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Laboratory Technician

Calgary, AB, Canada
October 23, 2018

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** ******** **.,*.* CALGARY,ALBERTA CANADA T3J 4W7

Tel. No.+1-403-***-****,Mobile No.+1-403-***-****

Email Address:

Employment History:

**** – 2015 Chemical Technician Trican Geological Solutions

621 37 Ave. NE, Calgary Alberta.

2007 – 2009 Analyst 1 - Maxxam Analytics Inc.

2021 – 41 Ave. NE

Calgary, Alberta

2005 - 2006 Laboratory Foreman - Abu Dhabi Oil Company for Onshore

Oil Operation (ADCO )

Al-Dhabbiya-NEB,Abu Dhabi,UAE

2001 - 2005 Supervisor /Chemist - Water Refilling Station

Almanza,Las Pinas City


1998 - 2001 Offshore Laboratory Technician/Chemist - Maersk Oil Qatar


1993 - 1995 Field and Terminal Laboratory Analyst - Canadian Occidental

Petroleum Co.Yemen

1986 - 1993 Chemist / Process Analyst - Eastern Petrochemical Company

( SHARQ ), P.O Box 10035

Jubail Industrial City 31961, K.S.A

1983 - 1985 Laboratory Analyst - Philippine Vinyl Consortium Inc.

Rosario,Cavite Philippines

Duties and Responsibilities

■ Carries out the routine and non-routine analysis of oil, gas, water and deposit. samples by applying the relevant standard procedures, employing well

■ Fallow-up outside laboratory work carried out by contractors.

■ Review new laboratory techniques and methods.

■ Prepares and fallow up, for operations, the stocks of production chemicals required for chemical treatment applications ( oil processing, water systems, pigging etc. )

■ Prepares laboratory material requisitions, updating consumable and equipment inventories.

■ Carries out the quality control checks of production chemicals to ensure compliance with specifications.

■ Enters data in the computer and issues relevant reports.

■ Understand the Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, and how it relates to the job. Performs the work in a safe and efficient manner, and is familiar with relevant safe working procedures and practices that relate the job.

■ Ensure all adequate stock solutions and chemicals in general use are available for testing requirement.

■ Clean and maintains laboratory equipment, apparatus and work areas to ensure clean efficient and healthy working of the laboratory.

■ Reports irregularities in any process or final test result so that corrective action by the supervisor can be taken.

■ Keep permanent records of all calculation and test result in the data books and standard analysis forms.LIMS and WHIMS.


Dean-Stark Extraction, Bulk Density, Mercury Intrusion Capillary Pressure ( MICP ),Cat-ion Exchange Capacity, Desorption, Core sample preparation.


Moisture, Flash Point,Paint,,ph,Sat.paste,Bulk Density, Loss Of Ignition,Barite,Specific Gravity, Available Nutrients.


Basic Sediments and Water( BS&W )-ASTM 4007

Salt in Crude ( Electronic Method )- ASTM 3230,D89

API Gravity ( Hydrometer Method )- ASTM 1298

Density ( Density Meter ), H2S by Borax Method

Reid Vapor Pressure ( RVP )- ASTM D-323,D 90

Sulfur Content-ASTM D 4294

Water content by Karl Fisher-ASTM D 4377

Sediments by Extraction-ASTM D 473. Kinematic Viscosity-ASTM D 445


Distillation range-ASTM D 86

Flash Point ( closed cup )-ASTM D 93

API Gravity-ASTM 1298

Sulfur Content-ASTM D 4294

Kinematic Viscosity-ASTM D 445

Cetane Index ( calc ),Total Base Number ( TBN )


Oil in water, Particle count,TSS, TDS, pH, Total and Soluble Iron, Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Sulfide, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity,Nitrate,Nitrite, Sulfate, Sulfite, Total and Free Chlorine, Corrosion Inhibitor ( amine residual ), Bacteria analysis ( Total Plate count,Coliform,Yeast and Molds ), SRB and GAB. Corrosion coupon cleaning, Solids and Scale deposits, Nalcool 2000 ( water engine ), Sewage Plant ( TSS,BOD )


Low conc.of DEG in MEG, Impurities in DEG and TEG products. Water in liquid, Distillation range of Ethylene Glycols, Ultra Violet Transmittance of MEG,Specific Gravity of Ethylene Glycol ( Digital Density meter method ),Color of Ethylene Glycols ( Platinum Cobalt method ), Thermal color stability of MEG,Acidity in Ethylene Glycols, Iron in Ethylene Glycols, Chloride in Ethylene Glycol( selective electrode method ),Ash,Smell,Appearance of Ethylene Glycols,Aldehyde in MEG,Alkaline color stability, Acid color stability,UV after heating. pH of Ethylene Glycol, Carbon dioxide and Ethylene Oxide in process gases. low conc.of EO process aqueous solution, water in EG process liquids, low conc. of MEG In water, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in EO process gases using Flame Ionization Detector, Oxygen in purge gases, Carbonate and bicarbonate in Carbonate solution. Dichromate in Carbonate solution. Ethylene Oxide in Aqueous solutions.


