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Project Manager

La Jolla, CA
October 22, 2018

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Ruoru (Chrissy) Jiang

Phone: 858-***-**** Email: Address: 4305 West 182nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90504 EDUCATION

Rady School of Management, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO California, USA

• Master of Finance (STEM program, 3-year OPT)-GPA: 3.85/4.0 09/2017 ~ 08/2018

• Coursework: Focusing on 1 Quantitative finance & Programming tools: Matlab, SAS, R-studio, Python. 2 Financial Risk Management & Derivatives3 Other basic courses: Investment Analysis, Merger & Acquisition, Corporate Valuation.

• Special Achievement: A+ in Dr. Harry M. Markowitz’s course: Rational Decision Making in Finance. School of Economics, FUDAN UNIVERSITY (2018 QS World Rankings: 40) Shanghai, China

• Bachelor of Economics - GPA: 3.46/4.0 09/2013 ~ 06/2017

• Coursework: Statistics, Probability Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Enterprise Management, International Finance, Monetary Banking, etc. Faculty of Applied Economics, UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP Antwerp, Belgium

• Applied Economics (exchange with Belgium government-sponsored scholarship) 08/2015~ 01/2016

• Coursework: Investment Analysis, Advanced Econometric Methods & Application, Public Administration, etc. WORK EXPERIENCE

1798 Consultants, Business Analyst Intern– San Diego, USA 07/2018 ~ Present

• Research- Utilize the Internet and other available sources to conduct primary and secondary research on topics of healthcare reimbursement and compliance.

• Analysis- Evaluate the data collected through task analysis, business process, surveys and workshops.

• Modeling- Help consulting managers build business models and check for errors step by step. Thames Capital, Equity Portfolio Management Project– New York, USA 06/2018 ~ 08/2018

• Conducted a quantitative project for Thames Capital. Performed as the team leader in the 3-person team.

• Use SAS to model cross-sectional US stock returns using (revenue growth + EBITDA margin) as a signal, and analyze the relationship between EV/sales and the composite score. Construct a trading strategy by optimizing the information as a signal, and test the trading strategy using historical data. Everbright Capital, Private Equity Analyst Intern– Shanghai, China 12/2016 ~ 08/2017

• Conducted a complete research of an Internet advertisement company in terms of its industry, business, financial operation, ownership structure, profit forecast and stock price evaluation.

• Assisted in a due diligence investigation of start-up board companies for potential investment by Everbright Capital, and wrote reports.

• Assisted in fund operations. Calculated Net Value of Fund Asset and other operation quota of funds on a monthly basis. Filled out monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements and income reports of the funds. Guotai Junan Securities, Investment Research Intern– Shanghai, China 04/2016 ~ 09/2016

• Collected all equity transfer prospectuses of newly listed companies in the start-up board and sorted out target companies according to their profitability as well as summarized their industries, financial conditions, and investment highlights and risks on a daily basis.

• Conducted a complete research of an energy saving service company in terms of its industry, business, financial operation, ownership structure, profit forecast, stock price evaluation and potential risks. Processed massive data to forecast the future demands of the industry and the company’s future profits.

• Conducted a research on finding investor preferences in the start-up board by analyzing the market performance and features of the top 20 stocks in volume on the market making system. REASEARCH PROJECT

Use Machine Learning Models to Predict Financial Statements Frauds - UCSD 12/2017

• Final project for the course Collecting and Analyzing Financial Data. Use R-studio as programming language.

• Classify the companies into fraud and non-fraud; use feature selection to get 9 effective fundamental variables in predicting fraud; Perform decision tree model and 10-cross-validation, and gets a prediction error of only 4%. Stock Price Valuation of Delta Airlines - UCSD 02/2018

• Final project for the course Valuation in Corporate Finance. Use Bloomberg and Excel to analyze data.

• Perform financial statement analysis; estimate firm’s beta. Use DCF valuation and Relative valuation model to get equity value and stock price of Delta Airlines. Hedge Fund Project: Lagged Momentum and Operating Leverage- UCSD 06/2018

• Final project for the course Behavioral Finance. Use SAS as programming language.

• Use lagged momentum and operating leverage to conduct regression models and predict stock returns. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Language: Native Chinese, Fluent English (TOEFL 106 GMAT 710) Standard Tests: FRM Level 1 passed (grade:1111), CFA Level 2 passed. Computer Skills: Sophisticated in Excel, PPT, Matlab, SAS, Tableau, R-studio, Python, Bloomberg.

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