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Data Developer

Riverview, FL
October 25, 2018

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Around 7 years of extensive experience in the IT industry with years of expertise in Splunk, Linux/UNIX, PLSQL, SQL DBA. Monitoring, Data Analytics performance tuning Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Data Base.

Around 5 years of experience as Splunk Developer performed activities including requirement analysis, design, and implementations of various client server based applications using Splunk 5.x, Splunk 6.x.

Expertise in Installation, Configuration, Migration, Trouble-Shooting and Maintenance of Splunk, Passionate about Machine data and operational Intelligence.

Creating accurate reports, Dashboards, Visualizations, Elastic search and Pivot tables for the business users

Installing and using Splunk apps for UNIX and Linux (Splunk nix).

Installed Splunk on nix & Splunk SOS and maintained Splunk instance for monitoring the health of the clusters

Extensive experience and actively involved in Requirements gathering, Analysis, Reviews.

Programmed Train Management Computers (TMC) for proper calibration and processing of raw discrete values

Expertise in creating accurate reports, Dashboards, Visualizations and Pivot tables for the business users.

Implemented workflow actions to drive troubleshooting across multiple event types in Splunk.

Experience on Splunk Enterprise Deployments and enabled continuous integration on as part of configuration (props.conf, Transforms.conf, Output.confg) management.

Worked on Splunk App for IBM TIVOLI NETCOOL and associated ADD-ONS for business and Operational Intelligence.

Using Netcool Ingesting application and fault events from one of the leading NMS tools.

Developed Mobile middleware application to handle business logic for apps and communicate with backend mainframe, databases and services.

Experience with Splunk Searching and Reporting modules, Knowledge Objects, Administration, Add-On’s, Dashboards, Clustering and Forwarder Management.

Created and Managed Splunk DB connect Identities, Database Connections, Database Inputs, Outputs, lookups, access controls.

Expertise Splunk query language and Monitored Database Connection Health by using Splunk DB connect health dashboards.

Collecting detailed usage of Amazon Web servers.

Perform Field Extractions and Field Transformations using the Regular Expressions in Splunk. Write complex IFX, REX and MULTIKV command to extracts the fields from the log files

Experience with Splunk Enterprise technical implementation, planning, customization, integration with big data and statistical and analytical modeling.

Worked on log parsing, complex Splunk searches, Elastic searches, SIEM apps for AWS including external table lookups.

Worked on Data Mode and Data normalization and CIM mapping.

Maintained communication with train crews via Radio and telephone to ensure proper train reporting and accurate consist

Performed troubleshoot on the Positive Train Control system and various hardware and repaired any malfunction on terminal boards, console controls and other connecting cables.

Experience on use and understand rex, Sed, erex and IFX to extract the fields from the log files.

Experience on Splunk data flow, components, features and product capability.

Created Dashboards for various types of business users in organization and worked on creating different Splunk Knowledge objects like Macros, IFX, Calculated fields, Tags, Event Types and Look ups.

Field Extraction, Using IFX, Rex Command and Reg Ex in configuration files.

Experience on Splunk search construction with ability to create well-structured search queries that minimize performance impact.

Experience with spring federate

I worked with data owners if any timestamp Issues, Proxy not reporting, any firewall issues etc.

Installed Splunk DB Connect 2.0 in Single and distributed server environments and Parsing, Indexing, Searching concepts Hot, Warm, Cold, Frozen bucketing.

Created clustered and non-clustered indexes for increasing the performance, also monitored the indexes by troubleshooting any corrupt indexes by removing fragmentation from indexes.

Ability to focus and understand and translate diverse user requirements into programmable solutions

working on migrating a Teradata warehouse reporting application to Hadoop/Hive.

Worked on Amazon AWS, configuring, launching linux and windows server instances for splunk deployment

Integration of Web Service Calls to and from Databases. Integration of portal services with UNIX files systems. Integration of Distributed Databases [Teradata/Oracle/Hadoop with UNIX servers.


Verizon Tampa FL July 2016 to Feb 2018

Splunk ConsulSplunk Developer/Admin

Roles & Responsibilities:

Configured Splunk Searching and Reporting modules, Knowledge Objects, Administration, Add-On’s, Dashboards, Clustering and Forwarder Management.

Configuring various Dashboards/Reports and schedule PDF delivery to respective teams using Splunk.

Worked on Splunk ITSI Engineer will work with various IT resources to configure, tune and support the NOC 'Managers of Manager' (MoM) for the NOC

Word around updating Splunk 6.x to 7.x version.

Created correlation searches for security incidents through Splunk enterprise security

Created correlation searches through Splunk enterprise security.

Work around different log sources like Firewall, VPN, DNS, AV, Proxy Logs

Experience with Next Generation Firewalls, Stateful firewalls, SSL, Remote Access VPN experience.

