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Oakland, CA
October 19, 2018

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Wendy Chao



• University of the Pacific 2010-2013

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Stockton, CA

Doctor of Pharmacy

• University of California, San Diego 2007-2010

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Cell Biology La Jolla, CA

Work Experience

• Full Time Staff Pharmacist June 2013-Present


Oakland & Visalia, CA

Andrew Palella, Rph, PharmD (Visalia)

Mai Do, Rph, PharmD (Oakland)

Responsibilities include counseling on new prescriptions, receiving new verbal prescription orders via telephone, completing transfer orders via telephone or fax, verifying/checking off filled prescriptions, validating, filling and verifying narcotic prescriptions, giving immunization shots (influenza, pneumonia, Tdap and shingles), providing recommendations or consultations via telephone or in-person, ordering narcotic medications via DEA 222 form & checking in narcotic deliveries, assisting pharmacy technicians with various tasks such as filling and labeling prescriptions, typing new drop-off or electronic prescriptions, answering telephone, billing prescriptions, and helping pick-up in front counter and drive-thru


• Community APPE Intern Apr 2013-May 2013

Phillips Ranch Pharmacy

Pomona, CA

Joanne Evans, Pharm. D

Responsibilities included consulting and auditing long term care facilities, providing in-service presentations, filling/bubble packing and labeling, counseling on new prescriptions, calling for refill authorization requests, and taking new prescription and transfer orders.

• Internal Medicine APPE Intern Feb 2013-Mar 2013

Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Moreno Valley, CA

Christine Ta, Pharm. D

Responsibilities included screening and completing medication reconciliation forms, screening CORE measures were followed, SOAPing and following up patients, educating patients on warfarin, heart failure and stroke prevention, providing a disease state presentation, counseling on discharged medications, monitoring vancomycin (dosage and levels), heparin (aPTT) and warfarin (dosage and INR) administration and presenting journal club.

• Hospital APPE Intern Jan 2013-Feb 2013

Kindred Healthcare

Ontario, CA

Kent Truong, Pharm. D

Responsibilities included filling cassettes, assisting pharmacy technicians with various tasks, auditing Control II medications, monitoring enoxaparin and heparin (dosage and platelet levels) administration, participating in interdisciplinary meetings and providing a disease state presentation.

• Emergency APPE Intern Nov 2012-Dec 2012

Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Moreno Valley, CA

Christina Qi, Pharm. D

Responsibilities included screening CORE measures were followed, completing quiz packets, reading journal articles regarding emergency related topics, educating patients on warfarin, heart failure and stroke prevention, presenting journal club and providing a final presentation about a disease state while following a patient.

• Pediatric APPE Intern Sept 2012-Oct 2012

Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Moreno Valley, CA

Sheri Handford, PharmD

Responsibilities included participating in clinical rounds, examining medication list for dosage and medication errors, screening newly admitted patients for influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations, administering influenza vaccinations and creating a poster and slide set for nurses regarding vaccinations and vaccination administration.

• Ambulatory Care APPE Intern Aug 2012-Sept 2012

Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Moreno Valley, CA

Davalyn Tidwell, Pharm.D, BCPS, CDE

Responsibilities included following up patients over the phone and in-clinic in the Diabetes Clinic, teaching a diabetes class to newly diagnosed patients, educating on insulin injection technique and hypoglycemia treatments, performing chart reviews, presenting journal club and administering influenza vaccinations.

• Skilled Nursing Facility IPPE Intern Jan 2012- April 2012

Windsor Elmhaven Care Center

Stockton, CA

Joseph A. Woelfel, Ph.D., FASCP, R.Ph

Responsibilities included performing chart reviews, patient interviews, and nurse station inspection.

• Community IPPE Intern Aug 2011-Nov 2011

Lodi Memorial Hospital – West Outpatient Pharmacy

Lodi, CA

Gary Ariola, PharmD

Responsibilities included filling and dispensing medications, restocking prescriptions in corresponding shelves, answering phone calls, consulting patients on new prescriptions, organizing prescription records, filing patient records, and assisting customers in the front counter.

• Hospital IPPE Intern April 2011-July 2011

Memorial Medical Center

Modesto, CA

Dave England, PharmD

Responsibilities include filling a unit-dose cart, labeling medications for distribution, refilling floor stock, stocking/restocking medications in the pharmacy and Pyxis, properly disposing of expired medications, and handling confidential medical records.

