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Masters level education top level high end sales. All computer

West Hollywood, California, United States
October 18, 2018

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Joey Pace has an sales and marketing as well as several masters in retail management. I have also worked at some of the world’s mt exclusive boutiques in managerial positions over the last 15 years. I am proficient in all aspects of Microsoft and Word .

Salesforce as well as most retail based software.

I have run a team from 10-20 employees over the years.

I have been responsible as the retail manager of high end luxury establishments for the last 15 years I have run all aspects of all the boutiques I have worked in since 1995. All aspects from HR, hiring and diligently training my team.

I am incredibly precise and have my own concept of floor scheduling devised by what strengths are needed, what employees have those skills and can complement each other.

I have just sold my share of my design company and retail showroom. To two of the partners I began the business with in 2005.

The experience was invaluable and has only made myself as a business woman and an employee more marketable.

The most passion I get from my work is being a high end retail manager.

My job was becoming more focused on intricate design and less and less on sales and management where I most excell. Out of necessity I was being pulled away from what I loved and I was not seeing a way back.

I would like to join a company where I can be in a lead retail management role and really shine. I am not just looking for a retail management job. I am looking for a retail management career.

I am looking to build a new career at a new home where there is opportunity to learn as well as share my experience and leadership skills.





Executive manager, Lead Interior Designer, Partner


My friends and I from graduate school with similar backgrounds and a common dream opened an Interior Design Firm, with a high end retail studio that complemented our design business. All of us had degrees in Design, business and retail. We all had managed to huge success some of the most famous and well known retail stores in the world

But to say going out completely on our on did not leave all three of us with butterflies would be a lie.

Our partner Malika did all the buying for homes decorated outside of the United States.

My job was buying for the Los Angeles retail showroom which was eclectic, contemporary and traditional it just had to grab my eye.

This was an incredible experience for me as it was the first time I was truly starting from nothing. I was not being hired to run a team that was already in place. It was as if there was not even the foundation of the house to work with we were putting in the plumbing and electrical

Most of my previous jobs as the manager prior to our showroom opening I was given a lot of freedom, but this was ours.

I was responsible for dual management. Not only was I the manager in charge of all aspects of A well

Designed Life the retail showroom that was next to the Interior design studio. I was also in charge of everyone who worked in the Design Studio.

In total I was managing 14 people implementing 2 floor shifts and keeping track of 2 sets of stocks. I was solely responsible for ordering for the Interior Design aspect as well as our retail accessories showroom.

We designed the Interiors and the retail as close to one space as we could with just the slightest bit of separation. This was some more for efficiency then design but when I was done it looked spot on.

If a design consultant had finalized her decisions on style and color of a custom sofa and the order was sent out.

So much more of a flow to say Jennifer take

over to the accessories area and show her some of our favorite accessories for the sofa she just choose in fabric B16.

It really worked well from a client based standpoint and from a managerial standpoint. I was now managing one large entity my employees were working together cohesively understanding - ok let’s get the mold the base design down with some lead designers and then let’s get some junior or small scale designers with a great sales

background to accessorize the main footprint of the space with the objects we carried.

While this was going on it gave the lead designers a chance to see where the client was going jump in with some ideas and pieces that we did not have.

This allowed us to grab design from all over and make a mock up board pretty quickly. Magazines the computer there is a whole world to choose from

On what clients want my teams job was to make sure that the clients wants coincide with their needs..

I adored the managerial aspect of the job hiring and training really top notch people. Really good designers and salespeople are not so easy to find but so exciting when you do.

I loved training I loved being able to treat my employees really well as I believe you are as only as good as your employees. I am just one person the employees run the store - happy employees happy store.

We took a store from $0 everything and 3 people in 7 years and in that time we have become a company of 20 that has far exceeded our sales goals both in our open concept design store and we have designed and remodeled 25% percent more homes than we thought possible.

Plans never run perfectly forever one of our partners had to move with her husband and kids back to NY

One of Partners wants to go back and live in Italy and I want to stay in LA but I had become 50% Interior Designer which I love I have a masters degree from NYU but it is not my passion.

My passions is the career I built in retail management and that is where I want to get back to. Working for a company where there is a larger team room for growth. This was the greatest experience for what I want it has only greatly enhanced my ability to be a super star luxury store manager.

We are not taking on any new projects our retail studio has been converted to an accessible online store and I am available to begin a new Job within the week.

