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Manager Sql Server

Toa Payoh, 310490, Singapore
October 26, 2018

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Ramakrishna Velaga

Big data Hadoop Cloudera Administrator

BLK 212 #09-135 Tampines Street23 Singapore Phone: +659*******

Email :

Professional Summary

Highly skilled Hadoop Administrator has extensive knowledge of multiple RDBMS Administration including MSSQL/Sybase/Oracle and programming languages. Having experience of 3 years in Hadoop administrator Possesses strong abilities in administration of large data clusters in big data environments and is extremely analytical with excellent problem-solving. Has a master’s degree in computer information systems Cloudera Hadoop Administration certification and four years of experience.

Core Qualifications

Excellent knowledge of Perl Python and Ruby scripting languages

Strong shell writing and programming<

Good analytical written and oral communication skills

Deep knowledge of Cassandra/HBASE NOSQL Database, HIVE, Pig Scoop Flume and MapReduce/YARN

Solid understanding of Apache Hadoop Internals to implement with Open source.

Proficient with creation of scalable databases

Good understanding of Gem fire

Solid understanding of agile SDLC environments

Hands on Experience installing configuring and managing Sybase/MSSQL and Oracle databases

Hands on experience managing the project work and certified Project Management from PMI.


Hadoop Administrator 30/10/2015 – till date

UBS AG, Singapore ( Through NTT DATA Services PTE LTD Singapore)

Worked collaboratively to manage build outs of large data clusters.

Helped design big data clusters and administered them.

Worked both independently and as an integral part of the development team. Working as link between development team and build architect team.

Communicated all issues and participated in weekly strategy meetings.

Exceptional Experience setting up HADOOP Eco System both using cloud era manager and manually installing configuring all Hadoop components.

Good Knowledge of Hadoop Ecosystem such as Hadoop,Hive,Pig,Oozie,Hbae,flume,Sqoop.

Installed Hadoop Patches and upgrades and updates as part of Infra weekend every quarter.

Regular commission and decommission of Nodes as part of Maintenance and expansion of Hadoop HDFS.

Implemented Kerberos security as part of company security standards for entire Hadoop System.

Done performance tuning for Hadoop and Mapreduce processes as part of trouble shooting the processes

Implemented big data systems in cloud environments.

Created security and encryption systems for big data.

Performed administration troubleshooting and maintenance of ETL and ELT processes

Collaborated with multiple teams for design and implementation of big data clusters in cloud environments.

Enabled High availability for Name Node, Resource Manager and Hive

Hands On experience on Configuring Scheduler

Commissioned and decommissioned nodes in the cluster using REST API’s

Hands on expericen in upgrading cluster from HDP 2.0 to HDP 3.0

Imported data from SQL Server to HDFS using sqoop.

Having Good exposure to tune spark configuration.

Installed and configured PIG, HIVE and scoop on HDFS 2.0.

Performed maintenance, monitoring deployments and upgrades across infrastructures that supports all our Hadoop clusters.

Migrated data across clusters using DISTCP.

Worked with Engineering team to plan and deploy new Hadoop environments and expand existing Hadoop clusters.

Monitored workload job performance and capacity planning in the cluster.

Analysed the data by performing Hive queries (HIVE SQL) and running pig scripts(Pig Latin) to study customer behaviour.

Working with data delivery teams to setup new Hadoop users this job includes setting up Linux users and Kerberos principals and testing HDFS.

Used Impala to read,write and query the Hadoop data in HDFS or HBASE or Cassandra.

Other Database Experience:

MSSQL Server, Sybase and Oracle Database administration in 24X365 environment.

Well versed with Database Tools SQL Server Management Studio, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzers reporting, SSIS, MAP tool, SQL Compare, TSQL, Commvault.

Expert performance tuning and trouble shooting performance issues.

Expertise in design and setting up of High availability and Disaster recovery solutions for business using Mirroring, log shipping, replication and Always on systems.

Migrated databases from MSSQL 2008/2008R2 to MSSQL Server 2012/2014.

Expertise resolving completed solutions and managing Incidents and provide the work around solutions to mitigate issues.

Expertise in RAC in Implementation using Oracle 11G.

Participated actively in setup and support of ASM and data guard on 24/7 support.

Experience with Real Application Clusters RAC and Automatic Storage Management ASM, RMAN, Oracle Data Guard.

Oracle Application DBA support, applying patches, mini-packs, family-packs and maintenance packs, upgrades, multi-tier installations, automatic routines DBA task, periodic refreshes, oracle support dealing with functional, developers and end users.

Good at Documentation of Standard procedures and run books for the junior DBA’s

Expertise design and setting up of High availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Sybase ASE 12.5.3/15.0/15.7/16 and Replication Server 12.6/15/16 and Oracle 11g,12C.

