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Weare, NH
October 19, 2018

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** ******** ****** ****, *****, NH 03821



Solutions-focused, creative self-starter seeking to contribute wildlife biology, ecology, and habitat evaluation skills toward supporting a progressive organization. Calm demeanor in the face of difficulties; ability to manage multiple projects while working under pressure in fast-paced environments. Highly versatile; adept at quickly mastering new roles and responsibilities. Reputation for integrity, perseverance, and work ethic. Continuously pursues opportunities to learn and takes on challenges for further professional growth.


National Ecological Observatory Network 6/22/18-present Fitchburg, MA and Bartlett, NH Hours per week 40

Field Ecologist $13.75 USD per hour

• Implemented protocol-based surveys to examine temporal changes in plant species composition

• Identified plants to species using taxonomic keys

• Contributed to the success of a team of technicians

• Optimized my efforts to complete multiple tasks efficiently Western Ecosystems Inc. 5/1/2017-8/15/2017

Various Project Locations (Bloomington office) Hours per week 60-80 Lead Biological Science Technician $20.00 USD per hour

● Used effective project management and time management skills to set daily schedules, coordinate crew members efforts, write progress reports, follow safety protocols, and to meet the the productivity goals set my supervisor

● Performed acoustic bat surveys on endangered bats for energy projects

● Completed tasks with minimal supervision

● Coordinated complex tasks and set daily schedules

● Consistently completed tasks in a timely manner

Pats Peak Ski Area 12/2016-03/2017; 1/2018 to 3/15/2018 686 Flanders Rd Hours per week: 20-40

Henniker, NH 03242 $9.00 USD Per Hour

Race Crew Member

● Assisted with setting up daily training courses for both Slalom and Giant Slalom

● Provided assistance to high school coaches as needed

● Used strong communication skills to maintain customer satisfaction

● Set up timing equipment and timed races

● Collected entry fees from NASTAR race participants

● Maintained courses during races to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the customers Express Employment Agency 11/2016-5/2017

8025 S Willow St #210, Hours per week: 40

Manchester, NH 03103 $12.00 USD Per Hour

Warehouse Packer; Day Labor; Quality Control

● Used organizational skills to accurately box up orders for shipping

● Worked as a member of a team in a high paced environment

● Maintained focus on customer satisfaction while doing repetitive tasks

● Used creative problem solving to efficiently complete tasks

● Worked with a team to move supplies for hotel room construction

● Performed repetitive tasks with a high degree of accuracy to maintain food safety/quality at a yogurt factory AmeriCorps Volunteer in Service to America 08/2015-08/2016 Concord Coalition to End Homelessness Hours per week: 40 238 North Main Street $938.00 Per Month

Concord, NH 03301

Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator

● I increased the capacity of my organization to provide services to homeless guests by recruiting new volunteers, introducing cost saving measures, and organizing new fundraisers.

● I assisted with setting the orientation and daily management of volunteers

● I represented my organization at public outreach events

● I actively sought out relationships with area business and schools to provide material support, educational outreach opportunities, and volunteer support

● I founded new social media channels to actively engage and educate the public about relevant topics impacting the community.

● I facilitated a computer system to track the usage of our homeless service center and to create reports for the board of directors

● I wrote a detailed manual to about all aspects of the annual fundraiser to create sustainable progressive change Normandeau Associates LLC 05/2015-08/2015

25 Nashua Road Hours per week: 60-80

Bedford, NH 03110 $11.00 USD Per Hour

Biological Science Technician (Wildlife Crew Leader)

● Used effective project management and time management skills to set daily schedules, coordinate crew members efforts, write progress reports, follow safety protocols, and to meet the the productivity goals set my supervisor

● Coordinated and strategized the day to day plan for a crew of up to 4 coworkers.

● Set the schedule for my crew members

● Used effective communication and active listening to build trust with clients and land agents

● Setup IFR IV bat detectors for endangered bats

● Updated landowners on project status and resolved conflicts

● Successfully surveyed 300 linear miles of private lands for the presence/absence of endangered bat species

● Scheduled appointments with client (land agents) to assess and collaborate on what surveys could be completed

● Maintained and kept inventory on $100,000 worth of survey equipment Stoney Ridge Environmental 10/2014 -04/2015

229 Prospect Mountain Road Hours per week: 40

Alton, NH 03809 $17 USD Per Hour

Environmental Project Manager

● Analyzed soil horizons and wetland vegetation to delineate wetlands using 1987 Army Corps of Engineers methods

● Used data collected from site visits to apply for New Hampshire State Wetland Permits

