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Engineer Civil

Doral, FL
October 16, 2018

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Name: José Gregorio Rojas Mogollón

Nationality: Venezuelan

Profession: Civil Engineer

Date of Birth: April 23, 1975

Address: **** **, *** **, *****, Fl . 33178

Tel.: (786) 775.36.28


Migratory Status: Permanent Resident


Civil Engineer graduated from the Metropolitan University, Caracas - Venezuela, as a member of the Year 2000 Promotion. With a performance during 18 years in the construction industry in Venezuela, performing functions inherent to my academic training and with the desire to venture into the field of civil engineering developed in the USA.


During the 18 years of my performance in the construction industry in Venezuela, I have accumulated the following experiences in different companies related to construction:

Resident engineer

As a service provision in this particular aspect I played the following tasks:

Period: April 2000 - December 2004

-. Engineer in charge of the development of the construction of a residential group of Town House-type homes, located in Cagua, Aragua, Venezuela

-. Design and construction of a water system served for the company BASF of Venezuela in Industrial Zone, located in Turmero, Aragua, Venezuela

-. Design and construction of an industrial warehouse for the company Café Don Francisco CA located in Cagua, Aragua, Venezuela.

-. Coordination of works, planning and control of work, supervisor of personnel, preparation of budgets, design and execution of civil projects.

Period: February 2014 - December 2015

-. Execution of preliminary works such as demolition, cleaning and preparation of the land for the construction of a residential complex of Town House type housing in the city of Maracay - Venezuela.

Deputy Inspector Engineer

Period: January 2004 - March 2005


-. Inspector Engineer in the completion of 500 housing units in Libertador Air Base, Palo Negro, Aragua, Venezuela.

-. Supervisor of Works, planning of work, revision of valuations, check of metric computations

Field Engineer

Hired by a company dedicated to the development of large residential complexes of social interest, for the period specified executed, in the town of Charallave, Miranda, Venezuela, the following tasks:

Period: April 2005 - September 2005

-. Supervisor of works, hiring and personnel management, payroll control, work planning, preparation of valuations, metric computation check, for the completion of 94 homes and the construction of 74 new housing units of social interest.

Administrative coordinator

Contracted by the Venezuelan State, specifically by the Ministry of Housing and Habitat, I fulfilled, in the region of Aragua, with the following tasks:

Period: May 2006 - January 2008

-. Supervisor of the Program "Replacement of Rancho por Casa" (SUVI) in the municipalities of Girardot and Mariño of the State of Aragua, Venezuela (Housing development of social interest)

-. Advice, instruction and practical training to cooperatives graduated in the specialty of masonry, plumbing, electricity and other related to the specialty.

-. Supervision and coordination of works

-. Preparation of valuations

-. Preparation of periodic reports on the progress of the work in execution

Works Management

In own company dedicated to the realization and execution of construction projects.

Period: May 2006 - December 2017


-. Planning and administration of works

-. Metric calculations

-. Realization and negotiation of budgets

-. Remodeling and carpentry

-. Coordination and Supervision

-. Personnel management


-. Civil Engineering, Metropolitan University, Caracas-Venezuela, 1992 - 2000

Title: Civil Engineer, Academic Index 3.31

-. Course: Unitary Price Analysis with Apubasic 2002, College of Engineers of Maracay, Venezuela.

-. Course: Autocad Bidimensional 2002, ARTS Instituto de Computación Gráfica, Caracas - Venezuela

-. Course: General Inspection of Works, College of Engineers of Maracay, Venezuela.

-. Course: Management in Construction and Real Estate Projects, Metropolitan University, CENDECO, Valencia - Venezuela.

-. Course: English Course as Foreing Language. The Language College. Maracay - Venezuela


-. During the 18 years of performance in my civil engineering specialty, I think I have developed an effective leadership that has been demonstrated in the successful achievement of the objectives entrusted to me or, in any case, that I have proposed.

-. The strategies I have set for negotiating budgets with people or companies to offer and sell a project has resulted, in most cases, a win-win relationship.

-. Through a clear and practical communication I have encouraged the dialogue among the interested parties that has resulted in the benefit in the start-up, development and completion of a constructive project.

-. My concern to cultivate and keep updated my technical knowledge is the product of my desire to perform at the end of the day "good accounts"


My training as a Civil Engineer combined with the knowledge acquired through the experience accumulated over 18 years and the different courses I have taken to be able to face the challenges that have plagued me, have developed in my conditions to perform efficiently. the following areas: Engineering, Project Management, Construction, Project Planning, Construction Management, Planning, Budget Development, Reforms, Inspection, Customer Service, Supervision, Auto CAD Management, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word .

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