Python Scripting Skills, Shell Scripting.

Network topologies TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, DHCP, FTP, SFTP, SMTP

Reporting and searching tools like Splunk and Tableau

Expertise in SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle database administration.


Supporting/monitoring 3-node Oracle 11g RAC on Oracle Cluster ware platforms on high availability environment and writing shell scripting for various database maintenance and alerting activities

Implementing and managing multi-terabyte Oracle 11gr2 RAC databases to deliver leading multi-OLTP and DSS applications, and implemented streams

Tuned SQL queries of Oracle RAC databases, Implemented the database with ASM and SAN storage skilled Oracle RAC virual machines

Production support for Oracle database cluster with databases running 2-3 and over 100 simultaneous connections and managed with over 4 TB size databases, performance tuning and monitoring, trouble-shooting, back-up and recovery, installations and configurations on need basis. Applying patches, deployments and upgrades, implementation of database backup/restore methodologies, RMAN, hot/cold backups, export/import user,Management User, Roles, database objects like tables, indexes, views, synonyms etc.

Proven problem resolution of Oracle DBMS creating installation scripts and procedures troubleshoot network issues and resolve network connectivity issues. Implemented -enabled streams replication on tables/schemas, Locally Managed Table spaces, Automatic Segment Storage Management ASSM, Partitioning, Global temporary tables, Flashback, etc. and in supporting development/testing/UAT/SVT/pre-prod environments.

Building and implementing backup and recovery using Recovery Manager RMAN, RMAN scripts and customized shell scripts on Oracle 11g data pump export/import for data transfers between various Oracle environments and for logical backups.

Cloning the Oracle Applications from Production to Development servers, Supporting the development and testing team during implementation of the Project and on all DBA related issues

Installed OEM grid agent on all servers and configured them and Upgraded the OEM grid control console database from to and applied latest CPU patches /PSU db patches. Also applied CPU patches on OMS oracle home.

Installed AMP 3.0 on our OEM grid control and configured our EBS databases for monitoring concurrent mgrs., forms sessions,db locks, invalid objects and jdbc connections. Configured standby databases for our existing Production databases and activated for testing.

Monitoring and supporting day today activities of the production and development databases and work on urgent issues when fired by pager and Creating Custom Concurrent Managers and Assigning Work shifts to it and Finding long running requests and sessions terminate them if needed.

Applied database and application patches . Troubleshooting problems with web server, web listener, forms server, and concurrent managers, and database.



involved in SQL security and planning; administrating and creating user accounts for proper access, SQL/Server system databases and tables Profiler and Enterprise Manager/Management Studio, and Server monitoring and capacity planning to ensure adequate CPU, disk space, and memory on all SQL servers.

Responsible for all the servers which are running in SQL platform (SQL Server 2005/ 2008/2012/2014/2016)

Setup multiple Nodes (Active/ Passive) in SQL Servers to add clustering feature.

Manage SQL Server databases and Configure failover cluster.

Plan and modify SQL Server Permissions in quarterly basis.

Create databases and schedule backups (Transaction log backup, Differential backup and Full back up) with Recovery sessions (Simple or Full).

Setup and maintain Replication for Production servers to provide high availability and monitor using Replication Monitor.

Setup Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job steps with automated Response solution schedules.

Frequently Monitor Connections, Locks and Database Performance.

Reviewed and optimized SQL queries, CDC, stored procedures, functions, Indexes, views and triggers.

Maintain Operators, Categories, Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job Steps and Schedules. Monitor connections, locks and performance of SQL server.

Created and developed tables, views, indexes, functions and advanced queries for databases by using Query Analyzer and SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

Rewrote and tuned long-running SQL queries to cut execution time, ease database load and improve scalability.

Profiled and tuned servers monthly to ensure fast queries and reports.

Performed compression of historic data for VLDB and compressed backups to reduce amount of space it takes on disk.

Encrypted data and log files using transparent data encryption (TDE) solution.

Experience in MS SQL Server tools like MS SQL Server Service Area Configuration, SQL Server Profiler, Business Intelligence Development Studio, SQL Server management Studio, SQL Server Configuration Manage

Participating Database Reediness calls before start of business

SYBASE Experience:

On call providing 24/7 Sybase and Replication Server DBA support for all incident calls. This involved working with Applications Support team and Operations Team to resolve the incident Request Tickets.

Worked on setting up MSA replication system using resource files.

Monitor Replication queues using RCL commands and use rs_ticket to check on latency.

Suspend and Restore Replication server for all necessary ASE maintenance when required.

Support SYBASE IQ for Database space extension, Backup and Restore for Database warehousing.

Monitor and fix the issues related Sybase IQ Servers.

