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Operations manager, production supervisor, electronics technician

Jacksonville, FL
October 25, 2018

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Norfolk VA, *****


Top Secret SCI-DCID 6/4

Maintenance Professional with Diverse Experience Required to Manage Personnel, Projects and Operations

Military Veteran with a Top Secret Security Clearance and 7+ years of proven experience in the United States Navy. Accomplished measurable results while leading teams of up to 200 personnel in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Possesses a comprehensive background in Cross-Functional Leadership / Teambuilding, Maintenance and Aviation Operations derived from conducting domestic and global operations in various locations. Managed risk upon multiple lines to protect assets, property, and equipment valued at $10M+ while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. Possesses extensive knowledge in Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance & Control. Career supported by Military Training equivalent to an Associate of Applied Science in Logistics Management and a Bachelor of Art in Organizational Management.

Leadership / Teambuilding

Process Improvement

Lean Six Sigma

Logistics Management


Training & Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance & Control

Schematics & Technical Drawings


U.S. Navy – Various Locations 2011 – Present

Senior Operations Manager

Led Avionics and Armament operations. Collaborated with industry experts to meet Naval Aviation Enterprise Ready-for-Tasking at improved efficiency and reduced cost by providing world class aviation support, repair, overhaul of engines, airframes, components, and aircraft launch and recovery systems.

Led 200+ cross – functional personnel tasked with maintenance and repair of complex avionic components, communication & navigation, RADAR / detection, generators, aircraft landing systems, and other aircraft systems. Under his leadership, saw a 62% promotion rate, the commissioning of 2 officers and the completion of 82 On-the-Job trainings, leading to 82 new apprenticeships, improving production by 67%.

Supervised the completion of over 10K component discrepancies, which resulted in a 97% Ready-for-Issue rate in support of 18 Naval Air Mid Atlantic commands and 5 Carrier Air Wings.

Supervised the incorporation of 10+ new system programs, to include the work flow and maintenance processes throughout 10 work shops.

Incorporated streamlined processes to 3 major Naval programs, which resulted in zero discrepancies for the 2018 annual Aviation Maintenance Inspection.

Operation Manager

Supervised Avionics Technician Operations. Provided E-2C/E-2D Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning and Command & Control for CVW-1 and Joint Force Commanders.

Led 30 avionics technicians and performed the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of five E-2D Hawkeye aircraft.

Supervised, troubleshot and repaired over 1.2K E-2D maintenance discrepancies, which directly resulted in a 96% combat sortie completion rate and over 2.1K mishap free flight hours, across 8 detachments and 1deployment.

Amassed 32 flight hours, in which troubleshot and repaired 9 in-flight discrepancies that could not be duplicated on deck, over 3 detachments and 2 underway periods, which reduced missed flights by 26%.

Troubleshot and repaired 80+ E-2C maintenance discrepancies to include 15 special inspections and the incorporation of 3 Technical Directives across 2 command detachments, resulting in a cost savings of $82K.

Monitored 3 critical maintenance programs, performed 12 audits, submitted 12 aircraft discrepancy reports, and oversaw the completion of 23 launch and recovery events, ensuring over 80 mishap free flight hours.

Qualified Avionics and Line Department Collateral Duty Inspector (210/310 CDI).

Hand-selected to qualify as the first E-2D In-Flight Technician.

Qualified as a Full Systems E-2D Quality Assurance Representative covering engines, airframes and avionics systems.

Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on four E-2C Hawkeye aircraft.




High School Diploma Florin High School, Sacramento, CA

Specialized Military Training

Aviation Electronics Technician School

E – 2C Electrical Connector Harness Repair

E – 2C Group II Systems Organizational Technician

E – 2D Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technician

Electrical Mechanical Equipment Repair

Aircraft TACAN/Radio Navigation Equipment Technician

Quality Assurance Administration

E-2D Apprentice and Journeyman

E-2D Collateral Duty Inspector

E-2D Full Systems QAR

E-2D In-Flight Technician

E-2C Apprentice and Journeyman

Key Management Infrastructure 101-106, 301, 302, Local Element (Communication Security)

Executive Leadership & Management

Advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Operations & Management

Hazardous Material & Waste Handler

Senior Leadership & Management

Master Resilience Trainer

Advanced Leadership & Management

Environmental Compliance

Logistics Operations & Management

Project Management Professional


FCC License

Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma, Yellow Belt


Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3rd Award)


MS Office

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