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Brooklyn, New York, United States
October 20, 2018

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COBOL CICS DB2 professional programmer with extensive experience in Mainframe environment systems design, development and implementation high-level complicity applications with operation of highest volume of data in the market.

Over 18 years of experience in COBOL, over 15 years in DB2 (V8, V9, V10) batch and on-line, and over 7 years on MQ Series with transmission flat files and XML data.

Experience in new database logical and physical design, using new data types to store XML data in DB2 as well as creating stored procedures and performance tuning.

Experience in performance monitoring and run time improvement using BMC utilities.

Long-standing experience operation in production environment and production support.


Hardware: IBM z/OS, IBM 390, IBM 370, IBM PC, IBM z10

Software: CICS (Command level), DB2 (MVS), VSAM, Oracle (UNIX/NT), MQ Series, SPUFI,

FILE-AID, FILE-AID for DB2, Xpediter, Intertest, Micro4 Debugger, Syncsort, QMF, Proedit, Strobe, IBM Utilities, IBM Debug, IBM StarTool, File Manager, TSO/ISPF, CMS,, ZEKE, SysVew, Panvalet, Endevor, Change Man, Micro Focus Revolve, Smart TS, NDM, FTP, SFTP, MSOffice (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Visio), Erwin, Lotus Notes, Infoman, BMC MAINVIEW, LIBRA,FAXQ, CCF, Datashopper.




BNY Mellon (Pershing), Florham Park, NJ Nov 2017 to Date

Sr. Programmer Analyst, Consultant

Participating in project for Account Opening application in Lost Security Process to create new TAPR event for Client Unclaimed Property leverages the conversion to process to transfer assets to Pershing’s abandoned account range.

Creation technical specs based on business requirement.

Modifying all on-line programs related to the project.

Installing TraceMaster for CICS to test involved in the project on-line programs.

Resolving an issues related to Front-End and Back-End communication in QA region.

Modification and test some batch programs related to reporting process.

Creating packages in Endevor and promotion changes to QA.

Promoting the changes in production.

Participation in production release promotion of multiple projects.

Design document for RDIP project related to calculation risk rating for Puerto Rico Citi accounts.

Modifying online and batch programs based on designed document.

Promotion changes to subsequent QA regions and support.

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Cobol 5, DB2 11, CICS, MQ, XML, Endevor, Online and Batch Micro 4 Debugger, IS file manager and DB2 table manager, Datashopper, SCCB and ITSP requests.

Oppenheimer, New York, NY Aug 2017 to Oct 2017

Sr. Programmer Analyst, Consultant

Creating new procedure to be able to online maintenance changes of offices addresses, office name and office phone number for all local and international locations.

Manually created BMS map that able to maintain offices addresses.

Created and defined new VSAM file for maintain office address data based on 3 bytes office key.

Created online BMS map program to operate with office addresses when CICS up.

Created one time program and job to define and load new VSAM file from ZOFINFO part of the global VSAM CFTABLES production file.

Defined CICS resources for the new transaction, program and file.

Created new daily running program to reformat new VSAM file to control file format that accepted for delete, verification and loading data back to CFTABLES file at the end of the day.

Developed new job that used new daily running program as an input to delete, verify and load ZOFINFO part back into CFTABLES.

Created FTP jobs to populate data in TXT format of new VSAM file and test ZOFINFO part of CFTABLES.

Created jobs to compare results of running production version of CFTABLES against test version and run them on a daily bases.

Informed management for data exception in production and advised how to fix it based on test comparison results.

Environment: Z/VSE 6.1, CMS, FAXQ, LIBRA, Cobol, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, XML, CCF, Intertest, FTP

Bank of America, Pennington, NJ Sep 2016 to May 2017

Systems Engineer, Consultant

Participating in research, coding and implementation of new DB2 tables using instead of existing VSAM files and decommissioning them in Document Tracking System that managed required documents and document status of new and existing accounts.

Mapping data from VSAM files with DB2 data required instead, including identifying uniqueness of the data in the file and unique index in the table.

Researching programs, copybooks, procs involved in usage of existing VSAM files.

Creation Stored Procedures that uniquely able to select, insert, update and delete records from the table in batch and online programs to prevent manual activity and tracking table updates.

Modifying programs and procedural copybooks in batch and online systems with substitution of VSAM files to DB2 table for read, write and rewrite process as well as browsing for online system.

Creation test procedures for testing changes in test and QA environment.

Creation packages of implementations in Endevor.

Implementation changes into production and post implementation analysis.

Recompile changed programs to COBOL V.5

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Cobol 5, DB2(10.1), CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, XML, Endevor, IBM Debug, File Manager, AIRS, DB2 Data Dictionary, Solo, Catalog manager, Cristal Report.

