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Senior Android Developer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
October 22, 2018

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Prasad Suresh Mukne


Mumbai, India +91-966-***-**** Summary

Innovative IT professional with 5 years of experience in Payments and Procurement domain leveraging software engineering and DevOps methodologies to deliver highly eective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Known for writing ecient, maintainable, and reusable code.

Core Competencies

Software Development

Team Building / Leadership

On Time Delivery

Release management

Software Life Cycle Management

Client Interaction

Training & Mentoring

April-2017 - Present

June-2015 - April-2017

Sept 2013 - June 2015

Work experience

Senior Research and Development Executive

Worldline - An Atos Company

Completed R&Ds from technical as well as business perspective and developed apps. Implemented BharatQR,UPI Pay with Fingerprint Authentication. Successfully developed and launched Worldline Mobile Analytics product (Web application and android SDK) for mobile analytics and advancement in business purpose. Developed NFC pay app and Payment gateway SDK.

Senior Software Developer

Zycus Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Successfully developed Buyer App and Supplier App. Successfully led team of developers on One-view buyer App and Supplier App Projects. Introduced Fingerprint Authentication and Run time permissions handling. Software Engineer

Mobicule Technologies

Contributed in many B2B as well as B2C projects, R&Ds. Trained and Mentored colleagues. Skills

Development/ Environment


Operating Systems


Primary Languages

Secondary Languages

Android Studio, Eclipse, GitHub, SVN, Jenkins, Trello, Fabric. Windows XP/7, Linux.

SQL Server, Oracle, Mongo DB

Android, Kotlin, Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JDBC, Rest APIs. Advanced java ( Servlet, JSP, Struts) C, C++, Web Designing (HTML, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS).


1) BharatQR pay v4.0

Play Store Link :- Platform:- Android.


It is new, emerging and innovative way of payment processing. Now the payment market is emerging as mobile first market, almost everyone is having mobile phones with them. So pretty much easy to pay to merchant without hassle of currency unavailability. Taking a step forward to digitalization. As it is push mode of payment it takes lesser time for payment processing. Contribution:-

1) Bharat QR4.0 implemented and released successfully on play store for 5 Leading banks. 2) Fingerprint authentication implemented successfully in app. 3) Code successfully imported to MVVM architecture with Dependency Injection(Dagger 2). 4) Reactive android (RX Android) implemented for transaction history records. 5) Code generalization and library creation done for Root checker, Runtime permissions and fingerprint authentication library.. 6) Useful libraries used like Volley for better network service, ORMlite for data storage in SQLite, Butterknife for UI binding. 7) For better user engagement, Animations are used and custom views created for stepper animation . 2) Worldline Analytics:-

Platform:- Java Spring-Rest APIs, JSP, jQuery, ajax, Android SDK. Details:-

Worldline Analytics is an android SDK which can be integrated in any android app. It gets statistics, analytics of customers and their interest/behavior that will tell us the areas to be focused and also gives App crash information for app improvements which will result into increase in the revenue of the company.


1) Developed android SDK which will record user engagement and app statistics with users consent and will send it back to server. 2) Light weight SDK with background threads handling. 3) Custom Exception handler which will send email to support team an in case of app crash with crash log, useful for debugging. 4) Developed intuitive Analytics website and developed rest APIs for mobile as well as server front-end using Spring-Rest APIs,jQuery, Ajax, JSP.

5) App Analytics contains custom logs from developer for e.x. which functionality used most and vice versa. 6) App statistics model shows android SDK wise, App version wise and Android model wise statistics which gives full overview of app distribution and increases decidability for major and minor upgrade. 7) Crashlytics shows all app crashes received from user application, further divided into android SDK wise, App version wise and Android model wise crashes which helps in understanding app incompatibility on specific version. 8) Crashlytics also shows the exact crash log makes easy to debug and solve issue instantly. 9) App coverage shows app distribution on google map which is a deciding factor for areas to be focused for promotions. 3) FasTag B2B :-

Platform:- Android, Rx Android.


FasTag is app which manages your car`s electronic toll collection. Contribution:-

1) FasTag app shows the transaction histo ry, balance of your TAG and you can also Reload/Hotlist your TAG. 2) It shows notification if you are near by any toll plaza and shows the direction on map for toll plaza. 3) For intuitive UI and user experience i t show fare chart for nearby toll plaza as well as all toll plazas on Map.

