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Design Engineer Sales

Los Angeles, CA
October 25, 2018

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Ability to build project prototypes: Drone Air &Ground,

Stick Control– Cyclic & Collective–Gunner &

Commander Grips, Throttle Quadrants, Landing Gear, Speed Brake, Slat flaps, Foot Peddles, Parking Brake, Tiller Drive, Gimble Assembly, Cursor Control Device, and Wheel Control Columns for Pilot and Co-Pilot.


Senior Design Engineer Esterline Mason Electric

June 1986 to February 2018

Undertaking a project assuring a parameter of

excellence engulfed in a customer’s specifications to completion with a layout of a dimensional drawing in a product and electrical schematic diagram. Moving to progression including itemized pricing of engineering, design, assembly, inspection, drafting hours and

machining to inspection detailing in preparation for pricing approval with Corporate sign-off.

Satisfied Customers have included: Boeing, Rockwell, Lockheed/Martin, McDonnel Douglas and for aircraft designs: Apache, Huey, Chinook, Bradley Tanks.


Teaching Credentials Auto-Cad

Statistical Process Control Cosmos Works

Total Quality Management

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance

Solid Works Advanced & Assembly

Leader Effectiveness

*Please see attachment for detailed resume*


Accomplished Design Engineer striving

to contribute new ideas

given my expertise and looking

to continue to be an asset to

the Aeros

pace Industry.



Awarded Outstanding Professional

Achievements of

30 Years.

Participated in a Staff Team of

Managers in moving Mason Electric to

a $100,000,000 a year Company with

over 300 employees.

John Ronquillo

6105 Delphi Street

Los Angeles, CA 90042


September 10, 2018

Dear Friend,

I am an enthusiastic team-player with excellent skill in representing my work with class and open-mindedness in the best interest of the customer and business. I work well with diverse personalities, and work even better under pressure. Much of my career and experience has been Engineering Design in Aerospace within the private sector. I have demonstrated ability in working with aviation personnel in a consulting capacity and strategic pro-type creation for well over 30 years.

Being responsible for and representing my design projects for stakeholder, local, regional agencies and private industry will be easily transferrable into a hands-on Design and Consulting position. I’ve lead and implemented positive sustainable industry upgrades and rebranded each of my projects through the power of guidance, persuasion and collaborative efforts. I would be so excited to become part of the team with your organization. Some of my best qualities and strengths are listed below:

• Humble, approachable and personable leadership style.

• Demonstrated experience working closely with local government officials and private sector.

• Strength in developing and communicating complex concepts so that it is easy to read and understand.

• Dimensional and graphic demonstrated experience.

• Exceptional ability to build and maintain professional partnerships in on-going networks.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to pass on my resume for this position. I am happy to provide references upon request. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

John E. Ronquillo

John Ronquillo 323/255-1580

Strengths and Skills

Critical thinker, strategic creative solution


Demonstrated experience with... systems

Excellent project and planning from

inception to completion

Meet deadlines efficiently

Sound judgment and decision making

Strong ethics and interpersonal skills,

comfortable public speaking

Client service oriented

Excellent multi-tasker without compromising

quality of work

Demonstrated ability to manage cross-

functional teams and vendors

Self-motivated and team oriented

Thrive in fast-paced collaborative


Proficient is Microsoft Office Tools

Strong attention to detail

Excellent relationship building and

negotiation skillset


Control Grip and Switch Comp

Started a Project to assure a parameter of excellence with customer’s specifications.

Designed and laid out a dimensional drawing including product and electrical schematic diagrams.

Continued process of itemized pricing imported from SolidWorks and built material using design created.

Provided itemized pricing estimates for engineering, design, assembly, inspection, drafting, and machining hours.

Summarized report for classification with export document for final pricing and Corporate approval. Sale Platform to Protect and Grow

Reviewed customer specifications to incorporate standardized control products.

Incorporated developed lower cost products for testing as needed.

Collaborate with the sales department so they are well informed on what the client is looking for and requesting.

Preparing the sales department on client questions, suggestions on items, products and services of interest to provide a good impression.

Expanding new products from an existing one to ensure our items move forwards in a productive way. Cost Competiveness

Reusing approved designs I tweak them for better performance and usage by our customers assuring a higher profit design.

Building products that have proven to be well liked have a higher profit margin.

Giving a client a familiar touch and recognizable feel with improvements the client can agree on.

Phasing out the use of our competitors’ switches with a savings 0f 50% of the cos and identical performance.


Developing design products that are totally test for sales personnel.

Assuring our sales department are completely informed and well versed in our product to ensure a flawless sales pitch in high volume orders.

Successful Designs Aircraft Aerospace

• Stick Control Grips

• Throttle Grip

• Throttle Quadrants

• Cyclic and Collective


• Landing Gear

• Speed Brake

• Slat Flaps

• Foot Peddles

• Parking Brake

• Tiller Drive

• Gunner and

Commander Grips

• Gimble Assemble

• Curser Control Device









Chinook Cargo ITAS/LAS Missile


Bradley Tank

Many Aircraft Control Wheels

Pilot and Co-Pilot


McDonnell Douglas


Cadillac Gage


British Airspace

Brazil KC-390 and E2


Canada Aerospace






• Drone Air and Ground

• Controllers with View Screen


Classifier-Jurisdiction Classification Certificate June 2015 Leader Effectiveness Certificate July 2011

Solid Works Advanced & Assembly September 2010

Cosmos Works Professional August 2006

Solid Works Fundament & Advanced January 1999

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance November 1998 Statistical Process &Total Quality Management 1993 Auto-Cad Drafting 1987

10 Year Junior Draftsman to Design Experience Prevailed in Teaching Credential June 1986 References

Available upon Request

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