Con Edison, New York, NY Sep 2015 to Mar 2016

Technical Lead, Consultant

Analyzed, created and implemented expansion of REVDET file that hold all detail information affecting a customer’s account receivable balance and passing data for multiple interface applications.

Identified all required changes and performed modifications in programs, procs, control cards, copy members.

Defined new test environment that become able to test in 30 min any division and able to pass data through entire test job stream.

Found solution how to reproduce production data for volume test of new changes.

Disclosed all problem related to expansion of REVDET file: duplicated values in the sort steps, problem with expansion using GENER program, RAMIS programs modification.

Recompiled with new compiler COBOL LE V4.2 all programs participated in a process.

Found solution how to test procs that originally created with multiple GDGs and reference modifications.

Scheduled job stream in a privet scheduler to supply data for DB2 load, supplied Oracle Data Warehousing for OLAP process and other interface systems based on MS Server platform.

Supported new test environment for volume test on a daily bases and fixed problems in case of production problem occurs to pass data to other system accordingly.

Successfully implemented all set of changes into production environment.

Supported post implementation process.

Supplied procedures description and flowcharts for entire flow after implementation of changes.

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, COBOL LE, DB2, CICS, VSAM, IBM Debug, File Manager

Bank of America, Pennington, NJ Sep 2014 to Mar 2015

Technical Lead, Consultant

For Document Tracking System in Investment Advisory area created new process allowing FA to be able to perform Estate and Insurance Analysis for a client. It allows supporting Investment Advisory Acknowledgement requirement specific to the use of Estate and Insurance planning modules with specified expiry date.

Defined new client table for supporting expiration date of Acknowledgement document.

Created new stored procedure for insert and delete rows in the table when document is expired.

Updated the process in Document Tracking System to be able to handle new client document in on-line and batch environment with ability to approve it and store the date until it will be expired.

Established connectivity and processing data required for other related systems.

Implementation able to perform approval new client document from traditional CICS screen as well as from front-end system using scanned documents.

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Cobol 3, DB2(10.1), CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, XML, Endevor, IBM Debug, File Manager, AIRS, Harness, Solo, BMC Mainview and Catalog manager.

Express Scripts (Medco), Franklin Lakes, NJ Jul 2012 to May 2014

Technical Lead, Consultant

As a part of the team participated in implementation DFE project for obtain NDC number by Drug number and location.

Worked on conversion TOLAS ESI replenishment reports system using Medco facility into EIW (Enterprise Integrated Data Warehouse) for DoD client. Responsibility includes: data mapping existing ESI system against Medco database of inventory system; creation System and Technical Design documents; build new programs to obtain data from Medco database to delivery it into Enterprise Integrated Data Warehouse; testing and implementation new process for DoD client using Medco DB2 database instead of using old TOLAS file system.

Participated in Fiscal to Gregorian conversion project for Inventory system.

Performed production support of online inventory system and fixed several production BUGs.

Worked on Integration Multiple Credit Cards project for NRX system. Performed and implemented changes to transfer Multiple Credit Card data request from front end ALPHA system to MAR system.

Lead creation and implementation NRX exception reports procedures integrated into POLAR JCL Generator project.

Extended for NRX online system length of description of compound in a screen using XML transmission existing process.

Worked on improvement of DB2 performance for ORT (Open Refill) system.

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Cobol 3, DB2 9, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, XML, Endevor, Intertest, File Manager, Smart TS

Citi Group, Warren,NJ Sep 2010 to April 2012

Application System Engineer Lead, Consultant

In Regional Stock Record environment as a tech lead was responsible for technical design, development and implementation new reconciliation process of OCC collateral pledges and reported by DTCC positions determining separately for customer and firm collaterals.

Establish connectivity to OCC and initiation of daily processing of receiving OCC end-of-day collateral report.

Created procedure in COBOL 3 to read and converting XML file From OCC into regular file obtaining only OCC EOD collateral pledges.

Using created file as a source to determine portion of firm and customer collateral positions based on total positions supplied by DTCC by including sequential match of positions from a new file and existing end-of-day DTCC APIBAL file and creating new break report.

Adjusted reconciliation process between DTCC collateral pledges and Stock Records splitting reconciliation between firm and customer OCC accounts. Entire process implemented with full user satisfaction.

Performed analysis of production problems and proposed solution to resolve it.

