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Terminal/Jetty Operator

Edmonton, AB, Canada
October 25, 2018

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Terminal/Jetty Operator

Industry Preference: Oil and Gas

o Qualifications Profile

Highly analytical and results-oriented professional with hands-on experience in terminal and production operations; backed by strong background in chemical compounds storage and handling.

Equipped with proven expertise in utilizing safety-related equipment, handling pigging activities of crude oil and gas lines, as well as developing action plans to ensure smooth safety operations. Familiar with truck loading and unloading; lineups for operation; operation of tank farms; jetty/pigging and oil movement; as well as shore tank gauging and sampling. Proactive team player, with ability to motivate and coordinating team efforts toward the attainment of operational goals. Armed with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to cultivate relationships and collaborating with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Technically proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and AutoCAD.

o Areas of Expertise

Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Risk Assessment Continuous Process Improvement

Policies and Guidelines Development Safety and Regulatory Compliance Troubleshooting

o Education

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, 2010 Institute of Shipbuilding Technology § Goa, India

o Certification

Crew Worker Level II, CSE Entrant (Valid Until: Jan 2019)

o Professional Experience

Alfred Talke Logistics Services § MESAIEED, Qatar

Terminal Operator 2016–Present

Effectively manage the safe and efficient tank farm and jetty operations with regard to receiving, storage, and distribution of petrochemical products

Take charge of following up all activities in relation to and during ship loading, unloading, or stowing operations for raw materials and finished products, such as ethylene, sulphur,caustic soda, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)

Coordinate directly with mooring master and Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) and Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) loading masters regarding ship berthing and un-berthing position, as well as with other parties on loading and unloading preparation, including surveyor clearance and awaiting ship un-berthing

Conduct close monitoring of cargo line pressure and temperatures of cargo line from the berth to matrix manifold

Proficiently utilize conveyors, rotary counterweight marine loading arm (RCMA), distributed control system (DCS) and control room operation

Provide keen oversight to the entire field operations of storage tanks, pressure vessels, marine loading arms, reclaiming chain scrapper, stacker, conveyor belt, ship loader, moveable hoppers, pumps, compressors, blowers, condensers, and vaporizers, as well as process variable measuring and controlling devices, such as level, pressure, temperature, and flow

Demonstrate expertise in carrying out the following:

–Rotary and stationary equipment’s systematic checks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis;

–Ship tank purging and inerting prior to cargo loading;

–Cargo loading lines and marine loading arm cooling of refrigerated products; and

–Export line and loading arm hot gassing and blowing operation

Render hands-on assistance in maintaining ship shore manifold connection and disconnection, as well as surveyor for loading cargo sample

Fulfill a wide array of functions encompassing managing cryogenic liquids; promptly responding to emergencies, plant process, gas leaks, and fires; executing isopentane handling and storage, such as isopentane, isobutene, solvesso, and aromatic compounds; and performing commissioning and decommissioning of fixed roof tanks for inspection purposes

Serve as the first person to track and resolve any field equipment abnormalities, as well as an auxiliary fireman/site safety officer when required during emergencies based on facility response plan

Observe strict compliance with standards in preparing the plant and equipment for maintenance

Create and offer different key performance indicator (KPI) commitment checklists for management

Handle the issuance of work permits to contractors working in the terminal, including ensuring fulfillment of pre-job safety meetings, lockout-tagout (LOTO), confined space entry and gas monitoring requirements

Guarantee proper function of all terminal equipment including safety devices and systems, while reporting all equipment failures to supervisor

Perform product transfer and other activities, including tank changeover and inter tank transfer, as well as ship loading/unloading operation with vapor recovery system and pressurized conditions

Aegis Gas Private Limited § PIPAVAV, GJ, India

Junior Officer, Field and Jetty Operations 2014–2016

Expertly operated and maintained Horton spheres, fixed dome roof tanks, tank farm, gantry operations loading rack, and jetty operations relating to petroleum products receiving, storage, and distribution of class A,B,C, and non-petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to ensure safety and efficiency

