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Sales Representative Software Developer

Galveston, TX
October 23, 2018

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Samuel Alexander Siegel

Houston, TX • 713-***-**** • • Software Developer • • Education:

DigitalCrafts Full-Stack, Immersive, Web Development Bootcamp June 2018 - Present

16-week intensive, full-time accelerated learning program

Learned full stack web development while working on teams and on solo projects. ASU Cum.GPA: 3.7 Jan 2017 - Nov 2017

SER100 (Object Oriented Dev), SER200 (Core Data Strs w/OOP), MAT243 (Discrete Math Structures), CSE (OO Program & Data), SER (Dsn & Analy: Data Strs &Algo) Texas A&M Graduated with BS in Animal Science Cum.GPA: 3.2 Aug 2012 - May 2016 Skills:

Front-End: HTML • CSS • JavaScript • jQuery • React • Redux • Bootstrap Full Stack: Node.js • Express.js • Python • Java

DataBase: PostgreSQL • Sequelize • JSON & APIs

Other: Photoshop • VS Code • AWS EC3/S3 • Git • Github • Bash Scripting Recent Projects:

BeerBud company-owned private Github August 2018

• Worked with Timbergrove LLC to complete a project they were hired for

• Communicates via Watson IoT with a flow-meter and a valve placed inside of a keg

• Uses HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, React, Redux, C++, PostgreSQL, Watson

• Site allows multiple user levels, real time data and control of device, and scheduling of device and admin actions World Stat Book August 2018

• Virtual atlas that shows information on countries from the World Factbook API

• Uses HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, Chart.js, Factbook API, and Google Maps API

• Displays graphic information via graphs and maps based on the user’s search BlackJack seagull7/ July 2018

• The classic card game BlackJack (aka 21)

• Uses HTML5, CSS3, JS, JqueryAllows for betting different amounts, hitting, standing, wins/loses, and chips Professional Experience: Sales Representative Mar 2018 - May 2018

• Learned technology I was selling and trained to learn company sales techniques

• Contacted dozens of potential customers per day and pitched product in order to procure sales JBS Industrial Engineering / Quality Assurance June 2016 - Apr 2017 Plant Auditing:

• Created time studies for mechanical and human labor for jobs in question across the plant

• Implemented mechanical layout changes on some areas on the production floor

• My team was able to save the company $500,000 yearly after implementation Quality Assurance:

• Compiled and researched a list of 1,500 product codes, analyzing weekly claims on company cost

• Formed a presentation to justify mechanical changes in our production line to reduce weighing errors

• Since implementation these changes have saved the company $3,000 - $4,000 a week Elanco Technology Solutions Internship Summer 2015 Sales Mobile App:

• Researched the company’s current mobile technology creation process and understood problems

• Researched, contacted, and represented Elanco to third party companies, implementing changes

• Presented findings and recommendations to upper management, marketing, and sales teams

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