Using of-shore resources organized creation and scheduling new DTE QA test environment for GSEG 4 Box project for Regional Stock Record applications to put in place business and system process so as to segregate Prime Broker and non Prime Broker activity at Euroclear and various non US local markets. On a daily bases responsible for a cycle run receiving input data from multiple systems depending on Prime Broker activity starting from trade date to settlement date and subsequent cleanups and reconciliations. Monitored system daily cycles run, analyzed results of processing and reported to multiple business users. Operated with hundreds thousand million records of data in a different formats. New environment become reusable for other projects.

Environment: Z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Cobol 3, DB2 8, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, XML, Change Man, Intertest, FileAid

Double Rock, New York, NY Feb 2010 to May 2010

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

In a SCRUM development team assigned for modification of BAS and DDM systems related to improvement in service banks participating in those programs:

Implemented in production new connectivity for new server for existing banks for BAS system.

Based on data profile requirement installed new banks for BAS system.

Analyzed performance of SQL queries using EXPLAIN and modified query bases on results.

Built native Stored Procedures on DB2 that populates data for front-end application that maintained from Data Studio console.

Performed analysis of DDM test environment, created job track scheduling by-request in SysView that decrease run test cycle from 8 hours to 1 hour.

Designed specifications for processing reformat dollar file in front-end environment for ITI banks.

Participated in re-design BAS ITI mainframe application to integrate with .NET application.

Created and maintained BURNDOWN Chart for maintenance Agile project.

Environment: Z/OS, Cobol2, CICS, DB2 9, SysView scheduler, Intertest, FileAid, FileAid for DB2

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch, Jersey City, NJ Jul 2009 to Dec 2009

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Participated in improvement of Custody Clearance & Settlement applications (Corporate Action):

Built new on-line process for Entitlement based on response from Notification system.

Performed modifications of real time Entitlement application (data pass by MQ, VSAM files and TSQ). Created a program that read XML data stored in DB2 in CLOB format.

Created test events as a copy of production in Repository in QA environment and process them through Entitlement and Notification applications using modified programs.

Responsible for monitoring and keeping running QA environment using BMC MAINVIEW utility to run through events and fixed problems when occurs. Monitored MQ running splits.

Researched production problems when assigned by analyzing backup, log and error files/tables, reproducing events in QA and analyzing Repository and Election database.

Fixed production problem and improved Election Setup Plan Type processing related to create new, update and delete symbols. Improved performance by creation direct access to Security Master Database to obtain current security data for current event.

Performed QA test all changes, prepared packages in Endevor and implemented changes to production. Performed post implementation analysis.

Communicated on a daily bases with front-end and offshore co-workers

Analyzed old TEST region, defined CICS missed resources (PPT, PCT, FCT) allocated missed VSAM files and re-compiled, re-bound idle DB2/CICS programs.

Established requested connection to QA and TEST databases using TEST CICS region.

Environment: Z/OS, COBOL 3, DB2 9, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, Endevor, Intertest, FileAid, XML.

Prudential, New York, NY Nov 2008 to Feb 2009

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Application modification of Prudential WMS on-line system to support Multi-Currency and RBC:

Extended existing on-line Mainframe programs according to functional specifications related to New Business, New Questionnaire, Investments and Review Adjustment of Investment in COBOL/DB2/CICS environment with Java front-end screens.

Collaborated with off-shore team to efficiently allocate resources.

Performed debugging modified on-line programs using GUI/XI debugging tolls for XML and Xpediter.

Improved DB2 query performance using Explain.

Updated in batch on a daily DB2 tables according to new requirements.

Analyzed problem identified by QA, fixed them.

Together with Release Manager promoted all project changes to PRU QA preproduction region.

Environment: Z/OS 1.8, COBOL 3, DB2 8, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, Change Man, Xpediter, FileAid, XI, XML.

Citi Group, Jersey City, NJ Oct 2007 to Jun 2008

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Re-design process of feeding municipal (MUNI) bonds data from JJKENNY for Master Securities Database (MSD) system. Change the way of storing and updating MUNI bonds data from VSAM to DB2.

Designed new MUNI database for MSD system.

Re-designed batch intra-day process to on-line processing.

Rebuilt browsing processes listing of Cusips by referencing DB2 tables instead of VSAM file.

Created stored procedures to insert data of new securities into DB2 tables.

Restructured single Cusip inquiry process on multiple detail screens referencing to some of 21 new tables instead of one entire file.

Created QA programs in COBOL for compare data in VSAM file and DB2 tables.

Revised MSD application to be able to process upcoming Fannie Mae alphanumeric pool number representation, instead of numeric, and implemented changes in batch and on-line.

Established new communication SFTP process for MSD system to deliver files from MVS system to remote UNIX server through local OMVS IBM Unix server using two types of identification: Remote ID/Password and Authentication keys.