Held responsibility for the daily operations in the terminal which involved pipeline transfer, tank changeovers, gauging, sampling, blinding and de-blinding of tanks, quality control, additives dosing and sampling activities, stock loss accounting, oily water separator and firefighting systems, terminal equipment inspection, checklists, quality and quantity analysis, and various tank farm operations

Made effective use of compressed air as well as gaseous nitrogen (N2) to manage pigging operation to empty out the pipeline, as well as LPG compressors, air compressors, DG sets, firefighting, export, and gantry loading pumps

Guaranteed cleanliness of tanks and internal pipelines following changes in grade of cargo

Exemplified proficiency in controlling terminal operation systems, such as DCS, programmable logic controller (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and traffic flow management system (TFMS)

Took charge of wagon loading operations; shipments with the aid of steel hoses for both liquid and gas;, and liquids and gases such as LPG, C4 raffinate, propane, methanol, naphtha, N-perafine, and ethyl alcohol.

Offered assistance during commissioning/shutdown and repair works tanks, chemical lines, valves, pumps and gas freeing of equipment when required

Made effective use of small pump to perform tank stripping operation

Conducted inspection of tank trucks and preparation of checklist in adherence to OISD standards

Performed follow-ups to clients regarding blacklisting of notorious TT crew, as a part of operational excellence initiative

Carried out collection of TLF retention samples and maintenance of records in accordance with IQCM

Communicated directly with various contractors to ensure timely completion of job and based on work order issued

Cairn Energy § BHOGAT, GJ, India

Production Operator 2014

Oversaw commissioning and pre-commissioning activities, including hydro testing, leak test, and cardboard blasting

Efficiently directed single point mooring (SPM) and ship boarding operations

Employed keen attention to detail in analyzing line-ups of oil water separator, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, crude oil tanks, fuel gas system, light flashing oil tanks, and custody transfer meter

Maintained active involvement in commissioning activity of the 8”line at 45 Bar, as well as in pigging activities of crude oil and gas line

Gas Authority of India § sancoale, GA, India

Production Operator 2013–2014

Assumed full accountability in tracking parameters of liquid natural gas process lines and equipment

Offered effectual support with the daily, preventive and breakdown maintenance

Zuari Indian Oil Tanking § vasco-da-gama, GA, India

Shift Engineer 2012–2013

Drove strategic efforts in directing operations of truck loading field and ammonia to tank receipt from ship cargos, as well as vapour compression cycle with utilities equipment such as ammonia storage tank, evaporator tank, suction saturator, compressor, condenser, receiver tank, and economizer along with cooling tower and pump

Exhibited competency in handling and storing phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid

Spearheaded the monitoring of cross country pipeline, pipeline patrolling, pipeline online safety, guard tour system, GPS system, and other issues related to cross country pipeline safety

Managed and utilized marine unloading arm for over ten ammonia shipments and utility equipment’s, including centrifugal pumps, ammonia multi stage barrel pumps (KSB), ammonia screw compressors (York Refrigeration), reciprocating air compressors, firefighting systems, and diesel generator (650 KVA)

Proactively arranged schedules of safety-related equipment which included water monitors; gas detectors; hydrant, deluge, and foam systems; self-contained air breathing apparatus (SCABA); canister mask; and chemical and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suits

Technical Apprentice 2011–2012

Administered maintenance activities of the fertilizer plant, such as plant operations, cooling water fan blade angle checking and rectification, and pump maintenance tasks

Broadened knowledge of DAP, NPK, urea, ammonia and utilities plant

o Professional Development

Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET), Safety Training, 2018 Suraksha Marine

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), 2016 DISS Qatar

Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus (SCABA) Training, 2016 DISS Qatar

Maritime Legal Knowledge and Safe Mooring Practices Training, 2017 Maersk

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET), 2014 Maersk

Safety Training, 2012 Zuari Industries Limited

o Personal Details

Date of Birth: Aug 20, 1990

Place of Birth: Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: Indian

Languages: English, Hindi, and Konkani

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