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Actuarial Analyst

Mansfield, CT
October 20, 2018

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Jason McGarvey

** ****** *****, *********, ** ***68 910-***-**** I


Highly ambitious Armed Forces Service Member with 10+ years of proven leadership experience. Seeking to build upon my past leadership experience in the actuarial realm as an Actuarial Analyst. I am highly adaptable, hard-working, disciplined, reliable, and have a wealth of professional experience that will improve upon company efficiency and employee performance.



Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science. May 2018

GPA: 3.65/4.0

Achieved Dean’s List recognition twice in three semesters

Maintained GPA while volunteering 20 hours per week

Led a 60+ person class in a project (a final exam in mass presentation form) wherein I directed the students to synchronize their presentation, per the professor’s intent, resulting in a class-wide A+ for the final.

Created a level premium insurance product far beyond the scope of an actuarial assignment. The assignment called for observing possible correlation between interest rates, lapse, and mortality. I created a product connecting lapse to interest rates by suggesting they were a function of inflation, then created a statistic to relate the two as changes in inflation occurred.

Conducted research in a U.S. History course to analyze primary source material. The research was so in depth that I was able to ascertain the identity of an author previously thought to be anonymous.


Graduated 10th out of 350 Seniors.

3-time finalist in the NC AAA State Track & Field meet in multiple events.


Passed Exam 2/FM on June 9th, 2017

Passed Exam 1/P on March 16th, 2018

Completed VEE requirements.


NATHAN HALE INN, University of Connecticut

Night Auditor August 2015-January 2017

Worked without supervision and minimal guidance in nightly reconciliation of the accounting for the lodging and restaurant arms of the hotel. Additional responsibilities included: checking in/out patrons, receiving and depositing cash overages from the restaurant, patrolling the grounds to ensure customer comfort and safety, and mediating risks from nighttime revelers, resulting in further familiarization of the accounting functions of a business and strengthened interpersonal skills.

Revamped the accounting checklist, removing redundancies and inserting missing steps in the audit process to streamline the reconciliation process for future night auditors. The revisions reduced time spent on the night audit process from five to three hours, thus affording night auditors time to conduct their other functions more effectively.

UNITED STATES ARMY, Various Locations

Information Technology Specialist May 2003 – August 2015

(Reservist) August 2015-Present

Led an Audio-Visual team in Afghanistan responsible for erecting video-teleconference, audio, projection, and Adobe Connect capabilities to brief strategic objectives to 5000+ NATO service members located globally, including 40+ Generals, on three separate occasions. These experiences accentuated my sense of ownership of responsibility, my meticulous attention to detail, my abilities to operate with tact, respect, and professionalism, and my sense of duty to those I serve.

Conducted over a dozen military readiness missions that required me, during each iteration, to lead my team: to create 1000+ software images for customers, to run tens of miles of cable to 1000+ workstations, to coordinate with multiple outside entities in support of these missions, to construct and deconstruct temporary facilities, to prepare reports on the efficacy of these missions, and to ensure the high morale of my team while under extreme time constrains and with dynamic deadlines.

Created/compiled/categorized data on prevented classified information breaches, utilizing Microsoft Excel extensively as a means of tracking the work my team conducted to safeguard classified communications, protecting the communications from unauthorized disclosure. This preventive effort saved the U.S. Armed Forces tens of millions of dollars in potential intelligence leak cleanup and instilled in me the importance of maintaining the integrity of confidential information.

Performed programming tasks within Microsoft Server, Cisco Routers, and other platforms requiring the capacity to learn and utilize computer programming languages.

Conducted hundreds of risk analyses over the span of my military career wherein feasible measures of risk mitigation were tantamount. This practice taught me the art of maintaining keen awareness of risk severity and risk frequency of activities ranging from physical training to conducting convoys in active combat zones.

Maintained flawless accountability of electronic equipment in excess of $10 million for the U.S. Army XVIII Airborne Corps. My responsibilities germane to the stewardship of company resources included maintaining trackers on the location and use of this equipment, authorizing turn-in/destruction of outdated equipment, conducting monthly inventories, and managing distribution of inventories to outside entities.

Coordinated funding, facilities, and speakers for “Strong Bonds,” an Army mandated function held monthly to improve Soldier quality of life. My responsibilities included submitting contracts to army acquisitions for approval, coordinating lodging and conference centers, managing registration, and scheduling speakers.

Led and trained dozens of mentees in both military professionalism and technical aspects of the information technology purview, which includes: familiarization with classifications of communication, timely resolution of customers’ technology problems, interacting with high-ranking service personnel, and operating in multiple no-fail, high-stress, extremely risky environments.

Studied Farsi, guitar, and wrote three novels as personal intellectual pursuits during multiple Middle East deployments, parlaying them into rudimentary translation services for local Afghan contractors, religious services support in Afghanistan, and life lessons in the value of persistence and focus, respectively.


Microsoft Office expertise

Moderate exposure to R, minor exposure to SAS & SQL

Demonstrated ability to operate, adapt, and excel in any environment

Dedicated researcher

Acute sense of accountability and stewardship of company resources

Enthusiastic in teaching and leading others

Keen language (traditional or computer based) acquisition abilities

Strong oral/written communication skills

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