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Electrical and Computer Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Science.

Ann Arbor, MI
October 21, 2018

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Email:; Phone: +1-734-***-****; Address: 1929 Plymouth Road, Apt. No. 5008, Ann Arbor, MI-48105 EDUCATION

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Expected: December 2018 Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Signal, Image Processing and Machine Learning – GPA 3.572/4.00) Coursework: - Machine Learning, Matrix Methods for Signal Processing and Data Analysis, Probability and Random Processes, Computer Vision, Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced CV(Deep Learning), Patent Law, Self-Driving Cars. Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, University of Mumbai, India May 2017 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications with Distinction (CGPI 9.30/10) Awards: Received the J. R. D. Tata Trust Scholarship for academic excellence covering full tuition for the academic year 2014-15. Bestowed with the ‘Best Student Award’ by Tata Consultancy Services in recognition of academic excellence for year 2016-17. WORK EXPERIENCE

Software Engineering Intern, Inovision Inc., Rochester Hills, Michigan May 2018 - Present

Fine-tuned and debugged image processing software for their Quality Verification System, a system for detection of paint defects on a vehicle in the paint shop for General Motors, Flint.

Researched various machine learning, computer vision and deep learning techniques to solve an image classification problem for the system. Successfully developed a classifier with 97% accuracy which is now integrated into the system which makes use of feature extraction and machine learning from the images captured by the system. Classifier is currently into production. Front End Designer Intern, Mumbai July 2017

Worked on an interactive portal developed for the counselling service Collegepond, improved its Graphical User Interface. Thoroughly debugged the portal and tested its compatibility across various operating systems and web browsers. Intern, Central Railways Workshop, Byculla, Mumbai June 2017

Analyzed the optical fiber communication network at the facility and developed solutions for its repair and maintenance.

Optimized and operated the Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS) PROJECTS AND JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS

MAESTRO: Conducting Simulation, School of Music, University of Michigan Jan 2018- Present

Developed action-point detection algorithm for tracking and detecting students' gestures using IMU Sensor built into an iPhone, classifies type of gesture, and produces corresponding music based on gestures detected. Semi-supervised Image Classification using Manifold Regularization Sept 2017-Dec 2017

Performed binary and multi-class image classification using Laplacian Support Vector Machine and Laplacian Regularized Least Squares. These semi-supervised algorithms are kernel-based using the framework of manifold regularization.

Achieved better classification accuracy (75-80%) as compared to supervised algorithms such as SVM and RLS. Analysis and Design of Compact Microstrip Antennas using Artificial Neural Network Model June 2016-2017

Designed a neural network model to predict the patch radius of micro-strip antenna, taking into account the fringing field loss. Useful in microstrip antenna design where closed-form design equations are unavailable.

Optimized the network to predict dimensions for air and dielectric suspended antennas with less than 4% error margin. Published a research paper on the same in Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communication, Springer 2018 Adaptive NARX Neural Network Model for Stock Market Predictions. July 2016-Jan 2017

Developed a neural network model for predicting the closing prices of stocks using time series regression to enhance the accuracy of prediction by 90% or more. Used MATLAB as a tool for design, analysis and testing the model.

Published a technical paper on the same in International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 158-No.10, January 2017. Attendance Management System using Biometrics Jan 2016 -July 2016

Devised an attendance management system which works on the fingerprint recognition technology using minutiae technique.

Technologies used: Microcontroller ATMEGA 16, Hyper Terminal V1.5, Fingerprint Acquisition Module r-305

Project won 1st place in ‘Technical Paper Presentation’ event held at D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering (DJSCE). Intelligent Object Locator System using Sixth Sense Technology (Research paper) July 2015-2016

Proposed a model that facilitates easy access of remote objects within a range of 200 meters using machine learning and image processing techniques. Published a paper on the same in ‘Technofocus- DJSCE’, Vol 6, Issue 2 – March 2016. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming: Python, C#, C++, C, Java, TensorFlow, Keras, CNTK, Scikit-Learn, MATLAB, PyCharm, Visual Studio, GitHub.

Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised learning, regression, classification, reinforcement learning, deep learning.

Computer Vision: image processing, edge detection, feature extraction, segmentation, object recognition and classification.

Signal Processing: application of matrix methods to signal processing, filtering, data analysis and audio processing.

Artificial Intelligence: search, logic, knowledge representation, reasoning, planning, decision making under uncertainty. CERTIFICATIONS

Courses in “Multirate Digital Signal Processing” by IIT- Bombay, “Applied Data Science using Python” by Coursera.

“Machine Learning Nanodegree Program” by AWS Educate.

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