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Electrical Engineer Manager

Fort Bliss, TX, 79906
October 23, 2018

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El Paso, Tx 79924

915-***-**** cell


To serve, lean and lead as a Senior Electrical Engineer with a growing and dynamic organization.

General Electric Corporation June 2017 to October 2017

Sr. Excitation Field Engineer; Back end overhauling of out dated Excitation Systems in the USA pertaining to GE EX2000E Exciters. Trained on the new systems and installed in the field. Startup and commissioning was performed. Conclude my contract with GE.

TDS, Inc. (on going contractual)

Ft. Worth, Texas

Sr. High Voltage Field & Commissioning Engineer; Testing, commissioning, acceptance, and Controls Lead Engineer in Pecos, Texas. Served as the Sr. Electrical Engineer on site for the Petro-Gas Sub-station startup & commissioning process on several locations in Pecos, Texas. Performed all the field testing and commissioning required as a Third Party Tester. The work, conditions, and environment were hard, hot, and extremely demanding. Those conditions separate the MEN from the BOYS! I truly enjoyed the work.

Energy Engineering Services, Inc. Mar 2009 to Present

El Paso, Texas

Sr. Nuclear Design Electrical Engineer V; Contract design Electrical Engineer on 3 Nuclear Plant designs in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Lead project manager and senior consultant on all regulations and directives. Vice President on site over projects and electrical inspections. NRC direct design contact and decision maker on site. Final commissioning technical resident engineering manager. Voltages from 69KVA to 345KVA nominal. Total controls engineer, PLC and SCADA, GE & ABB type formats.

EPS, Inc. June 2008 to Mar 2009

Kansas City, MI

Engineer Manager: Managed the Kansas City EPS office in the performance of engineering duties servicing the Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas areas. I lead projects on offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Nuclear Plants in Vermont, Substations in Maine, Washington and California. Design, repairs, startups, and calibration of medium, high voltage switchgear, digital relays and PLC s.

ABB, Inc. Apr 2007 to June 2008

Nashville, TN

Senior Field Electrical Engineer: Managed and supervised factory personnel in the retrofit and repairs of low, medium, and high voltage switchgear. I conducted service calls in Kentucky and California. I lead an engineering team of 26 technicians and 6 engineers in the proper building and commissioning of "GREEN" zone electrical structures serving the Northern California Electrical Grid. I performed several PLC, NETA, OSHA training classes during the year.

EK Fox & Associates, Ltd. Aug 2006 to Apr 2007

Fairfax, Va.

Senior Electrical Engineer: High security based job supporting Global Support Services. Engineering position performing government contracts of a very sensitive nature. Complete electrical, computer, and network designing. Complete testing, trouble shooting and overseeing projects worldwide.

NASA, JSC Aug 2005 to Aug 2006

Las Cruces, N.M.

Electrical Engineer IV: I design and project manages several electrical designs for the facilities department. I support the Space Shuttle NASA projects. Electrical and Mechanical designs for support facilities are 90% of my responsibilities. I am responsible for Energy Management, Utility substation controls designs, Load calculations, Field engineering, and Project management in a multi task environment. The average design voltages are 169KV, 138KV, 13,600 KV, 5KV, and then down to 480-277/ 208-120 VAC 3 phases, 4 wires.

Chem Gen Corporation Jan 2005 to Aug 2005

S.E. Asia Operations

Senior Electrical Engineer. I supported South East Asian operations in the design, programming, installation and coordination with HEMICELL Robotic PLC insertion in feed mills. I lead a team of 16 engineers and technical advisors in S.E. Asia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and El Salvador in the implementation of HEMICELL in the feed mill process. I developed the software at a C++, C+4, and Assembly level coding for the PLC microprocessor controlling CPU. I then implemented the HEMICELL robotic controlled injection into the feed mill process at Tonnage level injections.

General Electric Corporation

IRG, Inc., El Paso, Texas Aug 1997 to Jan2005

Houston-Gulf LCT

Field Electrical Engineer. Under G.E. contract. I supported General Electric Engineering Services in the Texas, New Mexico, Ill., La., AZ, and Mexico. I also served G.E. West Africa's Canary Islands, Madrid, Spain, Toronto, Canada, England, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Haiti, Trinidad, Caracas, Venezuela, Meridian, Venezuela, Columbia, and USS Glomar Explorer Gulf of Mexico. The work I performed was in low, medium, and high voltage switch gear. I also performed field retrofits and repairs on multi voltage switch gear. I performed field testing for all switch and PLC controlled gear pertaining to a site. I have worked on switch gear built in the 1940’s (90 % wood frames) to modern digital molded case breakers built within the past 2 years. In some cases, I designed customized test procedures for the customer on switch gear so that data from AVO, MEGGER, and BIDDLE type test equipment could be of better service.

