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Software Engineer Assistant

Port Orange, FL
October 17, 2018

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Jeff Zhang

Cell: 617-***-****

Email: or

**** ******** **, **** ******, FL 32128


A senior software engineer position to high-throughput, high-performance, and cloud computing.



Highly experienced with analyzing and trouble-shooting large and complex enterprise software

Expertise in modeling, simulation, and optimization using distributed and parallel algorithms

Extensive knowledge in C/C++, bash shell script, Perl, Python and Java

Experienced with Makefile, BLAS, git, cvs, MySQL, Hadoop, Spark and MPI and multi-thread.


Kolter Solutions

04/2018 ~ Present

Consulting Software Engineer

Troubleshooting MIS server-end of MySQL database which runs on a Linux VM server and manages petroleum products of single or multiple petroleum depots.

Maintaining libraries, refactoring its build system and multi-thread applications.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL

09/2017 ~ 12/2017

Adjunct Professor at College of Engineering

Teaching an undergraduate course: Scientific Programming in C.

Tutoring freshmen students on using C and how to approach problems.

Dell EMC, Hopkinton, MA

07/2014 ~ 03/2017

Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for maintaining and enhancing event daemon (service), storage management API, SNMP plug-in, security components of EMC enterprise storage management software products in C running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms.

Automated the release build system using Jenkins integration framework for the EMC enterprise storage management software targeting 10 platforms.

Maintained and enhanced functionalities of enterprise management software security modules, including data encryption for inter-process communication and system authentication and remote execution authorization.

Implemented C unit test framework using Google Test for EMC enterprise management software.

MathWorks, Natick, MA

10/2012 ~ 06/2014

Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for sandbox tools, Makefile, and Jenkins continuous integration system.

Enabled a distributed testing tool for Matlab/Simulink products on heterogeneous platforms (Windows and Linux), harnessing available computing power from desktop computers.

IBM Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY

07/2010 ~ 09/2012

Software Consultant Engineer

Collaborated with the X10 research team in developing a new parallel language to improve programming productivity.

Designed and implemented X10 Global Matrix Library (GML) to support parallel matrix computations on dense, sparse, and distributed matrices running, obtaining ~5 Gflops/node in matrix multiplications using 1024 nodes of a BlueGene/P Mainframe system.

Developed X10-GML applications, including GNNMF, page rank, linear regression, logistic regression, and conjugate gradient used to conduct quantitative statistical analysis in aerodynamic flight simulation and stock market prediction.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

07/2004 ~ 2008

Research Assistant at Department of Radiology

Developed parallel maximum-likelihood estimation algorithm using MPI-C for 3D image reconstruction of breast mammography.

Achieved ~30X in the 3D breast image reconstruction on 64-node Itanium SGI Altix system.

Supervised the 3D image reconstruction on a 32-node cluster of Breast Tomosynthesis[1] in its 3000 patient clinical trials.

Mindspeed (Conexant), Westborough, MA

08/2000 ~ 05/2002

Software Engineer

Enhanced simulation of ATM communication processors (Tcl/tk) and compiler tools, achieving performance improvement by 10X ~ 20X.



X10 GMT high performance matrix library for parallel computing in X10:


Ph.D. in CE, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

2002 ~ 2009

Dissertation: “Adaptive Grid Computing”

Advisors: Prof. Waleed Meleis and Prof. David Kaeli

Designed and implemented adaptive MPI workflow framework for MPI applications targeting multiple computing clusters on heterogeneous networks.

Implemented inter-process communication library complying with MPI-1 specification for parallel executions across computing clusters.

Parallel Ellipsoid algorithm based on Matlab-C-MPI approach, achieving super linear speedup on a 32-node IBM p690 system.


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