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Engineer Process Chemical BSChE

Sugar Land, TX, 77498
October 23, 2018

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Sugar Land, TX 77498

281-***-**** (cell)

Principal Process Engineer

Chemical Engineering Studies

Oklahoma State University

B.S. Chemical Engineering

University of Tulsa

Special Fields of Knowledge:

Expert level Heat Exchanger design – vertical and horizontal thermosiphon, spiral, plate and frame, condensers, evaporators, twisted tube, Hairpins, etc. HTRI, HTFS, B-Jac, softwares.

Expert level Air Emissions calculations from batch and continuous processes and tank farms

Expert level Relief calculations – batch and continuous

Separations of two-phase, three-phase, coalescers, RO Membranes

Vacuum system design – steam jet ejectors, LRVPs, etc. Process studies and basic control schemes. Batch process reconfiguration and process improvement.

Process Design Packages

Equipment Datasheets

Lead Engineer


OSHA 1910.119/111/106

API 650/620 API 653 tank construction and repair

Carbon Capture – Fluor Econamine Post-Combustion, UOP Selexol Pre-Combustion

Coal Gasification yielding Methanol and Acetic Anhydride from Syngas (Texaco Gasifier) at Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN

Short Courses: Practical Distillation Technology, Henry Kister (at Eastman Chemical), Process Modeling Using Aspen Plus, BR&E ProMax, HYSYS and WinSim Process Simulators

Mr. Parnell has over 30 years of experience in the chemical, polymer, refining, pharmaceutical and O&G industries. His responsibilities have included conceptual through detail design of equipment and systems, including, but not limited to heat exchangers, vacuum systems, mass transfer, coal gasification, reactors, crystallizers, evaporators and thermal oxidizers. Dryer applications include twin “V” double cone, rotary cylindrical, spray dryers, porcupine, double cone with tube sheets and tubes for internal steam heating. Extensive design work has been in both continuous and batch processing. A wide variety or project work has been conducted including, but not limited to, P&ID, Process Flow Diagrams, MTO’s, process studies, specialty heat transfer problem solving and application selection. Extensive batch processing projects completed. Separation of ethyl acetate from water using RO membranes to recover ethyl acetate and reuse clean water at a chemical plant, removal of selenium from well water using RO membranes at a refinery.

Mr. Parnell developed a new Process Engineering Group at CDI for Tennessee Eastman Chemical Corp., hiring nearly 25 new Chemical Engineers right out of school, trained and mentored the group while managing distribution of assignments, and evaluation of performances.

As an independent consultant, hired three Chemical Engineers for a consulting project at ISP Chemical in Calvert City, KY. These were new-hires fresh from college. These engineers were trained and managed by Mr. Parnell for the tasks required on the consulting project. This project lasted one full year.

Representative assignments include:

Principal Process Engineer – BD, Great Basin Industrial, LLC (Houston)

Principal Process Engineer – Project Development, Lauren E&C Oil and Gas

Business Unit Houston

Engineering design, Owner’s Engineer, P&ID, PFD, simulations, relief design for Oil and

Gas Midstream industry. This effort also included gas compression, slug catcher

issues, pigging/pipeline calculations, flare system studies and condensate stabilization.

Refinery detailed engineering for fractionator and stabilizer columns, sour water strippers

and wastewater treatment using RO membranes (selenium removal).Past experiences

that apply to Midstream include glycol dehydration, mol sieve beds, gas sweetening,

two-phase and three-phase separations and pigging operational issues (tied to upstream


President of Process Industries Equipment, Inc. – Houston, TX

Represented Heat Exchanger, thermal oxidizer and field-erected tank companies for

selling to EPC firms and owner/operators in the Gulf Coast and other various areas in

the US.

Area Sales Manager for Enerfab, Inc. for Gulf Coast

Areas included Gulf Coast, Mid-continent, Nevada and Wyoming Mining Industries and

West Coast (Fluor and Jacobs). Area also included GA, SC, NC and TN.

Responsibilities include developing new and resurrecting previous contacts with End

Users and with E&C firms to promote sale of high value pressure vessels, field-erected

tanks, electrical and controls sub-contracts and piping spool and field run piping

sub-contracts. First full year with Enerfab, Inc. resulted in opportunities to quote on

equipment totaling nearly $180 million. Field erected equipment included storage

tanks, storage spheres, carbon dioxide capture towers (80 ft. dia. X 180 ft. tall) 2205

duplex clad, large projects with multiple fermenters (cone bottom, flat-sloped bottom,

half-pipe and corrugated jackets, etc). Shop-fabbed equipment was included in scope,

such as reactors, distillation columns, drums, heat exchangers, etc.

Jacobs Engineering (Houston, Baton Rouge, Greenville, SC and Calgary)

Lead Process Engineer VI, ChevronPhillips Chemicals, Process design, PFDs,

P&IDs sub-lead for OSBL for new grassroots Nylon plant in Jubail, Saudi

Arabia. Interfaced with Environmental for design of wastewater treatment plant, as

well as tank farm and other off-sites. Lead Environmental for air pollution control,

including SCR, Electrostatic Precipitator, etc.

Senior Process Engineer, Invista (formerly DuPont) Boiler Upgrade Project, Victoria, TX.

Responsibilities included PFD, HMB and Material Selection Diagram for Phase II effort.

Also included is process studies and communication with vendors on pollution control,

including high temperature dust collector and SCR. Extensive studies were conducted on SCR catalysts for consideration of potential blinding, poisoning, and high temperatures. One fuel stream was waste solvent with significant metals. Detailed evaluation was conducted on effect of metals on catalyst. Mr. Parnell identified the problem, resulting in cancellation of project, which was later restarted with a different scheme. This was for a nylon 6,6 facility.