Server Builds are done for Sybase Server the Production, UAT and Development Environment with ASE 15.7 and ASE16

Sybase Replication Setup using MSA and Warm Standby Replication for Applications to interconnect multiple locations.

Trouble shoot and fix issues Sybase Replication Issues and Implementing changes for New tables and exiting Replication Objects modification.

Support a production system setup comprising of Sybase 15.0.3 ASE servers, Replication Servers 15.7 and SAP ASE 16.

Sybase Performance and query tuning and actively participated in incident calls and provided resolution.

Monitor crontab jobs daily and rectify issues if any. Schedule and monitor db maintenance activities such as reindexing, reorg, dbcc during maintenance slots 2AM to 6AM Saturday through Sunday.

Supported the Application that handles check images for the bank and replication to other servers using routes.

Project: Datacenter Exit

Duration: 1 year

Scope: Migration of MSSQL and Sybase Servers from Old Data Center to New Data Center

My role was Planner and Implementor for MSSQL Servers/Sybase servers from one data center to other data center.

Participate in planning and implementation calls with Project Manager, Other Stockholders (Unix, Network, MVS team)

Make the list of inventories of servers for MSSQL and Sybase Servers

Analyze and discuss with Application/Server owners, with possible option to move out the servers.

Based on the agreed method either Physically lift and shift the servers or we have built the servers in other data centers and migrated the servers with database migrations.

Based on the method prepare RUN BOOK and discuss with other stack holders and finalized the implementation date.

Backup databases, Configurations and User profiles before moving and after Loading databases on the target servers and restoring users and configurations. Application team perform the health checks and signoff the migration.

Provided 24x7 on-call supports. Supported systems beyond regular hours/ weekends/ holidays.

Installed Oracle 10c,11g and performed data migration from various databases to new systems, as well as managed user accounts and privileges.

Performed testing of backup and recovery procedures for newly installed databases.

Installed Oracle 9i database and Oracle 9iAS Application Server software, and created database instances in several environments to support the ICDB project.

Designed and created tables with indexes, triggers, sequences, and foreign keys to support ICDB interfaces. Created and ran seed data loads for static table population. Created stored packages and procedures for data inserts and updates to the ICDB database.

Provided database and SQL programming support for the TOL Oracle 9i database, also utilizing export/import and SQL script creation to support TOL data conversion processes.

Installing Oracle software, Creating Oracle databases and Performing upgrades of the database and software to new release levels

Starting and shutting down the database instance and Managing the storage structures of the database.

Managed users and security, Managing database objects, such as tables, indexes, and views

Backing up the database and performing recovery operations when necessary Reduced development and test environment database refresh turnaround time by

Monitoring the state of the database and taking preventive or corrective action as required My role includes providing a lead role in my domain, working with various groups, guiding

peers, conflict resolution among team members, introducing best practices, improve the

Monitoring and tuning database performance Tuned databases and application queries, performed server access and login

Diagnosing and reporting critical errors to Oracle Support Services

Backed up database both hot backup and cold backup.

Installed and configured MSSQL Server 2008R2/2012 for Production Environment

Installed Security patches for MSSQL Servers and enabled auditing with home grown scripts

Setup Active-Passive Node cluster for MSSQL Servers with Always on Group setup

Participated Business Continuity Process setup and evoked BCP for quarterly to test the reliability and reediness of SQL Servers for any event.

Setup Backups for MSSQL Servers with Simpana Commvault with SIMPLE, GROUP and Transactional Sub clients.

Backup area will be monitored by SIMPANA and when reaches the threshold the backups automatically triggered, and disk space is cleared. It’s called DE staging

Involved Sev3 and sev4 incident calls to fix the issues and provide the root cause analysis to Business Teams. Ensure to implement suggested fixes to ensure it will not repeat the issue.

Experienced in handling performance issues and query tuning operations in the production calls.

Involved in every Start of Business calls to discuss issues and ensure no impact on business from SQL Server point of view.

Periodically monitored performance using both System Monitor and SQL Profiler Trace.

Gathered, stored and analysed different types of SQL Server performance activities using Management Data Warehouse (MDW).

Documented changes made to the servers, including documentation of performance issues.

Regularly checked OS Event Logs and SQL Server Logs for unusual events.

Implemented Database Mirroring, Log Shipping on SQL 2008R2 Servers for high availability and maintaining Disaster Recovery sites.

Setting up and Automatic/Forced fail over for the production servers using Log Shipping, Database Mirroring and Replication.

Project: COMMVAULT SIMPANA Backup Implementation

Duration: 1year

Scope: MSSQL/Sybase

The project initiated to make backups online, faster and take out load from database servers. Keep the backups more than 10 years in offshore without third party intervention, backups can be restored directly without recalling the tapes. As this backup are running on SAN Storage.