Communicate daily with front-end users on MQ and Sybase data compatibility issues.

Environment: Z/OS 1.6, TSO/ISPF, COBOL 3, DB2 8, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, Change Man, Intertest, FileAid, SDF2

UBS Financial Services, Jersey City, NJ Jan 2006 to Aug 2007

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Employee

Performed production support and development of Real Time Positions & Balances system, Funds Available calculations, MRG and RTD systems in Batch and CICS.

Responsible for correctness of on-line Funds Available calculation based on current government regulation.

Implemented on-line free cash amount calculation process (in addition to on-line Funds Available) to fine tune the rules of appropriate routing to the Margin department, supplied an additional data for Margin Calculator for Workflow.

Created new system for daily management reports based on high level user requirements obtaining data from multiple DB2 tables and delivered by e-mail as text attachments.

Enhanced flexibility of Delta process for Guarantee/Grantor and synchronized Guaranty/Risk file finding different way of accessing data, which eliminated duplicates.

Synchronized Batch Message Controller verification process controlling 69 log files and revised predecessors to prevent usage previous day GDG using LISTCAT file created in BATCH.

Revised and reinstated purge jobs for backup files of 16 tables in PROD & QA according to new regulations

Based on REGT regulation changed Margin Liquidity Calculation and redesigned Funds Available on-line calculation and screen.

Substituted Platinum “Fust Unload” utility to BMC unload utility as part of IBM Platinum Elimination project.

Substituted usage of DB2 variable length image copy as a data source for Batch processing to usage simple unload files.

Created multiple jobs to load/unload data from DB2 tables, MQ and VSAM files and FTP transmit ions. Reset tablespaces pending statuses.

Responsible for reporting semi-annually to Federal Reserve Bank about domestic and foreign securities holders.

Analyzed FRB request documentation and created list of changes in existing process, implemented changes. Obtained data from other systems and performed test runs.

Converted test results into EXCEL reports and supplied to auditing group for review.

After corrections performed semiannual production runs and converted results into EXCEL reports. Created Fluctuation and TIC comparison reports.

Automated process of creating reports by considering standard format of files received from PC.

Environment: Z/OS 1.6,TSO/ISPF, Cobol 3, DB2 8.1, CICS 3.1, VSAM, MQ Series, Change Man, IBM Debug

Merrill Lynch & CO, Montvale, NJ Nov 2005 to Jan 2006

Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Worked on Accounts conversion project in Cobol II /DB2/JCL/Endevor environment.

Participated in system design, programming, unit, regression and QA system testing.

Prepared release documentation, packaging, and graphical documentation for entire project.

Environment: Z/OS, COBOL 3, DB2 9, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, Endevor, Intertest, FileAid, XML.

Verizon Wireless, Orangeburg, NY Jul 2005 to Oct 2005

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Responsibility included:

Production support I2K billing system according assigned schedule.

Modification SMS billing program according to price changes for billing corporate and single clients. Analysis and optimization of SQL statements to improve performance.

Coding, testing and implementation enhancements related to passing error messages through multiple CICS programs. Post implementation support

Environment: MQ, COBOL II, DB2, CICS, VSAM, JCL, Xpediter, FileAid, BMC unload.

Merrill Lynch & CO, Montvale, NJ Oct 2004 to May 2005

Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Worked on full life cycle development in Cobol II/DB2/IMS/VSAM/JCL/Endevor environment for Global Securities-Based Lending Technology Department for various projects including: Integration of International Business Units, Global Focus list, Security exposure, Periodic Credit Review Notifications.

Performed system design, programming and all level testing COBOL/DB2 applications including INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE actions within.

Reloaded test DB2 tables on a daily bases for test new processes.

Prepared release documentation, packaging, and provided post implementation support implemented new applications.

Environment: Z/OS, COBOL 3, DB2 9, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, Endevor, Intertest, FileAid, XML.

Chubb Insurance, Whitehouse Station, NJ May 2000 to Jun 2003

Programmer/Analyst, Employee

As a Programmer Analyst for Chubb Insurance (division of Federal Insurance) responsible for production support and improvement of Commercial/Personal Lines billing systems. Cobol-MVS/DB2/CICS/IMS/VSAM/GDG/MQ Series environment managed by Panvalet/ZEKE/RDMS software.

Daily support of processes on premium and driver production networks for Commercial Line and testing of networks for Personal Line system.

Researched abends in production and coding, testing, and implementation of changes to correct problems in on-line and batch systems.

Addressed production errors that occurred during previous day and night run.

Load and reload production MQ in a two queues if limit of record exceed depth of MQ.

