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Sales Supply Chain

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA, 90274
October 21, 2018

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Matthew Huang

M. 310-***-****


Twenty Eight years in Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Supported US$50M to $200M in accelerated Growth. Delivered US$20M revenue among non-US & direct global Import/Export Trade. Heavy Supply Chain activities & coverage from product design Concept to Delivery of finished goods to customers.

(S)pecific with objectives/strategies (M)easurable with plans, design, systems, procedures

(A)chievable with determination, entrepreneurship, self directive (R)esults-Oriented with belief in mission impossible

(T)ime-Sensitive with speed, urgency, responsibility

Consistently deliver mission-critical results among B2B, cost, int’l finance.

Bottom-line driven supported by progressively responsible experience with strong domestic/international P&L association in driving market share, revenue and profit growth. Talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges and then developing and leading the resulting action plans.

Experienced in advanced technologies in global Supply Chain Sourcing & Procurement, Global Transportation, Global Finance, Global Safety Testing, Logistics and Product Development.

Combine strong industry knowledge and business leadership skills to consistently manage complex sourcing, scheduling, lead high-performance, adapt technology solutions and implement efficient processes to increase visibility and open communication. Strong connection with Global logistics partners for inbound/outbound logistics & international ocean contracts. Retailers special order fulfillments, including special marking & labeling. Liaison with global partners to deliver world-class electric safety products, with EN50088, ROHS, WEEE, European conformity, UL & CUL North American regulation and Australian C-Tick Declaration of Conformity. Global AR collection accordance to LC requirements.

Bilingual in multi Culture & business acumen profession

Overcome business/culture differences with strong mediation, communication, persuasion influence with Chinese factories in meeting mutual common objectives. Always in frontline negotiation with business to business costing deficits, payment term cycle, defectives allowance (received $5M cash credit from supplier including CPSC recalls expense & payment term extension of 30 days to 60 days).

Career Experience

Innov Tec Solutions Torrance, CA

An independent Sales Agent and Distributor for emerging technology products wanting to sell into North America channels. Sync Retailers with Manufactures & Entrepreneurs. Know the Retail PlayBook and help to write it

GM of North America 2014 - Current

Gross Revenue of $1.5 M annually with multiple brands from STB, Connected Internet of Things, Bike Computer, Drones, 3-axis Gimbal

Stabilizer for Gopro Camera, Smartphones, DSLR & Mirrorless Camera.

Supports all aspects of retail strategy development. This includes building a sustainable growth solution inclusive of the digital

channel. Our goal is to ensure the right assets are leveraged for both in-store and digital growth. We are experts at breaking down

barriers to long-term success at retail.

Assist with brand positioning, assortment architecture and product design and development.

Help to navigate negotiations, line reviews and the product lifecycle.

Completing item set ups, ensuring on-time and complete shipments and accurate sales forecasting. This includes a plan for digital,

contingencies, base inventory and inventory flow.

Expand regional sales distribution

Zinwell Corporation dba “Zinnet” & “ZCWC” South El Monte & City of Industry, CA

A $350 million Manufacturer of Consumer Electronic, Satellite LNB, ATSC & Cable set top box, Indoor/Outdoor CATV passives, Wireless

Home Network Solutions. Technology includes not limited to Powerline, MoCA 1.0 and 2.0, Wireless HDMI, Transcoder to Multi-Screen, etc.

VP of Sales & Marketing North America 2012 – 2014

Re-Define, Re-Start, Re-Position, Re-Gain, market confidence, awareness with its core competencies, advantages, and competiveness in

connection with Retail Mass Merchant, MSO (Multi System Operator), and Distributor.

Involve heavily in Mexico Analog to Digital Broadcast transitional project with contenders participated in the bidding process in different implementation phases

Secure Best Buy private label (Insignia) biz within first year with net worth $3.65M annually. Project to secure second assignment second year with $5M to $6M annually

Work with Motorola HOME, now acquired by ARRIS, as the largest CATV STB supplier to Cable Operators. Project net worth in $10M+

Transition to maintain relationship with Direct TV with challenges of factory’ inconsistent quality execution, business/Culture differences & interpretation

Mission to target top ten Cable Operators (MSO) such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon/AT&T, Cox, Dish Network (Echostar), to demonstrate manufacturing and design technology capabilities as OEM and ODM

Collaborate with Conditional Access software vendors (Nagra, Conax, CAL, Beechwoods, Jethead, Morega) along with Silicon on Chip provider (Broadcom, Qualcomm, mStar, Vixs) jointly to bring total solutions to customers

Recruited responsibility to cover all Business units by each business head. Report directly to Chairman, Vice Chairman and President, subject to allocation of project and time.

Apex Digital dba “Apex”, Walnut, CA

A $140 million Consumer Electronic, LCD/LED TV, ATSC set top box, Connected Streaming TV & STB.

V.P. of Operations & General Manager 2009 – 2012

Build a world class distribution/marketing base to support the complexity of Consumer Electronic product, Sales & Marketing

strategy. Drive and ensure an industry leading organization in terms of reliability, speed to market, quality, innovation, cost engineering

and sustainability.

