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Sql Server Data

Springfield, VA
$50 hourly
October 24, 2018

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Database Administrator with Six years of experience managing SQL Server in development, QA and Production environments. I have over all 15 years IT experience.

Experience managing Production Databases in VIRTUAL and PHYSICAL environments.

Expert in Upgrading of SQL Server from lower version to higher version.

Experience in managing ACTIVE/ACTIVE and ACTIVE/PASSIVECluster environment.

Experience in Setting up AlwaysON availability groups on 2012.

Experience in implementing Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability Solutions (HA) using Database Mirroring and Log Shipping.

Proficient in Database Administration activities like Installation, Configuration, Backup &Recovery, Database Security, Database Designing and Query Optimization.

Experience in implementing SNAPSHOT, TRANSACTIONAL, MERGE and Peer-to-Peerreplication.

Used third party toolsFog light, ISTM, Idera and Remedy for Backups and performance monitoring tools.

Upgraded and Migrated SQL Server from Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012.

Expert in performance tuning, using PROFILER, QUERY EXECUTION PLAN and INDEX TUNING.

Extensive use of SQL Server DMV's for Performance Tuning.

Created SSIS packages and deployed the packages from development to different environments

Strong experience in performing database consistency checks and planning and scheduling Recovery Procedures.

Experience in developing and managing Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, Views and Locking.

Experience in Relational Database management systems (RDMS).

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003/2008 R2/2012, Windows 7/8/10

Database: MS SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008R2/2008

Reporting/Analysis Tool: SSRS, Crystal Report

Data Modeling: SSDD (SQL Server Database Diagram), ERWin, VISIO

MS Office: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Power Point.

Professional Experience:


Baltimore, MD 21224

Position: Database Administrator February 2016 - Presence


Installed and Configured SQL Server 2008 R2/2012.

Involved in upgrading SQL Server 2008 R2 instances to SQL Server 2012.

Involved in database design, database standards and T-SQL code reviews.

Managed Active/passive SQL Server Clusters.

Implemented Mirroring and Log Shipping for Disaster recovery.

Planned and Implemented complete backup strategy for Full, Differential and Log Backups.

Created extensive SSIS packages, deployed them to various servers and scheduled them for execution

Configured transactional and Peer-to-Peer replication and managed publications, articles.

Proactively involved in monitoring database Performance by monitoring Index fragmentation level and updating Statistics.

Automated most of the DBA Tasks and monitoring stats.

Responsible for SQL Server Edition upgrades and SQL Server patch management.

Created Schemas, Logins, Tables, Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes, Views, Functions and Stored Procedures.

Monitored event and server error logs for troubleshooting.

Supported the business 24/7, maintaining 99.999 uptimes depending on the application and business SLA requirements.


Reston, Virginia.

Position: Database Administrator March 2013 – January 2016


Worked primarily as a PRODUCTION support DBA giving 24/7 Support on SQL 2012/2008 R2.

Migrated SQL Server from SQL Server 2008R2to 2012.

Worked extensively on Virtual and VMware Environments.

Worked on managing SQL Server Environment in High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR).

Involved in Performance Tuning on Production, QA and Staging servers of the current project.

Managed Production environment for High Availability in Active/Active and Active/Passive mode.

Worked on AlwaysOn availability groups and replicas for reporting and backup.

Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn availability groups for high availability.

Involved in Monitoring Performance of different production servers.

Worked extensively with SQL server Profiler, Execution plan and Index Tuning Wizard for performance bottlenecks.

Created the backup and restore strategy for production and development environment.

Created Database Maintenance Plan for the Performance of SQL Server which covers Database Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics, Re-indexing and online Indexes.

Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) tool of SQL Server to populate data from various data sources, creating packages for different data loading operations for ETL application.

Managing schema objects such as tables, views, clusters, indexes, procedures, triggers & maintaining Referential Integrity depending on user requirements and converting them into technical specifications.

Performing fine Tuning of Database Application. Cleansing and solving Database troubles.

Neometrics, Hauppauge, NY

Position: Database Administrator April 2011 – February 2013


Installed, configured SQL Server 2005 and 2008 R2 in all environments.

Involved in Analyzing and Upgrading SQL Server 2005 test servers to SQL Server 2008.

Perform SQL Server service pack and Windows Service pack upgrades.

Designed and implemented comprehensive Backup plan using SQL Server Maintenance Plan.

Experienced in configuring log Shipping and Mirroring for SQL Server 2008 R2.

Troubleshoot performance problems and fine-tuning of databases.

Rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.

Checking Database Health by using DBCC Commands and DMVS

Worked extensively in Query analyzer and profiler for tuning queries using variable for characteristics and query costs.

Monitored and modified Performance using execution plans and Index tuning.

Transferring the data (ETL) to Data warehouse by SQL Server 2008 Integration Services.

Involved in trouble shooting databases for its performance and concurrency.

Designed and implemented comprehensive Backup plan and disaster recovery strategies.

Designed and created databases, tables, views, store procedures and triggers.

Updating database systems by reviewing, planning, testing and installing database security patches and service packs.

Involved in capacity planning and monitoring data/log files size, growth and disk space.

North Brooklyn Health Network, NY

Computer Aide (Data Analyst) April 2010 – February 2011

Nursing Information System.(NIS) is analyzed the work sheets staffing data and verify the staffing data information. Validated staff presently working and staff scheduled to report to work within the next 24 hours.


Analyzed document-searching capability by utilizing ANSOS functionality to generate search criteria, run search functions, retrieve appropriate documents, filter document lists, view documents, print documents and save documents to the Virtual Filing System.

Involve staffing work sheet data edit cross center use comp earn time, comp use time

Put right codes to unit and division with their requirements.

Executed SQL queries to validate the front-end data with the database (back-end).

Documented detailed requirements staffing worksheet data put into the ANSOS.

Daily filling of staff data and codes in their folder in nursing administration office.

Each shift scans staffing worksheets then save data in NIS folder on the nursing share drive.

Monitor Time sheet for compliance with sign in and out policy for unit clerk and central system.Prepared work shift report daily basis and need to print every shift.

Print crystal report every week and distribute to the Director (entire inpatient units) and ICU, MEDSURG, HEMO and ONOCOLOGY, Maternal Child, ED/ PACU,


BBA in Computer Information Systems, Monroe College, Bronx, New York

Years of Graduated 2002

AAS in Computer Information Systems, Queensborough Community College (CUNY)

Year of Graduation: 2000


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

(Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases (Exam70-462)

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