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Chemical Engineering Manager

Boston, MA
October 16, 2018

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Self-motivated, collaborative, and detail-oriented engineer with experience in leading complex research and development projects simultaneously. Applies material and chemical engineering knowledge to optimize manufacturing techniques and employs characterization tools in order to deliver innovative solutions. Specialized in prototype fabrication, thin film coatings, characterization, optimization, quality control, and yield/efficiency improvement for plastics, electronics, solar cells, optoelectronics, soft electronics, composites, CMOS, MOSFET, OLEDs, and semi-conductor devices with extensive hands-on experience. Comfortable presenting to a variety of audiences and using experimental data to draw insight that cultivates change. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA [GPA: 3.55] expected Dec 2018 B.S., Polymer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran June 2013 SELECTED MANUFACTURING-FABRICATION-CHARACTERIZATION-MANAGEMENT-DESIGN SKILLS Si/Polymer Processing

Wet/Dry/Plasma Etch



G/L/T Chromatography






NMR/Mass Spectroscopy





Electromechanical Testing



Six Sigma/FMEA/LabView



Graduate Researcher, Supramolecular Nanomaterial Laboratory, Northeastern University Sep 2014-Present

• Designed & developed organic photovoltaic prototypes based on self-assembled rosette nanotube

• Synthesized & optimized cost-efficient stacked graphene electrodes for flexible soft optoelectronic devices

• Nano-manufactured & characterized MEMS device of aluminum nitride piezoelectric nanoplate resonator

• Employed high-throughput offset printing of nanoparticles to enhance conductivity by aligning nanotubes

• Designed & fabricated inexpensive solar simulation efficiency test kit by CAD & 3D-printing techniques

• Designed & machined shadow masks for thermal evaporation of thin film of aluminum and calcium

• Developed and optimized prototype manufacturing processes by Six Sigma & statistical data analysis

• Created standard operating procedure and safety protocol for experimental modules and instrumentation

• Reinstalled, repaired, and troubleshot equipment such as gas stripper, LLE, RO, and heat exchangers Undergraduate Researcher, Polymer Processing Laboratory, University of Tehran Aug 2012-Aug 2013

• Explored foaming effect on the conductivity of hybridized carbon nanocomposites

• Inspected fiber orientation on extruded polystyrene composites with/o foaming agent PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Construction Manager, Golestan Site, Baghmisheh Urbanism Company, Tabriz Sep 2013-Sep 2014

• Lead 10 technicians in structural reinforcement project, meeting all budgetary, timeline, & safety requirements

• Adjusted and enhanced reinforcement plan through problem-solving and collaboration with civil engineer Research & Development Engineer, Farayand Sazan Energy Company, Tehran Oct 2010-Oct 2012

• Analyzed and verified design plans for gas compressor station plants in arid and oil-rich regions

• Conducted market research for supply purchasing; managed project budget and cost reduction analysis Process Engineering Intern, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Unit, Tabriz Petrochemical Complex Apr-Sep 2011

• Assisted with process control, online sampling, streamline flushing, and troubleshooting

• Improved unit’s efficiency by employing polyurethane coating to repair the sulfuric acid tanks LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE

Research Mentor, Supramolecular Nanomaterial Lab, Northeastern University Jan 2015-Present

• Mentored and trained 15 undergrad/grad students on continuous fabrication of degradable polymeric devices

• Supervised undergraduate/graduate students and visiting scholars on the solar cell fabrication

• Managed team work by assigning experimental tasks and data collection to a team of researchers

• Evaluated and offered suggestions for improving performance, yield, and results

• Taught scientific data collecting, technical reporting, and data presenting in posters and presentations Graduate Teaching Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, Northeastern University Sep 2014-Present

• Mentored over 700 students on Discovery, Development, Design, and River Remediation Projects

• Rehearsed procedures and safety protocols with students with full observation during the experimentation

• Supervised individuals & groups on apparatus operating and instrumentation handling

• Had students improve their problem solving by investigating cause-and-effect relationships

• Taught experimental design, data analysis, technical writing, and presentation skills President, Iranian Student Association at Northeastern University Sep 2017-Present

• Led weekly organizing meetings, communicated with administration, faculty and community members

• Solicited and secured sponsorship for ceremonial events with a total of 600 guests; Managed funding

• Planned and executed supervision over sales, catering, performing, and staffing MANUSCRIPTS AND PUBLICATIONS

• E Keyvani-Someh, Z Hennighausen, W Lee, R Igwe, S Kar, H Fenniri “Organic Photovoltaics with Stacked Graphene Anodes” ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1(1), 17-21

• E Keyvani-Someh, L Shuai, W Lee, T Yamazaki, H Fenniri “One-dimensional Porphyrin Arrays by Self- Assembled Rosette Nanotube” Submitted to Journal of American Chemical Society

• E Keyvani-Someh, W Lee, L Shuai, H Fenniri “Organic solar cells based on Porphyrin-Functionalized Rosette Nanotube” In Progress


• Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, College of Engineering, Northeastern University. 2017 & 2018

• Publication Award, Chemical Engineering Department, Northeastern University 2018

• Travel Award, Graduate student Government, Northeastern University 2017 RELATED COURSE WORK

• Micro- and Nanofabrication, Electrical Engineering Department 4.00/4.00

• Nano and Microscale Manufacturing, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department 4.00/4.00

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