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Engineer Project

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
110,000 PKR/-
October 20, 2018

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Engineering Management Professional with 5 years experience of Working in Power Utility Company on diverse portfolios. Comprising of Project Management and Operations, Corrective and Preventive maintenance, Installation, Commissioning and Load Management of Power Distribution Network.


K-Electric, Karachi

Assistant Executive Engineer April -14 to Present

Trainee Engineer April -13 to April-14


37 KW Solar Photovoltaic System:

Prepared feasibility report of 37 KW GRID-TIED solar system. Which have capacity to produce 57,064 KWH and can save estimated 1.03 million PKR annually in collaboration with energy conservation department. In order to meet the energy consumption of IBC FB Area.

Smart Grid Installation:

Project is in pilot phase currently working on:

Tagging of consumers on GIS, Installations of Smart Meter AMR. This project would used for monitoring, analysis, control and communication within the supply chain to help improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and cost, and maximize the transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain.

ABC (Aerial bundle conductor):

Prepare feasibility of the project by analyzing the feeder’s losses and different technical aspect of engineering and calculating the budget of the project. Timely execution of the project in collaboration with labor, different engineers and higher management and all stakeholders/vendors in adherence to Company SOPs. Project mitigates the losses and improves the service.

Reduction of losses on Industrial Feeder:

Working on critical loss feeders of industries in order to mitigate the losses by Inspection and Implementing SIP (Changing position of PMT, execution of ABC, shorting of LT and proposing UG) in collaboration with different department.


Planning and conducting preventive maintenance of 11 kV switchgear and Power transformers, including Timing and Contact resistance tests for VCBs, Transformer Turns Ratio test, Auxiliary Devices tests, etc.

Capable of designing and commissioning of LV (400V) network distribution schemes involving SIP (System Improvement proposal) for overloading, TLR (technical loss reduction), maintaining SAIFI and SAIDI.

Managing team for day to day maintenance activities in order to cater the faults occurring in the system.

Planning and monitoring the installation of CT-operated and DOL Smart Meters under the Smart Grid Project.

Managing inventory of the project: forecasting demand, monitoring Safety stock, etc.

Analyzing statistics of energy units on feeders and devising schemes to reduce loss and boost sales.

Conducting Cost Benefit Analysis of System Improvement proposals and loss reduction projects.

Preparing the Bill of Materials for Aerial Bundled Cable schemes.

Coordinated and conducted various training sessions to revolutionize engineers and staff and make them accustomed with HSEQ policies and SOPs.

Conducting Safety audits in field to address potential safety hazards.

Served as a Trainer at the K-Electric Distribution Network Academy.

K-Electric (Trainee Engineer) April-13 to April-14

11KV Ground network maintenance, fault tracing, pinpointing of fault with the help of surge generator, TDR, seismic phone and rectification of it by implementation of joint.

Performed duties as shift engineer in 11KV operation network Preparing Back feeding plans for planned and unplanned shutdowns. Ensuring early diagnosis of fault and restoring supply in shortest possible time.

Pakistan Steel

Internee June-11 to July-11

Worked in different Departments with engineers on AC drives, DC drives, Instrumentation and on different PLCs.


IOBM, Karachi Sep-13 to May-16

MBA (Industrial Management) 3 CGPA

NEDUET, Karachi Jan-09 to Dec-12

Bachelor of Electrical (Electronics) Engineering– 3.4 CGPA


● Energy Management System by UNIDO. ● Advanced Excel and MS Project.



Application packages: MS office project, MS Excel.

ERP SAP: Hands on Experience of using SAP ISU.


Reconstruction of well-defined 3D models of organ using images of CT/MR scan

Project based on image processing, digital signal processing and application development techniques, project headed by Dr.Uvais Qidwae (Qatar University, DOHA) and interned by Dr.Shoaib Zaidi (NEDUET).


Highly motivated, Pleasant personality, cheerful and Hardworking.

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