● Checked historical records to determine if proposed projects were in conflict with historically significant resources

● Checked Natural Heritage Bureau records to determine if proposed projects were in conflict with endangered species U.S. Forest Service 05/2014 - 09/2014

300 Glenn Road Hours per week: 40

Gorham, NH 03581 United States GS 6 $16.77 USD Per Hour Biological Science Technician (Wildlife Crew Leader)

● Setup Annabat detectors for passive monitoring of endangered bats in proposed timber management units

● Organized coordinated and planned daily field activities

● Kept careful notes and data and problem-solving skills to insure goals were met

● Analyzed habitat characteristics to determine the best location to place Annabat detectors

● Assisted other departments as needed

● Consulted and Collaborated with the district ranger and forest biologist

● Gave public a presentation to the public and the media U.S. National Forest Service 4/2013-2/2014

Weaverville, California Hours per week: 40-60

Biological Science Technician (Wildlife Crew Leader) GS 7 $18.00 USD Per Hour

● Followed established protocols for surveying Spotted Owls an endangered species

● Navigated off trail using a topographic maps, compass, and GPS in steep and demanding terrain

● Banded Western Screech Owls, Northern Saw-Whet Owls, and Pygmy Owls

● Mist netted and banded passerine birds

● Crew leader for bat box and Acoustic bat surveys

● Designed and implemented the methods for Acoustic bat surveys

● Wrote daily and annual reports and performed data analysis

● Entered data into the Arc GIS 10.1 based Natural Resource Information System

● Managed time effectively on multiple projects including Western Pond Turtle Surveys, Peregrine Falcons, Bat surveys, fisher camera trap surveys and Spotted Owl Surveys. Dixie Environmental Services Company October 2012

Winnie, Texas

Biological Compliance Monitor

● Quickly learned the procedures and tasks required to monitor environmental compliance within a wetland environment. Completed task in a fast-paced deadline-oriented environment with special attention to detail.

● Communicated with a diverse group of clientele including airboat drivers, biologists, and 3D seismic survey technicians.

● Insured the impact of the 3D seismic survey had a minimal impact on the wetland. ‘

● Recorded data on the procedures used by 3D seismic survey technicians.

● Used GPS to navigate and record tracks

● Wrote daily reports to communicate all activities with my supervisor National Park Service

Devil’s Tower, Wy 5/2012-9/2012

Biological Science Technician (Wildlife)

● Implemented and managed the procedures of the integrated pest management plant.

● Applied plant ID skills to Chemical and Mechanical treatment methods on 400 acres of invasive plants

● Performed wildlife surveys on prairie falcons and black tailed prairie dogs

● Captured and translocated wildlife to mitigate risks to visitors and employees

● Led MCC crews in the construction of deer exclosures for cottonwood regeneration in a riparian area

● Used ArcPad GIS 10 and ArcView 10 to map, plan and navigate to herbicide treatment areas and archeological sites.

● Used light construction equipment such as saws and drills to design a system for hanging backpack sprayers

● Gave informal presentations to the public about the natural and cultural history of the park

● Contributed to the annual integrated pest management report The Nature Conservancy 5/2011-8/2011

Salisbury, MD

Restoration Ecologist

● Provided support in planning the day to day management of invasive species

● Demonstrated strong proficiency in identifying and controlling invasive species in natural areas

● Used Chemical and Mechanical control methods to eliminate invasive species

● Used Chainsaws, Weed whackers, and Machetes safely and effectively

● Performed basic maintenance on chainsaws, weed whackers, and weed sprayers

● Used ArcPad 10 to map treatment areas and occurrences of invasive plants Smithsonian Conservation and Research Center 5/2009-8/2009 Front Royal, Virginia

Biological Technician (Wildlife)

● Monitored Kentucky Warbler territories across 3200 acres.

● Used mist nets to captured Kentucky Warblers

● Independently banded all birds caught in the mist net

● Determined the presence/absence of Kentucky Warblers in territories by sighting color bands

● Used careful observation to determine the location of Kentucky Warbler nests

● Banded tree sparrows and checked nest boxes to determine nesting status University of Central Arkansas 9/2008-12/2010

Conway, AR

Teaching Assistant and Wildlife Museum Curator

● Taught General Biology lab as well as Anatomy and Physiology lab

● Proactively Assisted students in achieving academic success

● Organized all avian and mammalian museum specimens according to phylogeny

● Used Excel to create a museum catalog

● Managed invasive species within a small nature reserve

● Provided key support on prescribed burns in the nature reserve

● Gave public presentations promoting native species gardens and butterfly gardens

