Opening).

Document Imaging / Vitria Workflow Management: Consolidate forms approval process to streamline workflow for account opening. Enhance ClientSource to capture client and account information to pre-populate forms required for account opening based on Client / Product / Account / Service Type. Scanned client documents to link to client and account in ClientSource. Electronically route document images from Branches to Head Office for approval. Archive approved documents to enterprise document management system. Roll out to Head Office and 200 Branches.

Qualified Intermediary (QI): Comply with IRS regulations to withhold maximum tax for US source income if the client is undocumented (no W-8BEN or photo-ID provided). Automate calculation of tax codes in ClientSource, to upload to ADP’s BTS (Brokerage Terminal System) to withhold tax for US source income.

KYC (Know Your Client), AML (Anti Money Laundering) and IDA Regulation 1300: Capture and ascertain client identity mandatory for account comply with the Federal Government’s AML and Anti Terrorism legislation and IDA’s Regulation 1300 to ascertain Settler and Beneficial Owner identity where ownership is greater than 10%.

Achievements: Implement systems on time and budget of $9 million and well received by stakeholders representing DS, Branches, DI, Strategic Initiatives, Head Office New Accounts Documentation, Client Accounting, National Credit,,Locked-in Plans, Tax, Legal, Compliance and Policy groups. Workflow management reduce form approval for account opening by Branch and Head Office from 10 to 2 days and drastically reduce document retrieval time for IRS audits.


Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

HMS (Housing Management System): The Ontario Government downloaded the community housing portfolio HMSA to the City of Toronto HMSP. Conduct process and data gap analysis between HMSA and HMSP to convert HMSA to HMSP.

Achievements: Analyze and map over 100 processes and data for HMSA and HMSP, which is well received by 27 Community Housing Unit Offices, Private Management and Commercial Operations, on budget of $2 million, streamline operations and improve productivity by 50%.

MANULIFE FINANCIAL May 2002 – March 2003 Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Pension Investments

EZk 401 Web Re-Design: Manulife decided to re-design their Web Site for US Group Pensions by streamlining processes and personalizing data to enable an employee to enrol in an employer sponsored pension plan and invest in portfolios compatible with his / her risk profile and retirement life style, with security, employee enrolment, account management, retirement action plan, mimicking user functions

Achievements: Implement project with 5 development teams on schedule and budget of $14 million. Leading edge system which improve fund sales by 10%.

CANADA LIFE February – April 2002

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Trust Treasury Operations

Trust Cash Management: Consolidate and streamline Group Trust (Mutual / Pooled / Private Pooled Funds / Stock / GIC) and Corporate Treasury (Insurance / Investment Products) generating cash receipts and disbursements in 400 Canadian and US bank accounts from purchases, redemptions, dividend, interest, fees, etc. Implement Treasury Work Station to manage Trust and Corporate Treasury cash flow.

Achievements: Consolidate 400 bank accounts across Canadian and US banks to 10, streamlining cash flow, investments and reconciliation. Implement the Sungard/ IntelliMatch Treasury Workstation on schedule and budget of $2 million.

AGF MANAGEMENT LIMITED October 2001 – January 2002

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Applications Development

Harmony Gap Analysis: Conduct process and data gap analysis between Global Plus System and Transfer Agency System for Harmony Funds.

Multi-Company Multi-Brand: Enhance Transfer Agency System to enable a third party financial institution to sell AGF and Harmony Funds as underlying funds. Modify data model, 500 programs and 29 interfaces.

Achievements: Implement projects ion schedule and budget of $3 million. Multi-Company Multi-Brand increase AGF fund market share and sales by 10%.

TRANSAMERICA LIFE January – September 2001

Project Manager

Investment Systems

Capsil / Unitrax: Convert Capsil to Jewelstone’s Unitrax with enhanced functionality. Migrate IMS policies on Capsil to GrowSafe policies on Unitrax using redemption codes on Capsil and contribution codes on Unitrax, aging the IMS deposits and carrying over the DSC schedules.