Hythiam (publicly traded company on the Nasdaq)

11150 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles Ca


Director of sales and marketing, manager of onsite location. Inside and B2B sales.


In late 2004 I was offered the job as the director of sales and marketing which really transferred over more clearly to the in-house sales rep and B2B sales rep for a new pharmaceutical company.

The name of the company was Hythiam and the company was started by Terrance Pfizer Michael

(Milken from the 1980’s) some prison time. If you were acquainted with this time Terrance Pfizer was Michael Milken's wonder kid and right hand man.

After Milken went to prison which Pfizer averted he amassed an enormous financial portfolio and became known as the king of the pump and dump.

Creating company’s out of thin air ballooning them, the upper echelons of management getting out rich and poof there was nothing left.

I did a lot of research and this did not seem to be a pump and dump. I was specifically recruited for the job and 3,000 people nationwide were already working and had been for several years prior to my arrival.

The company claimed to have found a treatment that many many addiction doctors were very very excited about. The treatment being sold by Hythiam was called Prometa. Prometa was a 3 day medical intravenous treatment that claimed to drastically lessen the cravings for drugs and alcohol in chemically addicted patients. Not only did the treatment claim to drastically reduce the cravings it made the bold statement that it all out stopped them.

All the double blind studies and it was amazing and confusing for 70% it was a miracle. Individuals who had suffered their entire lives with drug addiction were cured they had no cravings and were staying sober for years.

Other people had zero reaction to the cocktail that was administered over the course of three consecutive days. There were no placebos. There was no answer it worked wonders or it just didn’t work.

The treatment cost $15k cash we did not accept insurance where the treatment was administered and it was way too cutting edge for any insurance company to even consider reimbursement.

My Job at Hythiam was two fold. I actually sold directly to the patients and their families seeking relief from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as being the LA rep for all B2B sales.

It was my responsibility to sign up hospitals and doctors offices to come into partnership with us. I had a financial quota that had to be met in both arenas. The hours were long and my tine was divided between selling to individual clients and outside business sales.

Out of all the people that worked in the company I was the only employee that maintained the role of client liaison (selling to our direct market for more than two months no one could do it) I sold Prometa under Hythiam to individuals for 4 years straight there was never a day that I did not close a sale of $15k. My average day was closing 3 $15k treatments in one day and my best day was 8 $15k treatments in one day. My sales projections were to sell and close 3 a week. I experienced the same in my B2B sales I was exceeding my sales quota by such a shocking rate I was rarely called Joey but simply the closer.

I very quickly had a large corner office an assistant $20k raises every 6 months I personally between my B2B sales and individual sales sold between $5 million to $15 million as I grew a year for the company.

I have a BS in Sales and Marketing and several masters degrees and I think that greatly helped but I have always been one of those people that everyone joked could sell snow to an Eskimo.

It was a great experience I was in my 30’s pulling in more money for the company than it’s top top inner management.

The money was great but ultimately my values got the best of me. When I believed we were really helping people I could sell like crazy. With all the success I had came more insider knowledge.

I began to realize that we were shooting in the dark no one really had any idea if this cocktail even worked. I had been led to believe it worked on 70% of the patients when in reality it was hit or miss.

Hythiam was also about as tight buttoned corporate America as one could ever get. Ultimately it was not where I wanted to be.

I missed design and fashion my plan to be a high end luxury fashion or design manager was my dream and while this was an incredible opportunity that taught me more about business than anywhere

(I am actually an expert in salesforce) It was an invaluable 5 years that really honed my business and sales skills quite sharp but by 2011 with this new found wealth of knowledge blended with my previous expertise I felt ready to give running my own shown a try.

Susan Ciminelli Day Spa-Liaison to Bergdorf Goodman

Senior manager of Luxury Day Spa

754 5th Ave Ny NY 10019



I was the first ever manager of the first ever day spa at the most iconic retail store in the world Bergdorf Goodman.

I was responsible for all of the day to day runnings of the spa everything from hiring, onboarding all training. Both our sales and floor staff as well as brand train and hire the best skin care artists in the tri state area.

Susan Ciminelli was a Celebrity esthetician that wanted to do that, be that: work on her clients and create and expand her incredible skincare line.

When she hired me she was very clear. Yes she wanted to take on being the first ever spa at Bergdorf Goodman and all that it meant but she wanted to hire me to do all of that. She wanted her life to be her spa her treatments and her skincare line.

