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Medical Sales Representative

Las Vegas, NV
October 17, 2018

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Yraima Labanowski

** ***** ****** ****

Las Vegas, NV 89148


Sales Representative - Las Vegas, NV

Increase Market Share Surpass Revenue Targets Delight Customers Driven Sales Professional with demonstrated success; quickly built rapport with major doctors in the Nevada’s territory and improved relations by cultivating trusted partnerships to exceed sales goals. Acquire new relationships and provide outstanding customer service and follow-up. Collaborative team player and mentor, with excellent communication skills and positive, never-give- up attitude. Core competencies: Account Management Market Share Growth New Business Acquisition Relationship Management Sales Strategy Development Innovative Marketing Strategies Professional Experience – Highlight of Qualifications Nevada Sleep Diagnostics Inc. – Las Vegas, NV – Sales & Marketing Director March 2006 – March 2018

Born for Sales: 12 years of successful sales experience in the medical field always exceeding revenue targets while obtaining the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Averaged 20 daily customer visits with average revenue sales starting at $60,000 per month growing to $360,000 per month.

Extensive Relationships in the Medical Field: Large relationship network with more than 750 doctor offices and medical groups in the Nevada territory. I have a large number of physician contacts for prospecting.

Strategy Driven: Carefully develop a well-defined and customized sales strategy per customer in order to effectively penetrate competitive accounts in the Nevada territory. Elements of the strategy include but are not limited to:

Developing a customized client profile to understand the customer by using social media tools, industry journals, and linked-in profiles.

Analyzing industry trends affecting the customer such as regulations, taxation, compliance, insurance, the Affordable Care Act as well as analyzing key demographics to make my customer visit differentiated, interesting, knowledgeable, and relevant to the customer.

Understanding the client's compelling reason to act.

Developing a competitive cost/benefit strategy comparing the customer's business as usual scenario versus buying the services that I am offering.

Challenge Driven - Key Wins: Took the challenge of managing federal/government accounts with the goal of winning them while trying to shorten the sales cycle. Although the sales cycle was still long, I successfully closed my largest deals with Nellis Airforce Base which resulted in 60 new clients per month for our company and $40,000 in new revenues per month. Also, using the same methodology, I won the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare account which resulted in $3M in revenue over a 10 year period.

Competitive Driven: Took on a very competitive account at Healthcare Partner of Nevada where we had no relationship. I won and started with 6 referring providers and grew the account to more than 50 new referring physicians in less than a year. I used the same strategy at Guadalupe Medical Center, a challenging account for us, I developed a successful account strategy resulting in one of the fastest competitive wins of my career with $36,000 in revenue per month in less than 12 weeks.

Action Driven: Nothing happens until we establish value, credibility, and provide a proposal to our customers. To do this, relationships are the key. I schedule face to face visits with doctors but I maximize and optimize my routes to save time and capture as many customer visits as possible. I know my customer strategic profile and needs for each visit. It is important to work closely with company finance, operations and administrative staff to have ready a high end proposal and presentation and an elevator pitch. It was common to find the right person walking the halls and I was prepared to deliver a succinct and personalized communication to each doctor and decision maker.

Low Maintenance: Self-driven and target oriented but also a team player. I am motivated by exceeding my revenue targets and by having happy customers and a happy working team. I always measure my services by directly asking my customers, my team, and my managers, how I can improve my services.

Understand the Nevada Culture and its Demographics: A significant percentage of the Nevada populations is Hispanic (30%). I have effectively captured and penetrated this market with my cultural and language knowledge and created a bridge among doctors, new patients, and my services offerings creating a win-win situation for all the parties.

High Integrity and Loyal - Customers are forever and customers buy from people they like and trust. I develop trust with my customers by always conducting myself with upmost integrity, fulfilling my commitments, believing on what I am selling, following up with each customer, and by measuring my services by asking how I can improve and do better.


SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR - Nevada Sleep Diagnostics Inc. March 2006 – March 2018

In charge of selling medical equipment and medical services for sleep disorders in the Nevada territory. Grew revenues annually and maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction.

RADIO TALK SHOW HOST AND SALES MANAGER – Metropolis 103.7 FM- Maracaibo, Venezuela. January 1995 – September 2005

Had my own talk-show radio program, addressing different topics from health to politics. Consistently obtained high ratings for my show and managed a staff to fill all the paid sales/marketing spots which generated high revenues for the station.


Interviewed and introduced high level politicians and entertainment personalities. I produced and created programs and played the role of talent successfully. At the same time I was designated as a MARKETING DIRECTOR OF IPAPC

(The biggest Venezuelan’s Port)I was in charge for its corporative image to improve the bad reputation it had, which I proudly worked and won the recognition for my excellent job. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS:

Dec. 1991 – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with specialty on Marketing, University Cecilio Acosta, Maracaibo, State Zulia. Venezuela

Healthcare Industry Training, Nevada Sleep Diagnostic, 2006 and on-going

Management and Marketing Training - January 2000

Radio and TV Producer- February 1993


Involved with the Hispanic Community of Las Vegas (NV) to help promote preventive health and fitness

Love travel, cultures, reading, languages, salsa dancing, and physical fitness

Love technology, social marketing, social media, and productivity business applications

Fluent in Spanish and English (Became a US Citizen in 2009 )

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