IMS Conversion: Map data / processes to convert IMS / GIA / DIA books of business to Unitrax. .

Achievements: Manage in-house staff of 10 Business and Programmer Analysts. Liaise with Business Stakeholders, Jewelstone Project Manager, Business Analysts and Programmer Analysts. Implement projects on schedule and budget of $5 million.


Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Applications Development

SMS (Shareholder Management System): Enhance service quality, transaction processing, year-end tax reporting, new funds launch, US dollar EFT and cheque processing, accounting control and daily reconciliation of fund transactions and money movements with Global Treasury and TD Custody Bank using the Recon Plus Cash Management System. Automate Registered Products (RSP / RIF / LIF). Convert Bissett Funds to SMS. Implement FundSERV MFDS.

Achievements: Implement projects on schedule and budget of $5 million. Recon Plus reduce the Treasury Department from 30 to 2 staff researching material unmatched items.

NORTHERN TELECOM March 1997 – May 1998

Project Manager

Global Finance Systems

BaaN Manufacturing System: Implement as Enterprise Resource Planning System. System Integration Testing of BaaN and Nortel’s customizations to BaaN.

Oracle Financials Archive: Nortel had over 10 years of data in the Oracle General Ledger System from 24 regional controllers globally. Head Office could not close the books on time at month-end, which was mission critical. Nortel started this project several years ago with no success. Implement the Archive Strategy and Archive Utility using CD-ROM imaging with Fiscal Year, Geographic Region and Product Type as keys to access / retrieve financial information.


Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Applications Development

Implement FileNet Document Imaging and Workflow for Mutual Fund Account Opening

Convert Richardson Greenshields Investment Advisors and Portfolios to RBC Dominion Securities

Streamline Trailer Commissions calculations and payments to brokers

Enhance Shareholder Accounting System to comply with FundSERV MFDS

Streamline and reconcile Cheque and EFT payment for trade settlements to brokers and investors

MINISTRY OF HEALTH May 1994 – June 1996

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Implement CHARMS (Community Health Agency/Roster Management)

Conduct Feasibility Study to embed a microchip in the health card with the patient’s medical history Integrate health service delivery with the Ministry of Community and Social Services delivery for the Ontario resident

Consolidate General Ledger system for 20 ministries for single financial reporting to Queens Park


Project Manager, Property Management Division

Prepare annual IT budget of $2 million for Steering Committee

Manage 10 projects across 4 regions and 13 district offices

Enterprise Modelling of 13 object data bases to build Cognos data warehouse for government owned and leased buildings, including AutoCAD drawings, capital, lease and maintenance cost

MINISTRY OF LABOUR September 1990 – February 1992

Project Lead / Senior Business Systems Analyst

Business Process Re-engineering to meet operational performance / service level targets

Office of Mediation Case Management System (leading edge model system )

Employment Standards Branch Case Management System

BANK OF MONTREAL October 1986 – August 1990

Project Manager, Business Systems

GST (Goods and Services Tax) for custody, transaction, income fees for Global Securities

Customer profile with cross selling potential for other bank products / services

Securities Customer Access North America to enable the Bank's global customers to dial-up for transaction / position / cash / income information in their portfolio

THE PERMANENT June 1984 – September 1986

Manager, Business Systems

Fund Accounting System

Mutual Fund Record Keeping System

Employee Benefits Record Keeping System.

Global Securities Processing Systems

Corporate Trust, Pension Trust and Personal Trust Systems Integration with Canada Trust

ROYAL TRUST April 1982 – May 1984

Senior Systems Analyst, Corporate Trust

TD Rights Issue System

Manufacturers Hanover System for Corporate Trust Securities Transfer

Corporate Trust Enquiry System for Account Status and Transactions


Systems Specialist, Records Management Branch

Annual budget preparation of $5 million for 20 responsibility centres with 300 employees

Key Performance Indicators for Continuous Process Improvement

Revenue Branch Updatable Microfiche System

IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED June 1976 – May 1978

Systems Analyst, National Systems

Application Systems Development

Work Value Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

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