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Executive Assistant

Dayton, OH
October 21, 2018

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**** ****** **

Dayton, Ohio *5424

Cellular Telephone: 757-***-****


Veteran's Status: Honorably Discharged, U.S Navy, 2009-2018 OBJECTIVE

Clearance Status: Secret

Military Title: Yeoman

Rank: E-5

NEC: 9590 Security Manager, 95AD, SSO (Special Security Officer), 95AD Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA)


University of Toledo

2 years

Major: Biology


Project Management, 8 years

Clerical Procedures, 8 years

Word Processing, 8years

Assimilate recruits into the Navy and prepare them for further advanced training in specialized Navy occupations.

Identifies and tracks personnel who have been determined as being fit for continued service but not worldwide assignable.

Homeland Security and Defense, 8 years

Files Management, 8 years

Information Security, 8 years

Joint Antierrorism, 8 years

Personal Financial Management Predatory Lending, 8 years Naval Correspondence, 8 years

Processsing Standard Letters, 8 years

Sensitive Compartmented Inenformation, 8 years

DoD Information Assurance Awareness, 8 years

Joint Critical Infrastructure Protection, 8 years

Performance Evaluation and Counseling, 8 years

Records Management, 8 years

Permanent Change of Station Travel Processing


Special Security Assistant:

Performs duties as assistant to the Commanding Officer on all matters pertaining to Sensitive Compartmented (SCI) security. Initates and updates security clearance/access eligibility. Maintains Special Security Office (SSO) files. Prepares classified correspondence. Readies (SCI) material for electronic transmission and the Defense Courier Service (DEFCOS). Provides for and maintains accreditation of SCI facilities. Exercises control and accountability of all SCI material. see above

Details must be requested classified

Information must be requested classified

Information must be requested classified


Performs clerical and security and executive administrative duties, including typing and filing; prepare route correspondence, contracts, and reports; maintain records, publications, and service records; counsel office personnel on administrative support for legal proceedings and maintain legal files; conduct reporting/detaching and require retention related interviews; prepare and maintain personnel security documents and perform other related functions; and serve as office managers. Disseminates incoming correspondence; drafts Naval messages; files administrative material and command directives case files; prepares correspondence and command muster reports; processes message traffic; counsels personnel on pay, allowances, and entitlements; distributes material to Defense Courier Service (DCS) STATIONS; provides personnel assistance in completing security clearance paperwork; records disciplinary proceedings actions; inventories classified material; issues security badges; mails classified material; prepares classified for hand carry; processes security termination statement; verifies security badge system access requiements; maintains Leave Authorization Number (LAN) logs; prepares documents for personnel receipts; request authorization for traval; services record entries; processes. Single Scope Background Investigations (SSBI) documents; tracks classified mail; and prepares Permanent Change of Station (PCS) notification documents. Maintains reports control systems; manages forms control programs; assists personnel with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access ineligibility appeals; conducts Emergency Action Plan (EAP) training; implements physical security programs and security awareness programs; Investigates security violations; updates Emergency Action Plans manages command fitness reports and evaluation programs; processes pay documents; reviews liquidations forms; verifies passengers reservation request, receipts and transfer documents; manages form control programs; implements physical security and awareness programs; Individual Personnel Temps (ITEMPS) records; reviews travel liquidation forms; and verifies passenger reservation request, receipts, and transfer documents. Gold Star in Lieu of two Navy Achievement Medals

Leading Petty Officer of two different Department at the same time managing 25 personnel

Command Pay and Personnel Administrator:

Serves generally at the Echelon III and V levels as the command representative on Navy pay and personnel policies and procedures. Assigned as the critical link between an individual Sailor, his or her command, and the supporting pay and personnel organization. Responsible for ensuring that all documents and information associated via the current authorized process and per applicable policies governing timeless standards. Provides route input to their respective Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge on issues related to Navy pay and personnel within the command; facilitate Navy pay and personnel transactions for command personnel on the behalf of the pay and personnel policies and procedures; and attend regularly scheduled meetings and training sessions sponsored by the supporting pay and personnel organization: provide guidance to command personnel on changes to Navy pay, personnel, and travel policies and procedures; and attend regularly scheduled meetings and training sessions sponsored by the supporting pay personnel organization

Improved pay and personnel discrepancies by 60%

Special Security Officer (SSO)


Upon request with proper clearance certificate and further information will released within guidelines.









Others upon request with proper security clearance LANGUAGES



Time with family


Beach clean up

Color Guard

Reading at schools


My training specializations


Helping and being there for the people that were under me the willingness to do the jobs they are ask to do never making them feel i was no better they respected that and worked harder for example personal problems making them better Sailors.

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