• Community IPPE Intern Jan 2011-April 2011


Elk Grove, CA

Mike Cuellar, PharmD

Responsibilities included filling and dispensing medications, stocking prescriptions in corresponding bins, answering phone calls, consulting patients on new prescriptions, helping customers in the front counter or in the drive-thru and pulling their prescriptions out of bins.

Teaching Experience

• Science Education Experience Sept 2012-Dec 2012

Washington Elementary School/University of the Pacific

Lodi, CA

Kathleen Jay

Responsibilities included preparing lesson plans, teaching fifth grade students about organ systems on a weekly basis, and completing online journal entries.

• Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Sept 2008-Dec 2008

University of California, San Diego

La Jolla, CA

Jennie Bever, PhD

Responsibilities as a teaching assistant for the general biology course included conducting weekly discussion sections that supplement faculty lectures, providing and grading assigned homework, holding weekly office hours, proctoring exams and attending weekly teaching assistant meetings.


• CSHP Seminar Volunteer Oct 2012

Paris & Ballys Hotels

Las Vegas, NV

Norm Fox, Pharm. D., MS

Duties included volunteering at the help desk which consisted of providing directions, answering any questions regarding seminars and miscellaneous topics, and as a monitor –ensure that the seminar runs smoothly and count how many people attended it.

• Volunteer 2009-2010

Scripps Mercy Hospital- Chula Vista

Chula Vista, CA

Aaron Ginsberg, PharmD

Responsibilities included recording medication discrepancies, charting internal error logs, delivering STATs to nurses, handling confidential medical records, updating monthly the Drug Facts and Comparison Folder, and scanning medication safety/adverse drug reaction records.

• Hospital Pharmacy Intern Summer 2005

Novato Community Hospital

Novato, CA

Duties included daily restocking and organizing medications and IVs, checking and confirming inventories and deliveries, updating and compiling the pharmacy manager’s portfolios and binders, and detecting and eliminating expired medications.

• Volunteer Summer 2004, 2005, 2006

Kaiser Permanente

San Rafael, CA

Responsibilities included managing the volunteer desk, distributing mail and documents to physicians, the pharmacy and optometry department, discharging patients from eye surgery to outpatient pick-up, restocking medications and filing and organizing prescription records for the pharmacy department.

Community Service

• Rho Pi Phi Living Hope Health Fair 2012

Activities performed were measuring patients’ blood glucose levels, completing patient questionnaires, educating about cause and risk factors of hyperglycemia and consulting about blood glucose management.

• The Black Barbershop Outreach Program 2012

Activities performed included measuring patients’ blood pressure and vital signs, educating about cause and risk factors of blood pressure, and consulting patients about blood pressure management.

• Children’s Awareness Carnival Monitor 2012

Responsibilities included leading a class of fifth graders to the next presentation, monitoring the students’ behavior, and advocating for pharmacy.

• Flu Vaccine Clinic 2011

Responsibilities included filling syringes with flu vaccine, vaccinating students and faculty members and helping patients with survey/questionnaire.

• The Cambodian Health Fair 2011

Activities performed were completing patient questionnaire sheets, and measuring the blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate and oxygen saturation of patients.

• Phi Delta Chi 2nd Annual Multicultural Health Fair 2011

Activities performed were gathering patients’ blood samples for the cholesterol screening station and overlooking other students’ blood samples.

Professional Development

• Vice President 2009-2010

The Cambodian Student Association

University of California, San Diego

Responsibilities included maintaining the organization and board order, conducting and preparing bi-weekly officer/board meetings, assisting the president in making sure all officers are completing their respective duties, upholding the president position, taking any actions seen necessary and overseeing the appointed officers: Co-Culture Coordinators, Historian, Public Relations, External Liaison, Webmaster and Alumni Liaison.

• Treasurer 2007-2009

The Cambodian Student Association

University of California, San Diego

Duties included being in charge of the organization’s external bank account, heading fundraisers and the Sponsorship Committee for the club’s annual culture show, authorizing reimbursements for valid receipts, and seeking available funding for major events.

• Active Member 2007-2009

Circle K International

University of California, San Diego

Participated in community service, volunteer events and committees for fundraising events, attended general body meetings, conferences and social events.

• Active Member 2007-2008

The Pre-Pharmacy Society (PPS)

University of California, San Diego

Attended general body meetings, social events and volunteer opportunities, helped with fundraising events and passed out flyers for recruiting new members and promoting organization’s upcoming events.


Mai Do, Rph, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager



Swee Chew

Pharmacy Technician

CVS/pharmacy & Kaiser Permanente


Trong Nguyen, Rph, PharmD

Staff Pharmacist



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