Senior Process Engineer, Heartland Upgrader Project, BA Energy, Calgary, Alberta, CA. Conducted extensive relief systems study on bitumen and diluent “solvent” systems. This involved detailed understanding of how this new process would operate with SAG-D generated extra heavy, sour crude.

Senior Process Engineer, OCC Operation Canadian Crude, BP North America, Whiting, Indiana. Project work included relief system studies for two hydrotreater sections, including all upstream and downstream equipment, Design of a refinery fuel glycol dehydration unit, including heat exchanger detailed ratings studies.

Senior Process Specialist, Polypropylene Expansion, Fotron Polymers, Wilmington, NC. P&ID development, heat exchanger design, relief system sizing, process studies. Identified inadequate relief sizing by others resulting in complete rework of reliefs and stamping of vessels. This involved parent company Celanese decision makers, Corpus Christi, TX.

Senior Process Lead, Methanol Recovery Project, Kodak, Rochester, NY. Led the

strategy for capturing methanol from various locations and unit operations, and recovering methanol by absorption, and adsorption. Accomplished targeted recovery, while meeting permit limits, and beating cost and schedule targets. Awarded “Shining Star” award, as a result of this effort and leading a team hand-picked by Mr. Parnell. Each team member received an award.

Senior Process Engineer, grass roots Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Project, Light Ends Unit, Valero Refining, St. Charles, LA. Responsibilities included PFD and P&ID, hydraulics studies, Shell and Tube and FinFan heat exchanger design, utilities interface (OSBL).

Senior Process Lead, Pueblo Depot Chemical Warfare Disposal Project, US Army Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization, Pueblo, CO. Led large process team, and interfaced with multiple offices and Government Operations for the safe destruction of various munitions containing mustard gas and Nerve Gas. $350MM grass roots project with Freezing, Robotic puncture of Howitzer Shells, Thermal Incineration of Mustard Gas.

Senior Process Lead (on contract to Jacobs Engineering), Fiber Optics Expansion, Lucent Technologies, Norcross, GA. Various projects support for wastewater, caustic scrubbing, and a chemical purification Building. One event, individual cost savings of $23 million in TIC and production due to self directed study of a project. Study proved that the project was not required. Project was cancelled, and savings applied to other projects. This effort had to be sold and proven to the client. This was accomplished after Jacobs Engineering had left the site and an independent re-evaluation was conducted by Mr. Parnell with another contract firm. This was a caustic scrubber project removing hydrochloric acid gas. He was sked to stay-on for installation and start-up through special individual contract with Fluor Construction.

Independent Consultant – President of Process Industries Consulting

Individual Consultant (Process Industries Consulting), Various clients, Kingsport, TN. Conducted calculations and studies to assist chemical companies with estimating air emissions and selecting pollution control devices for continuous and mostly batch facilities. Clients include:

Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN

DuPont Teflons, Washington Works, Parkersburg, WV

Elf Atochem, Carrolton, KY

ISP (was GAF), Calvert City, KY

FujiHunt Specialty Chemicals, Dayton, TN

Equipment sales of process vessels for Buffalo Technologies, plate and frame and spiral exchangers for Alfa Laval, evaporation systems for the nuclear industry for volume reduction of radioactive waste, etc.

On contract to Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN with CDI and Bechtel

Seconded to Process Systems Engineering, Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, TN. On contract 14 continuous years with Eastman, on-site. Developed P&ID’s for Coal Gas Phase II for production of Syngas that yielded Methanol and Acetic Anhydride that became “backbone” of thousands of downstream products. Studied reactive distillation for esterification methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, propyl acetate and butyl acetate. This reactive distillation was pioneered by Eastman Kodak (TN Eastman Chemical). Conducted large project work, studies, small capital projects, Process Lead, detailed equipment and system design, and long-term studies.

Given the only Eastman President’s Award ever given to a contract engineer by Eastman President Bill Garwood. As small capital Process Lead for the Organic and Acid Divisions of the plant, project duration averaged 28 days from receipt of project approval to CADD P&IDs, permit revisions, relief systems analysis, and any re-sizing of relief systems. Work included liaison between Engineering, Operations, Division Engineers and Chemists (for batch) to troubleshoot problems, make improvements, expand production and repair/replace equipment. Process Engineer on several PET facility (polyethyleneteraphthalate) plant designs and modification projects.

Led effort to recover ethyl acetate from clean water. Stream was being sent to WWT for disposal. Using high pressure RO membranes by Osmonics, ethyl acetate was recovered for sale, while clean water was recycled for reuse.



Light Spanish


2016 to Present Great Basin Industrial (current) and PI consult

Jan., 2014 to Mar. 2016 Lauren Engineers and Constructors

2015 to Present Gulf Coast Sales Mgr. Great Basin Industrial, Inc

2011 to 2014 President, Process Industries Equipment, Inc.

2010 to 2011 Enerfab, Inc.

2001 to 2009 Jacobs Engineering Group

2000 to 2001 Jacobs contract field assignment

2000 to 2007 Independent Consultant (co-employed)

1995 to 2000 Eastman Chem. (through Bechtel Corp)

1988 to 1995 Eastman Chem. (through CDI – onsite)

1986 to 1988 Ashland Chemical Div. Ashland Oil (Houston)


Steven Janulis, Process Dept. Mgr., TN Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN 423-***-****

Thomas Terris, Sr. VP JGS USA, 909-***-**** cell

Dave Jurek, Eng. Mgr. Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, TX

Chris McDonald, Process Technology Mgr. CH2M Houston (worked for at Jacobs Baton Rouge and Calgary)

Mickey Reeves, Process Dept. Mgr, Jacobs Eng., Houston, TX Can update

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