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Manager Software Developer

Vadodara, Gujarat, India
October 25, 2018

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Hitesh Balyan

Skype: hitesh_balyan

Phone: +91-787*******




Programming computers is the love of my life. I believe in writing fastest, economic and to the standard codes using latest tools of the trade.

I wants to work with a company that best supports this holy grail of my life.


CoreTechies Software Developer

MARCH 2015 - OCTOBER 2017

Gained experience on-

●Project Analysis

●Client Communication

●Technical Support Representative

●Team management

●Software Development

CoreNext Industrial Trainer

JANUARY 2017 - JUNE 2017

Gained teaching experience on-

●Current standard of PHP5 (PHP-fig)

●Working with IDEs ie. Phpstorm

●Using of VCS ie. GIT

●Using PHP template system

●Using of composer and debugging in PHP using tools like xdebug.

CoreTechies Internship

MARCH 2015 - APRIL 2015

During internship, I have worked on Drupal 7 in team of 2 persons and created School Tests Management System Module.


MARCH 2014

During freelancing, worked on CakePHP, and Core PHP systems. Designed and developed products for local vendors.


Roll On Road Ratchet

Work as standalone PHP server developed over Ratchet. Which provide bi-directional communication with GPS devices. System uses PHP PCNTL for maintaining small task, notification and connection with devices. System store data in MySQL and Redis server(for temp cache). And analysis data of over 14,00,000 calls per day.

Technologies:- Ratchet, PHP Sockets, PCNTL, Google Cloud, Redis, Google Cloud MySQL.

Roll On Road CodeIgniter 3

Roll On Road is fleet management system, which provides Past Routes Playback using google maps, fleet/vehicles performance, provides reports like run time report, shock report, overspeed reports, driver report. System provides vehicle security to client using manual or automatic power disconnection.

Technologies:- CodeIgniter, PHP5 Sockets, Google Cloud, Google Cloud MySQL, Google Cloud DNS/Networking.

VTrack360 C++ Socket Server, Phalcon 3

GPS Tracking server for devices from “Concox”. The server is written in C++. It provides complete communication with device i.e. tracking multiple fences in real time, device configuration from server. The front end user interface is designed in Phalcon 3, to get maximum performance.

Technologies:- PHP5 Sockets, PCNTL, Google Cloud, C++11, Phalcon 3.

Peacechocs HTML5 Canvas

Designed a Canvas based system for online Image editing system.

Technologies:- CodeIgniter, HTML5 Canvas.

E-Notice CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter based directory backup system, which interacts with DropBox API for creating backups.

Technologies:- CodeIgniter, Dropbox API, Google Cloud Compute engine.

Pansy Furniture CodeIgniter, Flexi Cart

Pansy Furniture is e-commerce website backend written in CodeIgniter, the library used is Flexi Cart. Instamojo was used for the payment gateway.

Technologies:- Google Cloud Compute engine, CodeIgniter, Flexi Cart, Instamojo.

Expense Manager Drupal 7

Expense Manager is Drupal 7 based online event expense management tool for Organizations/Corporates. Where Organizations/Corporates can manage their expenses for events, and manage payments for vendors. Paypal is used as the base payment gateway.

Technologies:- Drupal 7, Paypal.

Best Shot Pet Drupal 7

Best Shot Pet is drupal 7 based ecommerce website for selling online pet related items. Base payment gateway used is the Paypal.

Technologies:- Drupal 7, Ubercart, Paypal.

Play Shop Enchant Js, HTML5 Canvas

Play Shop is online Enchant Js and HTML5 Canvas based game for kids aged 6+. In Play Shop kids can go around in city can have purchase things, share collection for purchased goods.

Technologies:- Javascript, Enchant Js, HTML5 Canvas.

Landing Page Core PHP5

Landing page is core PHP5 based landing page management tool. With features like tracking current lead points. Register lead to another lead server.

Technologies:- Core PHP5, Bootstrap 3, Datatables.

Music With Fun CakePHP, JavaScript

Music with fun is online music training course website designed in Bootstrap 3, CakePHP 2. This website has online games written in javascript and jquery for teaching Musical notation.

Technologies:- CakePhp 2, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Bharat ERP Chrome Extension, Laravel

Bharat ERP is Chrome Extension used in Offline/Online tracking of vehicle load, petrol uses in Mines. IndexedDB is used for client side data saving. APIs and Reporting was developed in Laravel 5.

Technologies:- Chrome Extension, Laravel 5.

Custom Builder JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas

It is e-commerce product modification system, where a user can create his/her own musical instruments.

Technologies:- Javascript, HTML5 Canvas.




●Javascript/Node JS


Chrome Extension, OAuth, IndexedDB, GIT, Google Cloud, C++


CodeIgniter, Zend Framework 2, Laravel, CakePHP 2, Ratchet, Doctrine 2, Phalcon 3, Flexi Cart, Dexie JS


Vagrant, Docker, Droplets, Linux


Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Map, Dropbox, InstaMojo, PayPal, Various SMS APIs.


Pursuing MCA, Bikaner


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