Proven experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting IPSEC/SSL Remote access VPN infrastructures. (Cisco, PulseSecure, PaloAlto, Citrix)

Experienced on Splunk 7.1 and Data Modeling with ITSI

IPV6/IPV4 routing, sub-netting, and networking routing technologies

Knowledge of Rsyslog to collect data from network infrastructure to enable collection of logs via syslog.

To secure configurations of load balancing in F5, SSL/VPN connections, Troubleshooting CISCO ASA firewalls, and related network security measures.

Onboarded Data source types include scripted inputs and modular inputs.

Extracted fields in Splunk GUI using Regex expressions

Worked Continually ITSI to enable effective monitoring for the NOC

Work around onboarding different type of data sources like Endpoint logs, Authentication logs, Proxy logs, DNS logs, VPN logs.

Build PA oriented dashboard to look for performance issues in the firewalls.

Worked on Cisco Routers, Active /Passive Hubs, Switches.

Worked on deployment/configuration of LWAPs, WLC, WDS and 802.11 wireless devices

Splunk technical implementation, planning, customization, integration with big data and statistical and analytical modeling.

Detailed knowledge about scripting language such as Python, bash etc.

Python Scripting and development skills with strong knowledge of Regular expressions

Involved in writing complex Interactive Field Extractor (IFX), rex and Multikv command to extracts the fields from the log files.

In splunk Es Configured all CIM Compatible add-no's and apps.

Enabled ES on one search head cluster for each indexer cluster.

Worked in Environment where the search load around 80GB/Day per Indexer.

Worked with Client engagements and data onboarding and writing alerts, dashboards using the Search Processing Language (SPL).

Create Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries, Reports, Alerts and Dashboards

Performed Splunk administration tasks such as installing, configuring, monitoring and tuning.

Providing end to end visibility operational insight to the cloud applications through Cloud Monitor Akamai.

Expert user of Splunk GUI to run the normal queries for troubleshooting and first level of data analysis.

Designed and implemented search head clustering to provide transparency and seamless user GUI experience through horizontal scaling

Worked on Developing content side to create use cases based on Security.

Worked on Onboard the data as per data source requirement.

Worked with questionnaire to data owner this form will capture all the info Regarding data source like what kind of log Source it is.

Worked on SplunkJS Stack to develop Splunk apps

Used Backbone.js which provides an MVC framework as a structure for code

Maintained communication with train crews via Radio and telephone to ensure proper train reporting and accurate consist

Designing and maintaining production-quality Splunk dashboards.

Strong Knowledge on apps like Splunk Db Connect V.2, Splunk App for AWS, Splunk Add-on for AWS, SOS.

Having experience in understanding of Splunk 5.x and 6.x/7.x product, Distributed Splunk architecture and components including search heads, indexers, forwarders, etc;

Experience in working on Deployment Server and Deployment Client Architecture to manage the forwarders across application environment.

Experience in Indexer Clustering, Search Head Clustering and Deployment Server architecture in Splunk.

Used SplunkJS Stack along with development tools.

By using Splunk Mobile app view and analyze dash boards on Android and ios Devices.

Installed and configured Splunk DB Connect in Single and distributed server environments.

Involved in Hadoop cluster task like Adding and Removing Nodes without any effect to running jobs and data.

Environment: Splunk 6.X,/7.X Palo Alto Firewalls,Cisco, Splunk DB Connect and other modules, Oracle WebLogic 9.x/10.x, JBoss 5.x/6.x, Tomcat 5.x/6.x, Oracle 9i/10g, Solaris 10, LINUX, Sun ONE Directory Server 6, SunOne WebServer 6.0, Apache 2.x, Jython, ANT, AWK, IIS, Netegrity SiteMinder Policy Server 5.5/6.0, LDAP, Windows 2003/XP, Architecture Relational DBMS, Oracle 9i, Hadoop.

Humana, Louisville, KY Jan 2014 to June 2016

Splunk SIEM/Admin

Roles & Responsibilities:

Created Dashboards, Visualizations, Statistical reports, scheduled searches, alerts and also worked on creating different other knowledge objects in Splunk Enterprise Security.

Knowledge about Splunk architecture and various components (indexer, forwarder, search head, deployment server), Universal and Heavy forwarder.

Provide Regular support guidance to Splunk project teams on complex solution and issue resolution.

Worked on installing Universal Forwarders and Heavy Forwarders to bring any kind of data fields in to Splunk.

Securing the Netcool product suite by providing the appropriate roles to users according to access requirement and functions.

Excellent knowledge of TCP/IP networking and inter-networking technologies (routing/switching, proxy, firewall, load balancing etc. Hands of expertise in Python general along with secure coding.

