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Customer Service Store Manager

Oviedo, FL
October 22, 2018

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Jennifer Morton 407-***-****

**** ******* ***

Oviedo, FL 32765

Professional Summary

Haunt actress with 3 years experience.

Areas of expertise include.creativity, adaptation to

change, direction following, suggestion giving, playing a role, not breaking character, and willingness to step out of my comfort zone.

Customer service for 4+ years.

Work History

Dominos Pizza (2018-2018)

1795 E Broadway St, Oviedo, FL 32765

Inside staff. Responsibilities: Making pizza’s, maintaining the oven. Cutting, spicing, boxing pizzas. Forming pizza boxes and restocking boxes. Customer hospitality, Food safety regulations, Managing incoming orders, Phone calls to customers when deliveries are late. Solving customer complaints based on protocol.

Laid off due to needing more hours for higher ups.

Bubba gump shrimp (2015-2016)

6000 Universal Blvd #735, Orlando, FL 32819

Retail sales associate. Responsibilities include: Front facing, Cash register, Restock, Customer workups, Upsell, Hospitality, Customer satisfaction and interactions.

Laid off for medical condition developing.

Talladega Frights

Bakersfield, California- Scare actress- September 2008-November 2010 (seasonal)

I was a scare actress in a local, small town haunted house in Bakersfield, California. talladega frights was a new found haunt that I volunteered to work for from 17-18 before I relocated to New York. The haunt was a bevy of blood, gore, and intimidating sights that most feared and were to scared to finish most of the time. Your average haunt really. I played the role of a victim. However the story was interesting. A local psychiatric ward was burn down in the 70's. Much like the plot to House on haunted hill, yet with a few added twists and personalized.

my roll was of a medicine distributor within the ward... however the patients used there mass numbers and rebelled against the staff. Thus turning the tables and causing the staff to now become the patients. It painted a gruesome picture that scared guests of the haunt to the point of not being able to finish.


My first achievement was amateur special effects. my teammates and I wires a tube under my prosthetic and costume, At the end was an attached plunger where we would fill the fake blood. We sliced a small line just over my Adams apple (where the tube was positioned) while pushing the plunger from its concealed position, causing a throat slicing effect that caused most guests of the haunt to either gag, or run in fear.

My second achievement was getting actress of the night. I used a metal dental piece to open my mouth an abnormal amount, and walked around in a twitching walk, throat slit, strobe lights adding effect to the twitch, and scared a full grown, muscular man to the point of wetting himself and no longer being able to continue through the haunt.

Dollar General

Vernon, new york - Cashier to store manager- September 2010-July 2013

Opening and closing the store. Counting down tills. maintaining store procedures and front facing. Scheduling employees. Dealing with vendors. Bank deposits. Stock paperwork. truck duty. Planogram changes. merchandise displays.


My greatest achievement was accepting the award of most energetic team member. That achievement meant a lot to me due to my constant need to please people and make sure that customers are happy with there experience in out store.

House of Horror

Miami FLorida- Scare actress- September 2014-November 2014 (seasonal)


A major accomplishment was introducing the "Mannequin method" to the house of horror cast. This method entails standing still, in full costume (It works better when wearing a full head mask) Breathing lightly, standing deathly still, and keeping your eyes fixated on one point (if your eyes are visible) Allowing viewers to come close, think that you are fake and very realistic, then suddenly jumping and/or moving twords them, causing them to run in fear and get the full effect of the mysteries of the haunt. I played the role of Medusa. I was a jump scare that would hide behind the set and find nifty ways to surprise people that were not expecting someone to be in this room. What really gave me personal satisfaction was that when I had a day off, and someone came in to take my role to cover for my absence, some returning guests would know that it was a different actor due to the less creative ways of scaring. Not that my replacement didn't scare them, yet they didn't utilize ALL of the surroundings possible.

Dancers Turnout

Bakersfield, California- Choreographer- June 2008-June 2010

During the day, before working for talladega frights, I would work at my cousins dance studio, Dancers turnout. I was responsible for choreographing a small segment of dance routines that lasted at least 2 minutes each week. Nothing for competition purposes, yet something for the paying customers that wanted to learn new jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dances without being on a stage.


North high school-Bakersfield california

GED-Graduating year 2009

Due to a very unhealthy living situation at home, I was unable to walk the stage and receive my diploma. I moved out of state two weeks before the ceremony took place. I was able to graduate yet I do not have my diploma in hand. Thus forcing me to have to get my GED (In progress)

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