Johnson Controls, Inc. Aug 1996 to Aug 1997

El Paso, Texas

Senior Energy Engineer. Under G.E. Contract. I performed detailed Energy Audits and energy mathematical analysis on large building mechanical systems. My calculations formed the basis for energy saving guarantees necessary to make each project financially viable. I was also responsible for leading design teams in PLC energy savings mechanical retrofit projects. I was responsible for designing ballast parameters for various voltages and currents to determine loads and speed of startups. I tested and designed several types and styles of ballasts in the electronic and digital areas.

Universal Instruments Corporation Jan 1995 to Aug 1996

Dallas, Texas

Senior Electrical Field Engineer. Under G.E. Contract (PLC/Robotics). I serviced, designed, analyzed, and programmed robotics equipment in the USA and Mexico. I was credited for correcting a major shutdown at one of Texas Instrument's largest plants in Eastern Texas.

Consultant and Professional Engineer Aug 1993 to Jan 1995

El Paso, Texas

Professional Electrical Engineer. Under G.E. Contract. I was a registered consultant for several large electrical contractors and engineering firms on construction projects in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico. I studied, designed, corrected, and supervised start-ups on multi level switch gear platforms. I designed new PLC / Windows switch gear controls to replace relay style switch gear controls.

El Paso Electrical Product, Inc. Apr 1992 to Aug 1993

El Paso, Texas

Senior Electrical Engineer. Under G.E. Contract. I was a responsible for creating specifications and designing magnetic coil copper wire for use in transformer and motor manufacturing in plants in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. I was also the Senior Sales Engineer for the West Coast and Mexico .I was successful at securing high-dollar contracts throughout Mexico despite competition from Mexican companies.

General Electric Corporation Aug 1991 to Jan 2005

El Paso, Texas

Certified Field Electrical Engineer. I was responsible for providing field-engineering services for large industrial customers in El Paso, Texas and other parts of the country. I setup and executed several power switchgear shake downs. I was charged with correcting major power distribution problems to include an emergency retrofit of 158 low, medium, and high voltage circuit breakers from air to vacuum with digital trip units. I was then placed on a Contract as an International Sr. Field Service Electrical Engineer for G.E. for an undetermined time. I performed PLC design and programming.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation Apr 1986 to Aug 1991

Phoenix, Arizona

Senior Electrical Field Engineer. Westinghouse Electric Corporation placed me in a 2 year internship program learning all their switch gear by sending me to school for 2 years with one week in the field, 2 weeks in school. I serviced, installed, repaired and certified Low, Medium, and High Voltage G.E. Switch Gear and Equipment( PLC, Motors, Drives) for customers in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Georgia, South America, Mexico, and Norway. I advanced 4 engineering levels, from C- Class Engineer to Senior Engineer in 3 years, normally that would take an engineer several years. At one of Florida’s largest chemical plants, Barto-Seminle, I was the project lead engineer in a 2 week shake down performing switch gear retrofits and repairs. In that job, I supervised 145 engineers and electrical workers in correcting major power distribution problems in record time.

New Mexico State University Aug 1984 to Apr 1986 Las Cruces, New Mexico

Senior Radio Frequency Engineer. I was assigned to the Physical Science Laboratory of New Mexico State University located at White Sands Missile Range. I specialized in electronic counter measures conducted in the 10-50 giga-hertz RF range. I also participated in the implementation of White Laser Technology for real-time sensing of weather patterns.

U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Corps May 1974 to Aug1984


North Atlantic Fleet

E-1 to O-2 USN Commissioned Officer; I served in various Electrical and Electronic positions while serving on nuclear submarines. My technical duties included general electronic and communications operation and repair. While serving as a commissioned officer, I was responsible for managing others in the maintenance and operation of major portions of nuclear submarine electrical propulsion systems costing in an excess of $1 billion.


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, ALMEDA University, July 13, 2012, GPA 4.0

M.S.E.E. ALMEDA College & University, Chicago, Ill. Feb 2005, GPA 3.89

B.S.E.E. ALMEDA College & University, Chicago, Ill. Apr 2001, GPA 3.90

B.S.E.E. University of Texas at Austin, Austin Texas, Aug 1982, GPA 3.25

Commissioned Ensign USN, Aug 1980, New Port, R.I., GPA 3.835

A, B, C Class Polaris Electronic Graduate School, 1976, Dam Neck, Va., GP 3.85

San Diego Community college, San Diego, Cal., 1976 – 1977, GPA 3.88

Canutillo High School, Canutillo, Texas. Graduated Valedictorian, GPA 3.96


American Society of Naval Engineers, Chairman, 1978-1980.

Professional Engineer in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.

Master Electrician Tampa Power & Lighting in Tampa, Florida 1990 to 1994.

Currently Certified Energy Manager in the USA.

World Class Electrical Engineer Power Systems & Electronic.

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