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Software Developer Engineer

Anaheim, CA
October 22, 2018

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Julia Valencia

Software Developer

Anaheim, CA



Libraries/Frameworks/API’s: jQuery, PyGame, REST-based API’s, Freshdesk, QT, Jira Preferred Languages: C++, Python, Javascript, HTML, JSON, Bash Database/Datastore: MySQL, SQL, MongoDB

Other Languages: Java, Assembly Language, C#, CSS, Version control: Git

Web: JEE, J2EE, Flask/ NodeJS, EmberJS, DeployD

IDE: JetBrains, Android Studio, Atom, Visual Studios, Unity, Idle, Eclipse, BlueJ, PyCharm, Geany, Wireshark OS:linux, windows 7 & 10, kali linux, kubuntu, metasploit WORK EXPERIENCE

Teachers Assistant September 2018- Present

UCLA & Trilogy education Los Angeles

Course: Cybersecurity

Focused on supporting students in their choice of a career change or improvement

Become a major source of support for the students when it comes to any portion of the course

Helped the professors by allowing them to only focus on creating and teaching the material while the TA does all of the background work

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) February 2017 – December 2017 California State University Fullerton Fullerton

Became a second professor to the students of my classes and even became the goto professor for explanations of difficult concepts

Guided students to the answer in a way that promoted problem solving skills and made the students feel more confident in themselves when looking for answers

Classes taught:

CPSC 120 Introduction to Programming in C++ ISA for 5 classes

Focused on problem solving skills for students whom have likely never had programming experience before CPSC 121 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ ISA for 1 class

Focus on teaching higher level functionality of C++ programming Production Technical Services Department July 2015 – August 2016 Method Studios Santa Monica

In the credits for: Captain America Civil War

Helped my team get tasks done faster by maintaining and creating scripts that monitored the render farms for errors during render and machine failure.

Personally trained 3 of my team members.

Created a more efficient environment by communicating and coordinating my team of 5 along with the senior engineering team of 11 to complete all tasks in the most efficient manner. Property Research Specialist, Accountant, & Technical Support June 2013 – July 2015 Community Gentrification Corporation & Camino Bello Homes and Estates Long Beach

Located many properties with high profit potential thus helping my employer to reach his goal of managing more properties than his previous years.

Carefully and efficiently managed the accounting of all properties creating a more accurate estimate of profit gained per property.

Cut repair costs by maintaining and fixing all office hardware. EDUCATION

California State University, Fullerton Graduated May 2018 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with a focus in Web Development & Cybersecurity GPA: 3.3 Relevant courses:Algorithms, Computer Communications, Networking security, Front-end for enterprise, Back-end

engineering, Compilers, Introduction to CyberSecurity, Artificial intelligence, Cryptography PROJECTS

Qbert Clone, Game Project 2012 – python, pygame

Developed with class based functions, this puzzle game interpreted level templates from text files to create its maps.

Tumblr Clone, Front-End Project 2 2017 – Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ember.js Encouraged team of 5 to communicate their progress, created large portion of UI, communicated with our Google Firebase database to retrieve and display information

Narc, Front-End Project 1 2017 – Javascript, HTML, CSS A blogpost clone centered around narcissists

Ciphers, Cryptography assignment 01 2018 – C++

A program that will encrypt or decrypt using any of the selected ciphers: Caesar, Playfair, RailFence, RowTransposition, Vignere More Ciphers, Cryptography assignment 02 2018 – C++ A program that will encrypt or decrypt using any of the selected ciphers: AES, DES Private/Public key signer, Cryptography assignment 03 2018 – python A program that will create and verify file signatures utilizing RSA public encryption algorithm VOLUNTEER WORK / PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS

Raise3D USA office August 2018 - Present

Software developer

Improved their busy workflow by creating Python scripts that would drastically decrease work time with tedious tasks. Currently working with Freshdesk API to obtain ticket information for reports. Video Game Development Club August 2012 - May 2017 Treasurer August 2016 - May 2017

Market, participate and coordinate meetings and events Member

Major events: Game Jam

Occurred at least once a semester every semester, I have participated in 7 as both a programmer and artist 3 day event where you create a portion of a game with a team Association for Computing Machinery & Women August 2016 - December 2017 Member

STEM EXPO at CSUF in 2016

Participate and coordinate events that are outreach to girl scouts and high school students to encourage engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field Association for Computing Machinery August 2016 - December 2017 Member

Learn to compete in and compete in programming competitions such as hackathons and ICPC Competition:

ACM-ICPC 2016 southern california regionals competition Offensive Security Society July 2017 - May 2018


STEM EXPO at CSUF in 2017

Participate in events to promote the learning of cyber security and how to protect and fight against it as a consumer and as a software engineer

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