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Chemist/Safety Health Environmental Quality

North Carolina
October 23, 2018

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Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709 USA

Objective: I. To establish, maintain and enhance a safety and health program so that all individuals are fully protected under the established federal, state and local laws and regulations. II. To manage and perform directed research in a chemical/analytical setting within the scope of standardized protocols. Employment History:

N and G Safety, Health and Quality

Safety, Health, Environmental Consultant/Founder and Owner August 1996 Present

I have corrected many health and safety situations that I have found to be out of compliance with specific OSHA rules and regulations, including private establishments, public buildings, doctor offices, public and private schools, restaurants, malls and small businesses as well as gymnasiums, universities, churches and public grounds. My safety and health philosophy is constant attention to details, being proactive with full safety reviews of grounds, buildings, entrances and exits, hallways that include clean and clear aisles, proper storage of supplies, and documentation of all efforts to affect changes and improvements. It is also vital to become familiar with the staffing hierarchy so that personal sensibilities are not breached, ensuring decorum and chain of command is well respected while always improving health and safety for the public, staffers and elected officials. I have found all sides can readily come together when federal OSHA rules and ADA are highlighted and data can detail how all individuals will benefit from more safe and secure work environs. United States Environmental Protection Agency

Biological Laboratory Technician

February 1995 August 1996

Although I was hired as a Biological Laboratory Technician to assist with group studies to identify toxic components of drinking water, I was further assigned to manage with two other colleagues the High Hazard Room that included the planning and coordination of a safe and healthy work environment each time we entered the specialized laboratory. As we performed the rigorous maneuvers to deliver known toxic components safely to local researchers, we always maintained a zero accident record by performing diligently and effectively. Because of my demonstrated attention to detail, I was further assigned a role on a three-member Health and Safety Review board that examined proposed studies under the scope of OSHA rules and regulations.


Chief Chemist/Safety, Health and Environmental Manager June1989 May 1994

I ran the Chemistry program and developed from its inception the full scale safety, health and environmental structure for a midsize private enterprise that repackaged hundreds of 55-gallon drums a day of some of the most noxious, toxic, lethal and hazardous chemicals: 98% Hydrogen Peroxide, 90% Hydrogen Chloride, 50% Sodium Hydroxide and 98% Sulfuric Acid, better known as ``battery acid.'' As I began my time in this dual position, safety compliance was non-existent to the point where two workers refused to don protective safety glasses. I was not authorized to fire them, but determined the problem was over-confidence in their reflexes and belief that they could predict the future. To resolve this issue, I developed a lottery scenario that convinced the noncompliant workers that their belief was terribly flawed, as I could see on both men's faces the realization that none of us can predict the future. Later as I performed my regular, in-person safety inspection of the plant, those two men had on their safety glasses -- message delivered professionally and succinctly. My complete focus was adherence to OSHA/NIOSH/DOT/EPA/HAZMAT and all federal, state and local mandates. There were various other compliance challenges I encountered during my tenure, but my professional persistence always led to successful outcomes to the point where no harmful event occurred for over 1800 days during my time at that site.

WOMACK Army Medical Center


June 1986 May 1989

I was a Federal civilian employee to the laboratory just as the US Army was recognizing the first round of the AIDS crisis. All tests were strictly confidential and only the Chief of Preventative Medicine was given full knowledge of ELISA method/Western Blot positive test results, post reconfirmation by contractor laboratory (double blind to avoid data corruption). Because of my calm and professional demeanor, the Chief of Preventative Medicine requested that I serve on the Medical Center's Patient Care Committee. The overall interaction with the officers, non-commissioned and enlisted personnel as well as the medical staff and laboratory workers helped me to better blend humane patient care with health and safety concepts.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Chemist

May 1982 April 1984

After serving as a Federal civilian employee in NIEHS' Budget Office for nearly ten months, I was

"name requested'' by the Administrative Officer of the newly formed National Toxicology Program to assist in the establishing the nascent workings of a super sub group of the NIEHS. After performing superior service in administration, I returned to the laboratory to work with other researchers on highly specialized toxicological/carcinogenic-suspected studies, many of which focused on the deleterious effects of the Vietnam era's Agent Orange. Other subsequent groundbreaking studies ensued and increased the database of significant health and safety knowledge. Education:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A., Chemistry; Dean’s List, four semesters.


Founder/Director: STEPHEN and MARIE B. HOUSTON Memorial Scholarship Fund, 22 February 2004 to Present.

Founder/Director: PANTERMEMORIALFUND.COM, 15 August 2005 to Present.

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