Melt Index ( MI ),FR,Density,Residual Ash, Hexane Extractables,Particle size, Bulk Density, Accompanied water,Odor,Color,pellet Appearance, Fish Eye,Contamination,Additive Content ( Anti-oxidants-Phenolic,Anti-oxidants-Phosporous,Neutralizer,Slip Agent,Anti-Block Agent ),Foreign materials,Streak,Haze,Static friction Coefficient, Dart drop impact,Blocking,Catalyst analysis.


MI ( MFR Tester-Tester Sankyo Co. Ltd Auto Melt Indexer )

Density ( Constant Temp. Bath,Yamato Model CTB with Yamato model CTE 22W,Cooled water circulator controlled @23+0.1C,Yamato Neo cool dip model BD-21,Hyrometer (0.9300 with min. graduation division at 0.0002 calibrated as Density @23C.Handy Aspirator,Yamato Scientific model WP-15,labo Stirrer Model LR-41B (LA-00-0017 )

Hexane Extractables ( Vacuum Drying Oven-Yamato Model DP 31,Sanstat oil bath SYK-387d,K-K Sanyo Rikabaku-kikai seisa kusho.

Residual Ash ( Platinum tray, Bunsen burner,muffle furnace-850C temp.

Average Particle size

Additives ( Hitachi Infra Red Spectrophotometer 260-30,Fluorescence X-ray analyzer, Philips PW 1400 X-ray Spectrometer, Inflation Machine (Extruder ) with film thickness 30u,width 236+2mm. )

Color ( Colorimeter, model ND-1001 DP Nippon Denshoku kogyo Co. Ltd. )

Haze ( Haze meter,Ddh-1001 Nippon Denshoku Kogyu Co. Ltd

Blocking ( Tensile tester-toyo seiki model 551,cutting bar-F011,Cross head controller, Load measuring amplifier, specimen punching-Toyo model 291 with cutting die of JIS-Z1702 dumbbell shape

Dart drop Impact ( Falling Dart impact tester-toyo seiki model 613-applied dart,38 mm,32g,incrementalnweightb5,10,15,60gm for comb. use 0

Compression Molded Polyethylene sheets ( Press molding machine-Shinto metal SFA-37 )


Gas Chromatography ( Shimadzu GC-9A ), Shimadzu Chromatopac-C-RIB-Recording data processor,U.V Spectrophotometer-Hitachi model 100-60,Color Comparator-model DL-40C, Memotitrator,Karl Fisher-Mitsubishi moisture meter ( modelCA-05 ), Distillation apparatus- Yoshida Kagaku co; model DIS 16 Gas heating type, Digital Density meter-ANTON Parr model DMA-55, Ultra sensitive solid state Chloride electrode-PHI-91100 Ph ion meter, Color comparator-Tintometer Ltd. Levi bond 1000, Muffle furnace- Yamato model Fm-31,Ph meter Horiba model H-7 DAD,Mettler model AE-160,Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Hitachi 180-50 )-Graphite Atomizer and Burner, Ion Chromatograph-Yokogawa model-IC100-D-7, Ion Chromatograph with couple system function. Sulfur in Oil analyzer-model SLFA-1800,Frigimat Dry Ice maker,TOC Analyzer-model TOC-500/TOC-10B,U.V/VIS Spectrophotometer-model U.V 2100.

Education, Trainings and Skills

Chemical Engineering Graduate

Technological Institute of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

With Licensure Number: 0014484-( March 1985 )

Completed Computer Courses

Interface Computer College

Manila, Philippines

Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows.

Training Courses Attended:

Location: TRICAN

Safety Essentials for Operational Supervisor

Location: ADCO, Al-Dhabbiya-NEB,Abu Dhabi, UAE

First Aid and Breathing Apparatus


Permit To Work ( PWT )

Location: Maersk Training Center, Doha Qatar

Basic H2S

Fire Fighting

Breathing Apparatus

First Aid

Helicopter Survival Course( HUET )

Location: Canadian Oxy Field/Terminal, Yemen

Plant Safety Procedure

Safety Breathing Apparatus

Defensive Driving Course

Location: Eastern Petrochemical Training Center.Jubail,K.S.A

ISO 9002 Awareness Seminar

Basic. Intermediate, Advance Fire Prevention Course


Nick Minions ( Asst.Manager-TRICAN )

Tel No. 403-***-****

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