She was not a salesperson a marketing person a design person or much of a people person. She liked my intense design background combined with my managerial business background. She felt confident I could take the meetings with Bergdorfs, Design the packaging, hire train handle all HR create a budget that we needed to stay on point and keep us there.

It was a large task but I knew I had the skills I knew this was the type of high end manager I wanted to be. I wanted to be able to and feel confident running the show and managing/ running the first ever spa in Bergdorfs History as well as deal with the managers and directors of Bergdorf Goodman who were assigned the spa lay out, and work with executives from the most famous retail store in the world was a gift of a job.

This job was where I wanted to go. To be the high end luxury manager that was fashion, design and business savvy.

I learned very early on from my father who had several of his own companies that you are just one person. Hire a great team treat them really well be kind and gracious. You are only as good as your employees. Make them happy.

I hired the best sales people technicians assistant managers I made sure that I had the support to help me do the enormous job that was ahead of me.

I was responsible for 2 schedules our front desk floor and sales and our technicians. A high end assistant manager was always present and I worked 6 days a week for 4 years I don’t think I took a vacation but I built an invaluable black book that I still have today. I have kept in touch with every magazine writer that did a piece on us many of them are editors now and that is something huge I can bring to a new job I am very very connected in the industry not just in California but in every aspect of the fashion and design industry. I have 60,000 people that follow me on social media.

I keep myself current and on point and that is another asset I can bring with me. I am incredible with social media I could walk in anywhere and be the director of social media. I have changed friends business in months with my social media savvy.

Although I did not work directly for Bergdorf Goodman I learned and received such a rare invaluable experience being able to work on a regular basis for 4 years with managers and directors of the most well run successful Luxury inspired store in the world.

I would probably have moved on to working in a directors or managerial position at Bergdorf Goodman as we had had some talks. Susan felt the Spa was too big and the executives at Bergdorf Goodman were incredible impressed how I stepped in and was on point and made the Spa very successful and they had a home for me in an executive capacity.

Love came calling in the form on a Lawyer in Los Angeles. I left on wonderful terms with a job waiting for me should I ever return I never have but I have stayed in touch with everyone.


260 Wheatley Plz Greenvale NY 11548


Manager High End Fashion Boutique


I was the only lead manager with two assistant managers at this site. Scoop was a mid range very hip boutique they carried all the it clothes AG Paige

ect very now very cool.

I was responsible for hiring my team training. Ensuring that my girls were each given 3 outfits as an onboarding gift amd were also given 3 more at a steep discount. It was my input that the team at all times should be in clothing from the store. We had a face a look we were putting out.

The last thing you want in your store is an attractive smart sales associate looking great and having a client ask her to please get her what she is wearing and she is not even wearing anything the store has.

Embarrassing you have lost your sale instead of making an amazing one I have seen it happen all the time.

I was responsible for meeting all monthly and quarterly sales goals which I did and I surpassed them every term. I feel this had to do with proper training really hiring people that are going to showcase what you are selling. Picking your schedule very wisely and as a manager you need to use your social media your black book all the tools you have collected that have made you a high end manager come out and build the next store or take it to a higher level.



4400 Mass ave NW DC 20016


B.S in Sales and Marketing- Major

Public Relations -Minor


721 Broadway Ny,Ny


Masters Degree in Interior Design


Borgo degli Albizi 15 50123


Masters Degree in Business and Fashion


Borgo degli Albizi 15 50123


Masters Degree in high end retail management


Borgo degli Albizi 15 50123


Masters in Merchandising


All computer skills word, Microsoft all retail specific programs. Expert in sales force and Autocad. Excel at social media. Exceptional sales skills, organizational skills, hiring and training. Very high end Design skills with extensive training.

Avid Horseback rider have ridden at the capitol center in Washington DC 6 times Madison Square Garden 7 times The Hampton Classic 10 times Lake Placid 5 times. I started riding when I was 5 and had to stop 5 years ago but it was like flying I truly loved and am blessed to have had the experience.

I really enjoy working I am not just looking for a job I have been very lucky in my career. I am looking for my next home. I wrote the Shop Talk Column for the Daily news as guest editor by request in NY.

I was also a weekly guest host on fashion and design for CNBC steals and deals. As a top manager I had a Weekley quest spot on air for an hour where I explained to the CNBC steals and deals clients how to really shop for that deal and when to get it. I have been a regular high end shopping personality since late 1990 for Fox 5 CNBC CBS and channel 9 and 11. I have three French Bulldogs I have a NY A personality. I love what I do.

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