Managing Search head cluster architecture by deployed in order to give common apps across the cluster.

Designing and maintaining production-quality Splunk dashboards.

Develop Splunk Infrastructure and related solutions as per automation toolsets using Java and XML/html code developed dashboards in splunk.

Performed Field extractions and Field Transformations using the regular expressions in Splunk and written complex IFX, REX and MULTIKV Command to extract the field from the log files.

addition to creating Python applications, you can also integrate Splunk data with other reporting tools

Splunk SDK for Python to write Python applications to programmatically interact with the Splunk engine.

Involved in admin activities and worked on inputs.conf, index.conf, props.conf and transform.conf to set up time zone and time stamp extractions, complex event transformations and whether any event breaking.

Scripting and development skills (Perl, Python) with strong knowledge of regular expressions. Developed scripts (Python Scripting, Java Scripting, Shell scripting, Perl Scripting) as needed in support of data collection, reporting and presentation requirements.

Worked on Splunk’s dashboard and ELK’s K for Kibana.

Updating the database objects Experience in Loading data, backing up, restoring and recovery into Vertica database Installing and configuring Vertica/MongoDB other NOSqlDB

Integrate Service Now with Splunk to consume the alerts from Splunk and create service now tickets.

Splunk DB Connect 2.0 in search head cluster environments of Oracle, MySql.

On boarding of data in to Splunk by installing universal forwarders and from other apps like Splunk DB connect and Splunk add on for AWS, Palo Alto Network for splunk.

Environment: SPLUNK 5.x, SPLUNK 6.0, Linux, Windows Server 2012, 2008, SQL, Splunk Enterprise Security, ESX, Applications Development, Big Data Analysis, operations analysis.

Rimini Street, Pleasanton, CA Oct 2012– Oct 2013

Splunk Admin

Description: Johnson & Johnson is organized on the principle of decentralized management. The Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson is the principal management group responsible for the strategic operations and allocation of resources of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Installation, configuration and deployment of Splunk Forwarders, indexers, search heads and deployment server.

On boarding of new data into Splunk. Troubleshooting Splunk and optimizing performance.

Use Splunk Enterprise Security to configure correlation search, key indicators and risk scoring framework.

Configuration and deployment of Splunk forwarder, search heads, indexer and deployment server.

Work with Splunk GUI, command line interface and directly with configuration files.

Configured Splunk multisite indexer cluster for data replication.

Experience developing Splunk queries and dashboards targeted at understanding application performance and capacity analysis.

Have Knowledge in various search commands like stats, chart, time chart, transaction, strptime, strftime, eval, where, xyseries table etc. and difference between event stats and stats.

Experience in working with Splunk authentication and permissions and having significant experience in supporting large scale Splunk deployments.

Environment: Splunk 5.x, Splunk ES (v 3.0), Datameer, Linux, UNIX, Windows, Bash, Perl, HBase, Hawq.

Silex Infotech Ltd., India Oct 2011 – Sept 2012

PLSQL Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

The Responsibilities included in understanding the Issue by having conversation with Business users and owners.

Developing packages, procedures, functions, and triggers for the application.

Coordinates/ facilitates transition (planning, sign-off, team meetings, and escalations).

Involvement in Production Change Management & Release Coordination.

Writing technical documents using the functional specifications

Writing PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers to meet new features to be incorporated in the system to implements business rules.

Code review & Packaging DB Scripts.

Mentored junior programmers in Oracle database design and development

Trouble shooting for the end users requirement and Optimizing Queries

Created many triggers for audit purpose.

Using UNIX environment for performing the testing.

Performing the tests on the newly coded procedures and documenting the same.

Environment: Oracle 9i and10g, PL/SQL Developer, UNIX Shell Scripting.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from JNTUH 2011 Computer Science


Splunk Certified Power User License: Cert-135750

Splunk Certified Admin: Cert-136392

Deepika Chalasani


Splunk Modules: Splunk 5.x/6.x/7.x, Splunk Cloud, Splunk DB Connect, Splunk Enterprise, Splunk on Splunk, Splunk IT Service Intelligence, Splunk Web Framework.

OS: Red Hat Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x, Windows 8.1/7/XP.

RDBMS: Oracle 12c/11g/10c, MS-SQL Server 2014/2012/ 2008R2, Sybase, DB2 MS Access.

Languages: C, LINUX Shell scripts, JAVA, Python Scripting, SQL, Oracle.

Tools: Splunk, Java, SQL, T-SQL.

Web Tools and Languages: Java Script, JDBC, Servlets, python, XML, HTML5.

Application Servers: Server 8.x./9.x/10.x, Apache Tomcat, JBoss 5.x/6.x, Oracle.

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