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It Child

Lagos, Nigeria
October 28, 2018

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John (son): Good morning daddy, how is your day. Kunle(Daddy): ok what do you want from me. John: what do you mean great father. Kunle: I know that you don’t greet me like as if you just won a million dollars from just being lazy, so what do you want. John:I just want, oh you know, a new Iphone8. Kunle: never ask me anything in your life until you get your own money, do you know that it is $900,000 and if you change it to naira it is almost #900,000,000 arthur(first daughter): daddy can I have $900,000.(doesn’t care about anything) Kunle: ok, take. arthur: thank you daddy. John:(opens mouth in confusion). Faith(mother): I’m back. John: knock, knock mummy. Faith: Get out, I know what you want and you are not having it. brightness (second daughter): Mummy I need $1000 for my party tomorrow, please mommy, please.(likes only princesses) Mommy: take sweetie. John:(scratches his head)so whenever I ask for something you do as if you guys are not listening to me but when my twelve sisters and three brothers ask for it you just say”ok take” Faith and kunle: exactly. John: but why. Kunle and Faith: is just that you ask for useless things and sometimes you just want it but you don’t need it. Chloe(third daughter): Mum I am hungry and thirsty and unwell and need money and weak and lonely and……(likes to worry about herself) Daniella(fourth daughter):mum look I got 100% in all my tests.(smart) Elizabeth(fifth daughter): dad look I built a nest for a poor lonely bird with just flowers and leafs(loves nature). Faith(sixth daughter): mum look I got 0% on my test, yay, know I am looking for my head.(dum). Gift(seventh daughter): mum look my team are in the football championship(loves sports). Helin(eighth daughter): mum do you know why the mushroom hang out with the guys, because he was a ’fungi”.(laugh).(a comedian). Isabella(ninth daughter): mum demi and ariande the demirande’s are my favorite musicians and their gotta be rocking.(loves music and is a musician). Jemitan(tenth daughter): mum I made a dirt pile for my favorite parents(dirty). Kyla(eleventh daughter):(deep and sorrow voice):dad I want a coffin(loves darkness). Lori:(twelveth daughter): mum I got an invitation to the TCGP A.K.A totally cute girl party.(loves girl stuff). Manchester(first son A.K.A thirteenth child): dad how do I look(look handsome)(always looks handsome). Nelson(second son A.K.A fourteenth child): Dad I won the election and I am now the head boy(smart). Oliver(third son A.K.A fourteenth child): dad I am always going to be right, right(always worried if he is right or wrong). And me.(fifteenth child). Faith: do you know how hard it is to provide things for up to fifteen children everyday. John: yeah. Faith: well you get down with your bad self. Kunle: so let us make a deal, if I can buy you one thing for the whole year then you will leave me alone for 2 years is that a deal. John: add #500,000,000,000 and you’ve got yourself a deal. Faith and Kunle: in your face you will get 500,000,000,000 slaps right now. Kunle: #100 john: #200 kunle: #500 john: #1000 kunle: #5000 and that is it. John: $5000 kunle: no way #5000 or no deal john: fine but I am still going to get the Iphone8. Timothy(best friend to john): so are you going to get your new Iphone 7 john: eh timothy: didn’t you hear that it is Iphone 7 we are going to use, I hope that your dad is not buying Iphone 8 because all Iphone 8 is fake and if it not they are now illegal in all schools so you better call your father to buy the Iphone 7 so that you don’t get detention for life. John: dad you need to buy the iphone 7 for me. kunle: sorry but all the devices are know illegal. John: (kneels down and shouts): Noooooooooooooooooo


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