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Water Treatment Customer Service

Hartsville, SC
October 17, 2018

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Alexander Davis Jr.

(*** – 602 - 3114

Objective: Willing to establish myself as a valuable asset to your company.


G4S Control Room Tech Feb - 16 – Present Day

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure employees, Real Estate Services (RES)/IT/ Net contractors, and vendors work practices are in regulatory compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT, etc. regulations, as well as with standards and policies. Demonstrates functional and technical knowledge and skills in areas such as RCRA, TSCA, DOT, FMC, SPCC (FRP), NPDES, OSHA, asbestos, lead, hexavalent chromium, commercial safety, electrical safety, ergonomics, chemical management, MSDSs, storm water, battery, gas cylinder management, pesticides, and lamps.

Works closely with project managers to understand the scope of work for each project being performed. Works closely with project managers to develop a weekly assessment schedule for Real Estate Services (RES)/IT/ vendors and contractors.

Performs walk-throughs / assessments of contractors work activities and promptly documents assessment findings, observations, and recommendations.

Effectively communicates to a contractor’s project manager safety and environmental concerns so that alternate courses of action may be taken. Supports Real Estate Services by attending pre-bid, pre-construction, weekly / monthly project, as needed. Analyzes chemical inventory data, (MSDSs, lab analyses) to determine potential impact of water, hazardous waste, air, health and safety regulations. Takes a lead role in the mitigation of environmental, health and safety incidents and problems.

Supports enterprise activities that require in-depth/breadth of knowledge and experience in order to provide a customer-oriented focus and cost-effective approach to solution of problems.

Audits facilities and teams for compliance with EHS requirements.

Ensures accomplishment of work unit goals and company reputation through effective planning, organizing, communicating, and scheduling of environmental, health and safety work activities. Develops and maintains positive working relationships with department personnel to ensure work unit goals are EHS compliant.

Maintains high standards of professionalism in all contacts with customers, contractors, regulatory agencies, teammates, and the general public.

Conducts effective technical presentations, meetings, and training.

Monitor and report from the Lendl alarm system and dispatch the 50’s to the area

Monitor and dispatch 50’s form the mastermind system for maintenance

Monitor and dispatch 50’s from alarms from unit system for smoke and waterfowls’

Call weekly radio test for the first responders and fire brigade

Call radio test for weather alarms for all facilities

Customer service; provide assistance to customers, employees, and visitors in a courteous and professional manner

Report writing; investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities; maintain written logs as required by the post

Alarm monitoring and response; sound alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons

Access control; permit authorized persons to enter property and monitor entrances and exits

Dispatch, communicate and rely information to/from/with medical first responders during emergency calls/events

Keep shift supervisors informed of learned or known issues related to the site(s) security

CV Products

Sept.2011 – Nov, 2014 Job Title Lab-Tec /Waste Water /EHS Technician – My role has the EHS person I was able to implement the safety metrics and other tools and the MOD rate dropped from a .92- .86 over the one year I was the safety manager of all the company. I was also developed an evacuation policy worked with the fire marshal to make this happen. The waste water permit for the city of make sure we follow the PH and gals per-day -stated in the permit for the plant. Do all safety training& air permitting for the company and all 5 plants for the company. Write safety policy for the company according to OHSA standards and regulations. Do all new hires training like forklift and crane and all safety walks of the hazards of the plant. I also report the OSHA 300 Log and post the OHSA300A. I’M also the safety person for all inspections for the company. I also working getting the company ISO 14000. I make sure crane training is done crane inspections forklift training and inspections. I check for all unsafe acts and I handle all JHA’S for the company. I have implementing four programs to change the mindset of the company and management. I have to monitor the adjustments from the lab control room I also implemented lock-tag-out policy.

Jan.2011 – Aug.2011 Manpower/Southern Research Institute Job Title : Senior Process Operator Duties : Operation of HCL Clean-Tech process systems Enabling Bio, schedules and directs maintenance, monitoring and reporting activates, leads beginning -and end -of-shift briefing and write run summary reports, familiarity with safe work procedures involving high pressure, high temperature, Chemical processes, performs, directs and trains in batch reactors of related mechanical hardware, inspects reactors per established procedures, directs maintenance and repairs of instrumentation, able to follow standard practices and procedures to accomplish tasks/duties that are varied but standardized, resolves complex problems based on technical understanding of Chemical processes and good technical judgment: when necessary requests advice or guidance from project manage or staff engineer, uses judgment within defined policies and practice, and directs shift staff proactively to ensue and reliable plant operation.

Jan 2009 - Nov 2009 Belmont, NC Allen Stream Plant Job Title: Field tech

Duties: Monitor process flow from the control room Make flow adjustments from the waste stream using the DCS program using chemical adjustments working in the lab using a wet titrations testing for PH, COD, TSS, TOS, and test samples inventory control on all 12 chemicals and 350 parts in the stock room we had to make all maintenance repairs as needed fork lift trained and wastewater treatment certified. JHA where assigned to each person to do on monthly time frame. Hazardous Materials waste management control and bulk unload of trucks calibrate ph probes using buffer solutions and rebuild pumps as needed and filter press operation and call in trucks for removal off Duke Energy plant worked 12 hrs night shift and was safety person.

1994-2008 Hartsville, Sc Talley Metals Technology Job Title: Shift Coordinator

Duties: Reviewed, and delegated assignments for each area

Coordinated each production load to meet each promised performance, maintain all lab standards, including: Titration of chemicals tanks, maintaining volume, Specific gravity, and acid concentration per liter, and grams per liter.

Waste Water Treatment Area: Trained and ran process as need to make PH Adjustments, Flow adjustments, Total Suspended Solids adjustments;

Flock adjustments using polymer, and using 6 inch pumps

Disposal of waste using a filter press, and logistic; with land fill to land apply

Quality Control Certified, trained all inspectors for surface defects

Inventory Controlled Coordinator of all products needed in area

Coil Blaster and Heat Treating Operator, and Trainer of all Blasters

Lean & 5s projects for each production area.

Six Sigma Green Belts

Safety check for each production area

Trouble shooting and maintenance support for each area.

Employee assessment and training for new employees.

Safety leadership training (OSHA) CPR certified

Waste Water Treatment D Class

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