Continue to grow product presence with new products such as LED TV that is compliant to the LCD technology and new channels such as BJ Wholesale Club ($10M) & Target Corp. ($35M)

Grow the sales team as the product category expands in LED Solar Lighting. Acquire corporate sales executive from Westinghouse to lead product direction and new sales channels, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

Lead all related operational efficiency improvement projects

Enhance middle to senior management team capabilities via definitive job descriptions and to establish matrix for performance evaluation

To manage contract system integrator to meet TV IQC, IPQC quality standards, delivery requirements and cost targets and To establish strategic alliance partnership with TV Panel supplier, AUO

Contract negotiation with contract manufacturer and vendors including Yahoo, Netflix, Pandora, Vudu

Identify Gross margin matrix and calculation with customer programs and set target to control pricing for quick decision making

HWI USA (Breville, Mayfair Jackson, Bling, Arcosteel), Torrance, CA

A $100 million marketing/distributor in Houseware, Electronic small appliances, Non Electric table top, glassware, storage etc.

V.P. of Operations & Supply Chain 2007 – 2009

Perform strategic North America global initiatives among Return Reduction, IQC Detection, Consumer Service Reactive, and Account

Service Responsive, DC productivity enhancement, Supply Chain/Import Visibility.

Introduced new concept operational objective to be more Proactive, Prepared, Comprehensive, Be Detailed. – Flexibility to

adapt changes in a complex environment. Track by Description, Analyze by Response, Control by Prcocedure, Improve

by Monitoring.

Set up infrastructure within each dept. to create corporate ladder growth.

Initiated Technology deployment, 3rd party IT solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency, capacity in area of EDI, RMA

Automation, Consumer Call Center CRM, and DC Material Handling, such as RFID tagging device to replace of labor overheads.

Negotiated Domestic inbound/outbound Freight, Logistic contracts with commercial ground carriers, intermodal such as rail or

LTL & FTL, in total net savings of 10% - US$200,000 for the first year.

Negotiated, Consolidated, Centralized, Ocean Freight vendor management to streamline external interaction, result in savings of $300,000 ($300 per 40HQ container, with annual volume of 1000, 500 TEU)

Analyzed most effective Supply Chain optimization to reduce transportation cost among North America operation.

Worked daily with IT programmer (“MAGIC”) to bring operating system more effective and measurable. Implemented a

location finder procedure for a non-WMS distribution of 250,000 SQ FT environment.

Documented a comprehensive North America Supply Chain Operations guide of current business operation practice including

Functions, Sub functions, Procedures, Flow charts among Call Center, Account Service, Import, DC & QC departments

Razor USA, Pyramat USA LLC, cerritos, CA

A $150 million design & distributor in Kick Scooters, Electric recreational scooters, BMX, and outdoor toys. Razor acquired Pyramat in 2006 and will deliver a $50 million gross sale in 2007.

V.P. of Global Operations 2003 - 2007

To provide worldwide Operations with global long range capital capacity Planning, Supply Chain optimization to determine next manufacturing site within China. Used optimization models to determine worldwide roadmaps for the Process Design, Facilities, Procurement, and Logistics organizations.

Worked with China factories to reduce capacity planning cycle time 35% from 40 to 20 days while increasing plan coverage to include inbound and outbound distribution capacity. Introduced “just in time” “lean manufacturing” Six Sigma to suppliers

Reduced Depreciation/Labor/Facilities CPB (cost per box) by 10% through analysis and management of global production line and facility additions to increase manufacturing capacity.

Led cross-cultural worldwide operations team including Shanghai subsidiary in documenting new procedures for Business recovery that reduced recovery time for each facility to 24 hours from 1 week.

Reconciliation, automation, increases cross functional interaction to reduce internal communication interruption and effectively increase AR/AP accuracy by 150%.

Managed a $15M Letter of Credit portfolio and Govern non-LC transaction among trade partners to avoid process breakdown within supply chain network and to ensure payment security. Increased AR awareness among global trade by 100%.

Understood global safety regulation, testing procedures and follow operation requirements. Eliminated charge back of $20M in global supply chain, non-US trade, and improved customer satisfaction using network optimization models.

Negotiated Annual Ocean Contracts with NVOCC service provided. Minimized PSS & GRI. Highest annual savings of $600,000, $200 per can for volume of 3000/yr) .

Challenged to introduce the policies, systems, and processes required to support expansion and improve financial performance. The scope of responsibility includes Sourcing, Procurement (COGS$75-100 million annually), inventory control, production control activities for 5 geographically dispersed plants.

Conducted business analysis of quoting proposals, formulate negotiation strategies, and lead negotiations with qualified suppliers.

Implemented performance guarantees contracts to minimize risk and increase supplier accountability for non-performance. This policy recovered more than $5M in the last three years.

Reduced physical inventory by $3.5M through the implementation of economic ordering quantity methodologies by the end of first year.

