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Sales Accountant

Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt
October 16, 2018

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Name : Hossam Hassan Hassan Al Abhar

ADRESS : 4A _ Ebrahim Hussen, from Botros st, Tanta

Officers buildings Zahraa Nasr City Cairo



Marital Status: married.

Nationality: Egyptian.

Place of Birth: Egypt.

Date of Birth: 03/11/1985

Military Status: Exempted.

Phone Number: +2-040-*******

Mobil: 010*-***-**** & 010********.

E-mail: hossamalabhar @


Tanta University (Egypt)

B.Sc. of Commerce, Account Major.

Years of Study: From 16/09/2002 to 18/06/2006

Cumulative Grade: PASS (Possible Categories: Very Good, and


Subjects : Operations Research, Micro & Macro Economics, Managerial

Accounting, Statistics, Insurance, and Mathematics of Finance.


1. Good time management skills.

1. Self-motivated and hardworker.

1. Fluent English language both written and oral.

1. Creative, determenant, willing to learn and advance.

1. A highly motivated individual .

1. Excellent communication skills .

1. Working under pressure and stress .

1. Have license personal drive .


GOOD USER IN: Windows XP & windows 7, Word, Excel, Internet, and

Information Technology.


Recent Job: Accountant and internal auditor .

Company Name: Pioneers Securities .

Job Overview: I have worked in the Pioneers Securities, where company

operates in the field of trading securities are dealing with individuals

and institutions in the field of buying and selling securities have worked

as an accountant in the branch of Tanta, where I do I follow the accounts

of customers, whether buying or selling and I was working to ensure the

authenticity of bills customer and verify the purchase and sale of shares

and cash transfers from account to account And the work of checks to

customers and collect the cash and deposited in the treasury and the work

of receipts on the accounts and review the debts that you open the company

to customers and make sure of the duration and make sure that customers

have paid off and then worked as a reference internal to the buying and

selling for customers and make sure of compliance with the orders executed

on the screen of implementation And make sure there are written orders to

customers and match them to sign the customer and verify the documentary

cycle also worked as internal auditor in the main branch and the branch of

Alexandria .

Period: January 2008 to October 2011.

Occupation: Sales Man.

Company Name: Falcon Group, a pharmaceutical.

Job Overview:A company for the production and distribution of drugs has

worked in the field of distribution of medicines to pharmacies and drug

stores and cash collection of sales and supply of the company I was working

on the publicity of the products with the doctors are specialized around

all the pharmacy even be marketed medications as I was doing publicity for

medicines in pharmacies .

Period: From October 2006 to November 2007 .

Recent Job: Accountant .

Company Name: Nasr Company for rubber products .

Job Overview:I work accountant in the field of rubber manufacturing, where

do I follow up on customer accounts through sales and reimbursements bills

either cash or checks and the settlement of notices of clients taxes and

work matches with the customer to match the accounts and also work on the

daily US General Fund where I work to assemble all the company's accounts

during the month

Period:from January 2012 till now.


Diploma in computer accounting (ctc) Computer Technology Center {The

Egyption Institute Accountant & Auditors } .

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