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Graphic Designer Teacher

Quito, Pichincha Province, Ecuador
October 20, 2018

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V i s ual A r t i s t / Graphic Designer

Quitumbe N60-162 y Av. del Maestro Quito, Ecuador

Cell: +(593-**-***-**** Email : I am visual artist and graphic designer, who considers himself enthusiastic, effective and passionate. I believe that utilitarian, elegante and punctual design are fundamental for the development of companies and society throughout the world. I am proven with resources and I am an imaginative professional artist . I have practiced, individualized support to each client and developed a creative atmosphere, that encourages each entrepreneur to succeed, in their own individual path.

E d u c a t i o n

Undergraduate with Honors Visual Arts Bachelor Degree. Catholic University Of Ecuador. Quito May 2015.

Moodle Online Classroom. Saint Patrick School. Quito, August 2018.

Educational Training Workshop in Artistic Education. Tinkuy Non Gubernamental Organization, Quito, June 2015.

The Creative Process in Politic Cartoon. San Francisco University Quito USFQ, September, 2015.

International meeting and workshop of Artistic Education. Tinkuy Non Gubernamental Organization, Quito, September 2015.

Work Experience

Rey Neblina Publishing House. Quito, Ecuador

Art Director and Main Graphic Designer. Since August 2016

To illustrate and create content for web pages, books and advertising.

To design brochures, books, magazines and printed publications to different types of clients under dead lines pressure.

To organize and direct a creative team that works in different media like digital branding, screen print and editorial materials.

To layout and design files for printing with digital duplicators, digital printers and screen print.

To represent the publishing house in conferences and international fairs in South America

Film Stories with Love. Quito, Ecuador

Cam assistant and second Cameraman. June 2015 – July 2017

• To assist photo directors on set

• To film as a second camera on wedding films.

• To sketches out the concept for photos and illustrate storyboards for video. L e a n d r o L i n c e . V i s u a l A r t i s t / A r t Teacher p a g e 2 / 4 Point of View Photo and Film. Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador Main Designer and Illustrator. November 2016 - August 2017

To achieve brand development with a strong and coherent communicative strategy

To design and create animations and publication designs as the main art director of the company.

To coordinate the team to accomplish with the dead line under pressure and with good quality and punctuality

To develop storyboards for short films and advertising. Work experience in Independent workshops:

Comic book creation, narrative writing and character creation.

“La Perrra Gráfica”. La Paz, Bolivia. 9 -10 of May 2018

Comic book creation workshop and self-publishing development.

“Léeme!”Self-publising Festival”. Lima, Peru 14 April 2018

Nightmares on vignettes a comic books workshop.

“Guayaquil Fanzine Fest”. Guayaquil, Ecuador. 17-18 March 2018

Comic books creation and narrative writing.

“International Book Fair of Quito”. Quito, Ecuador. November 2015 Work experience in Art E d u c a t i o n :

Saint Patrick School Quito, Ecuador

Mid and High School Art Teacher Since August 2018

To design and development of the art syllabus in English

To help the students to achieve self-confidence through an individual art projects.

To encourage a full learning experience that includes art history and a variety art techniques.

To provide support for student to develop their personals skills and interests.

To critique individually each student’s work.

Arteducarte Program Quito, Ecuador

Art Educator February 2013 - November 2016

To introduce children with scarce economic resources in a vulnerable condition, to contemporary art.

To motivate children, encouraging them to learn through experience and creativity.

To develope collective projects including ideas of contemporary disciplines, such as Performance, Happening, Actions, Relational art and plastic arts. L e a n d r o L i n c e . V i s u a l A r t i s t / A r t Teacher p a g e 3 / 4 Woodcut and printing techniques workshop for kids. Quito, Ecuador Art Teacher June 2018

To achieve new skills in group organize and program setup.

To encourage expression and to maintain the order and safety of the print-making workshop.

Ludomentis Workshops Quito, Ecuador

Art Educator August – November 2014

To create instructional programs for sexual and reproductive education, for young people in situations of risk in marginal neighborhoods. Working in connection with the Belgian cooperative organization and the Public Health Department of Ecuador

To develop management skills, group discipline and creativity. To mediate personal problems like family conflicts, couple issues and neighborhood disputes. Personal skills and software ex p e r t i s e

Good communications skills. Spanish native speaker and fluent English Ability to work under pressure

Teamwork skills and experience

Artistic skills :

• Traditional animation techniques.

• Painting techniques (oil paint, watercolors, acrylic paint, graffiti and mural paint).

• Drawing (charcoal, human anatomy, perspective, pen hatching, ink and realistic drawing).

• Engraving and print making : woodcut, linen-cut, screen-print, dry-point, aquatint, etching).

• Comic book writing, drawing and inking

• Characters design

• Storyboard development

Digital illustration and image softwares.

• Manga studio

• Adobe Photoshop.

• Adobe Illustrator.

• Adobe Indesign

Video, Motion Graphics and Audio edition:

• Adobe After Effect

• Final Cut Pro

• Adobe Premiere,

• Adobe Audition.

• Audacity

L e a n d r o L i n c e . V i s u a l A r t i s t / A r t Teacher p a g e 4 / 4 P a r t i c i p a t i o n s and Art Exhibitions

“Making Mail”,

Contemporary Cultural Center UrFU

Ekaterinburg, Rusia. 19 May 2018

Woodcut exhibition

“La Perra Gráfica” La Paz, Bolivia. 9 - 10 of May 2018

Collective exhibition of risograph and printamaking pieces. Arcadia Mediatica. Lima, Peru. 10 - 30 of April 2018

Animation for he Sacred Headwaters Documentary.

Amazon Watch. Los Angeles, U.S.A. September 2017

“Entreviñetas” international festival of drawing and comics

“Feria Vagabunda” Medellin, Colombia. 11-15 October 2017

Collective publication.

“Colmillo”. Bogota, Colombia. October 2017

International Street Art Festival Detonarte,

San Roque Marquet Quito, Ecuador. December 2014

International Encounter of University Art IKAS Art Bilbao Exhibition Centre. Bilbao, Spain. 10 - 13 November 2011 R e f e r e n c e available on request

L e a n d r o L i n c e . V i s u a l A r t i s t / G r a p h i c D e s i g n e r CONTACTS

Quitumbe N60-162 y Av. del Maestro. Quito, Ecuador Cell: +(593-**-***-****

Email :

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