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Engineering Engineer

Lowell, MA
October 17, 2018

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Computer engineering student with strong technical and engineering skills in Hardware Engineering.

Possess the analytical abilities necessary for designing, developing and testing the circuits.

Detail-oriented and organized professional with creative mindset and strong project management abilities.


University of Massachusetts - Lowell, MA May 2018

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Computer Architecture and Design, Advanced Digital System Design, Software engineering, Control systems, Circuit Theory, Network Theory, Electric Circuits and Simulation Lab, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Circuits Lab, Signals and Systems, Network Design, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Microprocessors and Micro controllers, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Electronic circuits and IC Applications.


Programming languages: C, Verilog, Assembly language, Embedded C, Python.

Skills: In depth hardware designing and soldering,

programming devices like Raspberry pie, Intel Galileo, Micro controller 8051, Microprocessor 8086.

Tools/Frameworks: Circuit Studio, Visual Studio, PCB, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Microsoft office Tools,Simulink, Xilinx, Pspice, AutoCAD, National instruments.



Coastal Connections, Inc. Sep 2017-April 2018

Switch operated game

Designed a switch game with 6 buttons for mentally intellectual people, each button has specific button is for button displays images, third button gives the LED light show, fourth button displays numbers on 7 Segment display, fifth button is for motor which is client’s requirement and sixth one is the hidden button that gives Applause sound. Used Raspberry pi 3 processor, Raspberry Pi touch Screen Display, speaker, LED’s, 7 segment display and motor.


Circuit designing: May 2017-July 2017

Built and connected audio amplifier and microphone circuit using LM386, LM358 and LF 353 and had hands on experience with various kinds of amplifiers such as LM741 OP-AMP,LM 321.Demonstrated understanding and skill in setting up all standard electronic test equipment to include spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator and digital Multimeter and learnt how to write reports on the experiment executed by analyzing the results and drawing required schematic.

Temperature Measurement and control system: Aug 2017-Oct 2017

Designed a LabView program with data acquisition and control circuitry to measure temperature from temperature sensor and to control the heat element.

8-bit calculator using 8085 Microprocessor simulators (EmbeddedC): Oct 2017-Dec 2017

Designed Algorithms and developed assembly code to implement a calculator that performs Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Used 8080 Assembler to implement the code.

Implementation of I2C, Bus and HTTP protocols using Intel Galileo Gen2: Sep 2017-Dec 2017

Accumulated sensor data from camera, PIC16F18857(ADC value) and I2C devices (APDs-9960, TMp102). Updated data to server using HTTP protocol. Used C.

Password Based Door Locking System: Nov 2016-Feb 2017

The system consists of an LCD Display, a keyboard, 8051 Microcontroller and a 12V battery. When the user enters right password the door opens, when the user enters a wrong password it displays wrong password on the LCD Screen. Used C.

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