● Assisted with the organization of public outreach events Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 4/2007-7/2007; 4/2008-8/2008 Madison, WI

Biological Technician (Wildlife)

● Used decoy trapping to capture Blue-winged teal hens

● Surgically implanted radio transmitters on Blue-winged teal

● Assessed the habitat of Blue-winged teal on a temporal basis and cover mapped habitats

● Monitored nest fate and stage (candling)

● Coordinated efforts between the first and second shift teams

● Maintained a sound rapport with private landowners to perform research activities on their land

● Used telemetry to locate and recover all transmitters and determined the cause of mortality Nature’s Classroom Fall 2007

Charlton, MA


● Taught 5th and 6th grade students biological concepts

● Developed and implemented curriculum

● Took a leadership role in independently conducting nature hikes

● Taught team building and other student enrichment activities

● Communicated effectively with a diverse group of coworkers Southern Illinois University Spring/Fall 2006

Carbondale, IL

Biological Technician (Wildlife)

● Set box traps and foothold traps for Grey fox

● Handled both target and non-target species (raccoon, coyote, opossum, bobcat, and skunk)

● Conducted gray fox surveys with camera traps and track plates

● Analyzed habitat characteristics using densitometers, plant ID, and cover poles.

● Set snares and conibear traps for a beaver removal study

● Followed exact procedures to necropsy otters to (determine fecundity and age) and beaver (genetic analysis)

● Used radio telemetry and GPS to locate Grey Fox

● Navigated to specific locations with GPS

● Communicated effectively with coworkers

West Virginia University, Cassity, WV September 2005-February 2006 Deer Telemetry Technician

● Performed radio telemetry on 65 female white-tailed deer

● Used spotlight surveys and camera surveys to determine sex ratios

● Constructed bait stations for white-tailed deer camera traps

● Worked independently and as a member of a small team

● Used GPS to record locations

United States Geological Survey, Ely, MN Summer 2005 Wolf Technician

● Set and maintained a trap line for timber wolves, a federally endangered species.

● Immobilized wolves with a jab stick.

● Aged, sexed, measured, and took blood samples.

● Maintained traps and equipment.

● Kept accurate data. Worked with a small team.

● Earned the trust of my supervisor to process wolves with minimal supervision.

● Worked within the remote Boundary Waters Wilderness Area University of Minnesota, Minocqua, WI Summer 2004

Forestry Technician

● Performed forest surveys as part of a small independent team with two other undergraduates.

● Determined tree species, age from core samples, height, diameter, and entered data.

● Met my employer's expectation to work under minimal and often no supervision.

● Used GPS's extensively to navigate and plot locations.

● Worked up to 12 hours per day in all types of weather and undesirable conditions.

● Experience from this job improved my ability to describe habitat parameters for wildlife habitat models. United States Forest Service, Munising, MI Summer 2002 Biological Technician (Wildlife)

● Nest searched forests for the presence of Goshawk, Red-tailed hawk, Red-shouldered hawk, and Broad-winged hawk.

● Discerned whether nests were active and/or alternate nests and followed nest fate.

● Conducted habitat analysis by identifying tree and plant species, tree height, forest structure, and canopy cover.

● Earned the trust of my supervisor and was allowed to collect data independently. EDUCATION

Graduate Certificate, Geographic Information Systems - Antioch University of New England, Keene, NH 9/2017-present

Master of Science Degree, Major in Biology (Ecology emphasis) - University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR, 9/2008-2012; 37 Credits / 3.56 GPA

Bachelor of Science Degree, Major in Wildlife Ecology and Management - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI, 5/2005; 52 Credits / 3.01 GPA Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in Environmental Biology - St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN, 8/2003; 128 Credits


Certified Associate Wildlife Biologist - The Wildlife Society First Aid, CPR/AED American Red Cross Valid through May 2018 UTV/ATV Operators Certificate National Park Service and US Forest Service (8 hrs each) Operational Leadership National Park Service (16 hrs) Volunteer Mobilization AmeriCorps (30 hrs)

Resource Development Fundraising and Grant Writing AmeriCorps (30 hrs) American Heart Association CPR and AED certification Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Tractor Certified (8 hrs) Furbearer Trap Certification

National Wildfire Coordinating Group (I-100, S-190, S-130, L-180). National Wildland Fire S 212 (chainsaw certification) TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access,Ramas Ecolab, ArcView GIS 10.5, ArcPad 8.0, FAMD, PAUP, JMP, Systat, and SPSS software packages, Website editing

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