Analyzed SQL queries using EXPLAIN and redesign it for better performance.

Loaded and unloaded DB2 tables in test environment. Run Reorg/Runstat/Rebind to reload tablespaces on a clustering index sequence. Reset pending status.

Re-viewed and re-designed multiple FOCUS report based on user requirements.

Re-designed ‘Should Be Canceled’ report (source for cancellation policy) in FOCUS with multiple subtotals and counters using presorted data from multiple files and excluding some records based on values for particular system.

Established connection to client database to get ‘specialist name’ into report.

Coded, tested and implemented changes to have ability to process multi-year policies for direct billing system and to process policy extensions for multiple systems.

Created testing environment for Commercial Line billing system managed by Panvalet/ZEKE ‘by request’.

Created test procedure to process premium and driver networks for documenting of results.

Created and loaded/reloaded, using IBM utilities, additional test database to test modified modules present in multiple updates of database.

Coded, tested and implemented multiple changes related to implementation of new coverage systems and new types of transactions for existing systems.

Participated in implementation of new MVS compiler.

Environment: Z/OS, COBOL 2, DB2 9, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series,Panvalet, ZEKE, FileAid, Proedit,IMS

Prudential Insurance, Roseland, NJ Jun 1998 to Apr 1999

Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

As a Programmer/Analyst for Prudential Insurance is involved in a project to migrate an existing Prudential Preferred Financial System (PPFS) running under Sybase SQL Server to conform to an existing DB2 schema (PIFS) and transfer all existing historical data into PIFS.

Developed new programs according to compatibility of PIFS and PPFS systems.

Modified existing programs depending on changes in database (DB2) on territory, region and agency level.

Created specifications, test plans, and test data for a new programs.

Created RUN jobs for a new programs including steps with access a database outside of programs. Created report programs in SAS based on DB2 and flat file access.

Created a staging library in Change Man and moving new components of a project to staging libraries, promoting to QA libraries.

IDMS to DB2 IBM conversion project for Prudential in MVS on-line environment for PRISM (PAMG Reporting and Information Services Management System) and GPSA Systems.

Created RUN programs (in JCL) for unit, regression, and system tests of PRISM System.

Created programs (in JCL) using SUPERC utilities to compare downloaded in flat files IDMS and DB2 databases of GPSA System.

Created programs (in JCL) to compile, bind (plans and packages) and ran programs for GPSA System. Tested on-line and batch programs modified by the vendor's utilities, inserting additional modifications and preparing protocols of modifications.

United Parcel Service, Morristown, NJ Jan 1998 to Jun 1998

Programmer/Analyst, Consultant

Participated in EURO project for UPS to modify COD process in MVS on-line environment using COBOL 2, DB2, CICS, JCL and VSAM. Software tools used: Xpediter, Intertest, Proedit, File-Aid and MS Office. Responsibilities included:

Analyzed business requirements for modifying COD process.

Creating programming specifications based on business requirements.

Inserting additional logic into existing programs to populate simultaneously local and alternate currency during “Transition period” for EMU countries.

Modified programs inserting additional calculations in alternate currency (revenue and non-revenue charges, surcharges, disbursement fees, taxes, brokerage charges, and other dutiable/non-dutiable fees).

Tested modified programs in test region, preparing documentation for a system test.

Transferred files for a system test using NDM facility.

Lucent Technology, Newark, NJ Jan 1997 to Dec 1997

Programmer, Consultant

Participated in the Micro Electronics Lucent Technologies and IBM Year 2000 project in MVS environment utilizing COBOL, COBOL 2, IMS DB/DC, DB2/SQL and VSAM. Specifics to the Year 2000 project software tool used: Revolve 2000, SyncSort MVS utilities for Year 2000 and MS Office (Access, Excel, and Word). Performed analysis and tested major applications in the Project including Batch and On-line.


MS in Science, Academy of Forestry and Wood Technology, EC 1010/1020/Analog computers/MIR

AS in Science, Touro College, DOS/Word/Excel/Access/Lotus

Diploma, ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology, Courses Cobol II/CICS/DB2/VSAM/JCL


Certificate, Xincon Technology Computer School, Course Oracle 8 DBA Administration

Certificate, SAM Consulting Computer School, Course DB2/UDB Database Administration

Data Warehousing, Business Intelligent BO XI, Privet School

CHUBB employee improvement School, ZEKE

CHUBB employee improvement School, FOCUS

CHUBB employee improvement School, FileAid for DB2

CHUBB employee improvement School, Dump Debugging

UBS employee improvement IBM DEBUG

UBS employee improvement COBOL3 new features

UBS employee improvement XML & Unicode for MVS COBOL Programmers

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