4) Used Google location fused services for getting accurate location and for low memory consumption. 5) Used Google Direction API and Google Places API for showing near by fuel stations . 6) Worked on Google Firebase, Analytics, Deep-linking. 4) NFC Tap N Pay:-


1) New way of contactless payment.

2) One can simply Tap NFC card on NFC enabled mobile device and payment will be done (Push Flow). 3) Device to Device Credit card data exchange done using Android Device Emulation. 5) Zycus Buyer App (Oneview mobile)

Play Store Link:- Details:

Zycus is mainly in to procurement domain. Using One-view product you can see the information of all the products for supplier or group of suppliers in one window. This product fetches all the real time data from other products and shows it. Contribution:

1. Fragments are used for better memory management and user interface. 2. Android Material Design UI components like collapsible toolbar, FAB, Recycler view, V iew Pager is used.

3. Team management and collaboration of 3 android developers . 4. GCM based notifications for alert and approvals are implemented . 5. Two tiered authentication for security purpose without sending password on network. 6. Session management.

7. Fingerprint sensor authentication.

8. New Request permission API implemented for devices android version >= 6.0 9. Showing graphs in android (Bar charts using library). 10. Database component made singleton for memory management. 11. Creation of generic request builders for communication on network. 6) Vodafone CMS (V-Connect)


This is a content management app. This project is made for users which are in marketing department of Vodafone Company. Contribution:

1. Pull based (User initiated) and Push based (GCM based) Sync implementation. 2. Automatic scheduled sync using Sync Adapter and Account Authenticator is implemented. 3. Sending attachment (image, audio, video files) through chat is implemented 4. Upgrade major and minor version with Automatic applications download and update . 5. Support provided for high definition image upload and view with zoom in/out functionality with memory management. 6. Content scheduling is done using Alarm Service and its states are maintained even after device reboot. 7. Custom Epub, HTML, pdf File Reader and Custom Audio,Video Player is created as data is stored in app private memory.

8. Log Cat is implemented for better Logs understanding on device and to solve the issues instantly on field work. 9. Notify observer pattern to display progress bar for sync and content download on content view page. 10. Left as well as Right menu drawer created without any library . 11. Chatting is implemented using GCM

Security Features:-

1. Code obfuscation is done.

2. Installation on rooted devices is made impossible. 3. Device admin functionality implemented to prevent app un-installation and app force stop. 4. Database encryption is done with SQLCipher.

5. Content encryption is also implemented for all types of files. 7) Burrp (Network18)

Play Store Link:- Contribution:

The most challenging task of creating Circular ListView is implemented which is difficult for android list view component. Infinite scrollable list view by both sides is implemented. Some more projects are:

Aadhaar pay app:- Fingerprint based payment with e-KYC achievable. CWM mobile app:- For showing credit card transactions history and managing your credit card. Worldline IPG SDK:- SDK Developed for Mobile Solution of Payment gateway. Zycus Oneview Web

Zycus Supplier App. URL:- Sony MSM networks Disaster Management (iCon)

Asianpaints CMS (Broadcast). URL:- Samsonite



Some Miscellaneous work from other projects is:-

Generic table component created to display data in tabular format at Runtime. For admin users (with huge data) making application offline by coping database file from assets to app memory Sync optimization on client side for Admin users is done(Inserting data of huge amount in database using Bulk Insert). Action Bar Support on android v2.3 devices is given. Query optimization(Chunk query) for reading data of more than 10000 users and taking them into cursor. RND for fetching User’s device Sensor Data and Google User Activity Recognition API . Feb - 2013 - Aug - 2013

2008 - 2012

2008 - 2008

2006 - 2006


Post Graduation in Advanced Computing

Mumbai University

69.13% (1st class)

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. Mumbai University

63.07% (1st class)


B. N. Bandodkar College of Science.

76.33% (Distinction)


Dr. Bedekar Vidya Mandir (Mumbai).

82.8% (Distinction)


Award for Meeting Schedules for the year 2015-2016 From Zycus Infotech. Best debut talent of the year 2013-2014 From Mobicule Technologies.

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