Development, advocate & implement sourcing strategies to achieve short & long term savings targets. Strategic business vision in geographic and culture evaluation led to the number one manufacturing plant and resulted in $10M+ savings. Assisted OEM Chinese factories to strategize Components/material handling and Procurement with wi-win Partnership agreement to ensure supplies are under cost control, steady delivery, quality maintenance and price target expectation.

Achieved profit improvements through the standardization and aggressive control of material cost reduction initiatives. Streamline supply chain network to ensure availability as scheduled. First years savings exceeded 3%.

Partnered with worldwide logistic operations to enhance visibility among Supply Chain network. Work in parallel with Sales, key customers buying offices to direct overall North American and international supply chain processes; including demand materials planning, production allocation, forecasting, and transportation, are aligned with sales and marketing forecasts and business plans.

Developed end-to-end supply chain and information system strategies based on advanced practices and supporting information management technologies.

Operated a lean enterprise environment by effectively management global logistics performance and supply chain cost. Annually savings from half $.5M to $1M.

Classified import duty with thorough, reasonable, non-deviation approach to appropriate assess duty rate. Applied binding ruling to secure product classification. Annual savings $3M+.

Special Project:

Wal-Mart RFID implementation

Interviewed & attended RFID Journal & Conference to appoint service provider, ODIN Technologies

Deployed readable/scan able strategy to ensure every package is accounted in the 300,000 Sq Ft Distribution Center, include best RFID tag location on packaging to receive 100% read rate, partnered with University of Arkansas Research & lab for the testing program.

ERP vendor selection

Outlined functionality importance to ensure operational objectives are met. Selected & Supported “Epicor” implementation during the conversation.

Business Acquisitions & Transitions

Met with general business principals weekly prior to acquisition to share business common practices & adapt new operational procedures with possible process elimination.

Take on entire operations/supply chain functions without adding payroll.

Established new relationship with existing China suppliers for new business requirements & polices

Formulated component Sourcing strategies without interference or disruption from current suppliers.

Director of Project Management/Planner/Analyst 2000 to 2003

Managed R&D activities, forecasted IT investment requirements, managed project lifecycles, and designed, developed, implemented software automation solutions (auto alerts) for evaluation & measurement control. Provided sophisticated, timely quantitative and analytical support to product development, sales & marketing.

Established new cross-departmental product introduction metrics for benchmarking development process. Monitored performance in support of continuous improvement.

Prepared manufacturing readiness plan for product launch including capacity plan and targeted performance metrics. Collaborated with manufacturing and engineering department to meet all product launch deadlines.

Unison Apparel Co., Inc./Paolo Roma, torrance, CA

A start up design & distributor in High End Fashion Designer women’s apparel and private labels

General Manager 1995 to 2000

Five introductions annually involved in a heavy, complex planning, budgeting, execution and implementation environment. Collaborated w/ president and Recruited into firm to build infrastructure and document manufacturing process, managing and creating policies and financial strategies for multiple department functions, including transportation, procurement, production, and design/product development.

Evaluated feasibility of new manufacturing site and identified $200,000 cost savings via allocating a domestic plant.

Increased revenues by 40% from gross annual sales of $6M to $10M in 2 years.

Increased bottom line by $1.5M leading company from several years of losses to profitability.

Streamlined procedures, eliminated redundant positions, and implemented performance incentive plans for agents. Successfully restructured all sales contracts to move company to positive cash flow position.

Reviewed and implemented new back-office Accounting system to improve timeliness and accuracy of billings and collections. Build forecast sales outlook, Budget and participate in Financial/Income statement.

Involved and managed all aspects of internal operations – new development, sales and marketing, financial planning/reporting, capital/production budgeting, customer relations.

A Line Trading Co., Inc./Casual Isle, city of industry, CA

A $60 million design & distributor in Jogging suit and sportswear.

Customer Service Manager 1990 to 1995

Adapted network IT alternative solutions to enhance communication improvement and create customer satisfaction, continuity, productivity and opportunity. Captured immediate customer-perceived value and enabled sales-on-value vs. price by creating an “actionable” service level. This plan designs to decrease cross functional failures and increase efficiency

Directed a 6 person customer service department including hiring, training, and managing staff. Managed customer service staff responsible for processing incoming orders, coordinating shipments, and handling incoming calls from customers and the field sales force.

Reorganized customer service to properly align with sales teams improving communications and reducing time sales spent on non-sales related administrative activities.

Led team tasked with determining the product offering for the next fiscal year, establishing product pricing, developing a 50+ page Product Guide summarizing the product offerings and pricing, and distributing 8 different versions of this Product Guide to the dealer network, buying offices, and national accounts.

Managed team members on prototyping and implementing a new ERP system to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Familiarize manufacturing function to enhance level of communication.


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, major in Sales & Management (1990)

University of Southern California (USC) – Los Angeles, CA

Computer Software

ERP (Epicor, Magic)

Project Management (“project insights”, equivalent of Microsoft Projects)

Microsoft PPT, Excel, Word

WMS (Infor, Manhattan, High Jump)

TMS (Transite)


Fluent in English, Conversational Mandarin Chinese

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