The servers are identified, classified as short-term backups (SSS) and long-term backups (LLL) backups based on the application type and regulator issues.

My roles were to setup configuration for the Commvault backups and coordinate with Unix, Wintel and Backup Team to implement.

Prepare the schedule as per the application requirement and same is implemented.

Once successful implementation of the backups, do the restoration to verify the backups and restoration are working as expected and sign off.



Installation and configuration of SQL server 2008 in development, production, testing, environments

Installing and configuring windows 2003 fail over cluster for SQL 2012

Up gradation to SQL Server 2014 along with some database up gradation.

Created Database Maintenance Planner for the Performance of SQL Server which covers Database Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics and Re-indexing.

Involved in cluster implementation

Implemented log shipping for hot stand by servers

Provided 24 X 7 dedicated support to all Production Environments

Scheduled the full backup, differential, transaction log backup of Database

Planned and executed Disaster Recovery Strategy in all the MSSQL Servers.

Planned and modified the permission issues in the server.

Transferred the data to homogenous and heterogeneous platforms using DTS utility.

Extensively worked on replication.

Fine tuning the Database Settings as well as the Server Settings.

Configured Mail Profile for sending automatic mails to the respective people when a job is failed or succeed.

Created stored procedures, triggers and functions

Maintaining SQL Script for creation of Database Objects.

Greatly improved performance in daily transforms by identifying and reorganizing indexes on major tables.

Automated Database maintenance tasks like Update Stats, Reorg rebuild, drop and recreate indexes and dbcc commands.

Sybase ASE 15.0.3 installed and configured as part of migration strategy from 12.5.3 version with new hardware.

Setup Security policies and implemented Security standards by disabling HPU logins and implemented break glass policy.

The Logins creation and granting privileges are audited and review as part of Company wise systems audit.

Installed Sybase Replication Server and configured databases for MSA and WarmStand by.

Trouble shooting Replication Issues and latency issues.

Actively involved in the Incident and performance issues. Suggested development team to create indexes where the Queries are using Table scan.

Over 4-year experience in MS SQL Server 2005 database development in enterprise environment. Strong troubleshooting and organizational skill.

Solid experience in database development and support. Database migration, SQL Server 2000 upgrade to SQL Server 2005.

Database performance tuning, capacity planning, and troubleshooting.

Expertise in RDBMS, data warehouse architecture and modelling, ETL and DTS/SSIS experience.

Thorough understanding and experience in data warehouse and data mart design, star schema, snowflake schema, normalization and demoralization concepts and principles.

Expertise in SSIS (Integration Service), SSAS (Analysis Service), SSRS (Reporting Service).

Hands on experience on SQL Server Notification Service, Service Broker

Excellent T-SQL and database programming skills

Solid experience in software development life cycle.

Over 3 years work experience in international team and multi-cultural environment

Extensive experience in project management and execution involving multiple concurrent development projects with a proven successful track record

Exceptional ability to gather and translate complex user requirements into practical, cost-effective software solutions.

Creative and innovative thinker, bringing energy, enthusiasm and leadership to problem resolution.

Consistent, well-organized and dependable performer with the flexibility to adapt to constantly shifting priorities.

Install and configure the MSSQL servers 2000 and 2005 for Development and UAT servers

Create Logins and grant privileges for the Dev /uat users

Adding space to the servers as per request from the dev teams

Backup and restore to debug any production issues in the development and test servers

Prepared reports for the IT Management the Databases servers and issues. Day to day.




Master of Business Administrator (IT) (2008) SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY TADONG, GANGTOK INDIA


PMP Certified from Project Management Institute

Completed Hadoop Course from EDUREKA

SAP Sybase ASE Administration Certified for ASE 15.0 in 2014

ITIL Foundation Certified

Personal Details

Date of Birth: June 1 st 1974 / Languages Known: English, Hindi &amp; Telugu

Present Address: Unit No. 09-135, Block 212, Tampines Street 23 – 520212, Singapore

Passport No. &amp; Valid Till: K6619721 / 1 st Jan 2024

Nationality: Indian / No. of Dependents: 3

Marital Status: Married

Visa Status: Employment Pass / Valid till Dec’20

Driving License: Indian

Client: Société Générale (French Bank)

Company: Société Générale Global Solution Center

(Rebadged From DELL)

MAY 2008 – APRIL 2011

Technical Lead -Database Administrator

FEB 2007 – MAY 2008

Designation: Database Specialist

Client: DBA Direct

Company: Ascendum Systems PVT LTD

(Rebadged From DELL)

Company: Advanta India Limited

Location: Bangalore - India

FEB 2004 – FEB 2007

Systems Manager

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