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Engineer Process

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
October 18, 2018

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+63-090******** Mobile / ** years old /

Osio Road, Tadiangan, Tuba Benguet,

Baguio City, Philippines


* **ars of work experience in large semiconductor engineering operations with high volume semiconductor manufacturing industry. Experience and highly proficient in statistical methods of data analysis using JMP and spotfire tools, problem solving using 8D methodology, FTA, SPC, MSA, FMEA, DOE. Skilled and performer process engineer with excellent in meeting productivity, eliminating non-value added activities and controlling production cost


Process Engineer (Breakthrough & Sustaining) Texas Instruments Philippines Incorporated

BGA Laser Marking/Package Saw Singulation October 18, 2009 - 2018 Present

Key engineer and leading in driving improving Yields, Top3 DPPM reduction, Lot rejection Rate (LRR) meeting machine productivity (with hands-on legwork)

Key engineer in problem solving and prevention by identifying the systemic problem using common fault tree analysis, fish bone diagram, process mapping or six sigma (with hands-on legwork)

Key engineer in Improving process and machine capability, machine productivity (with hands-on legwork) by understanding every variable factor

Key engineer in performing DOE to understand the material characteristic vs machine capability and get the region of interest for both to come-up a working and realistic optimum process

Performed parameter and machine baselining/optimization to attained to eliminate unnecessary multiple parameter, eliminate chronic issues and non-value added activities

Performed Variable and Attribute Measurement System Analysis (MSA) for machine/process Improvement

Performed evaluation and DOE to come-up a stable process/machine stability, working parameters and optimized parameter

Key engineer and proficient in DEFINING STANDARD on process methodology, machine parameter and machine capability

Key Engineer in Defining Process Specification, Limits, Work instructions, FMEA and Controls

Visibility and open negotiation on suppliers/OEM for continuous process/machine improvement

Active in every CCB, MRB and Operation Review (OR) presentation for process/machine improvement

Expert in conducting study to define standard methodology, material characteristic and machine

Active and transparency on supplier/OEM for continuous drive on improvement (win-win)

Continuous drive on Cost Savings and Avoidance

Blade COST Improvement Program for Package Saw:

-Blade consolidation( from 12 different blade part numbers to 4-blade part numbers presently)

-Blade and UV tape second sourcing, blade rejuvenation/ Blade Life Extension

Punching tool modification to improve cost usage

Effective in Process Change Implementation and Improvement/Productivity

-Switching and Qualification of one device to another device on Machine Set-up/flexibility to Improve and Hitting Productivity and Cost metric

Ball Attach Process Engineer Apprenticeship ~ Texas Instruments Philippines Incorporated

- EPZA Loakan Road Baguio City ~ 2009


Expert in Mini-tab Analysis Tool, Expert in JMP Statistical Tools and Expert in Spotfire Tool

Expert in Design of Experiments (DOE) and MSA (Variable/Attribute)

Proficient in MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint

Knowledge in Ball attach and Die attach process

Programming and Operating of the Machine Precision Measuring Tool

Key engineer in defining specs limit of process /machine and capability

Operating/Troubleshooting BGA Devices Laser Marking and Package Singulation Machine

(APM, Josung, EO Tech Laser, Rokko, DISCO, ACCRETECH/TSK)

Additional Training/SKILLS

Train the Trainer (Certified) Six Sigma DMAIC

Blade for Singulation by DISCO Corp Work/Business Ethics 7QC Tools

Laser Marking by EO Tech mini-tab Analysis tools JMP Analysis tools

Design of Experiments FMEA /8D/Engg5S Material Science

Ball Attach Process Solder Balls Process Substrate Process

Process Mapping Characterization/Process mapping Presentation Skills

Package Mold Compound Problem Solving


Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Cebu Institute of Technology University ~ N.Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines 2003-2008


Top Performer Assembly Process Engineer

Eliminating trace burr – achieved ZERO DEFECTS PPM

Eliminating SR chips, damage solder balls on BGA devices

200% Defects Improvement on package dimensions/off-center problem and damage balls

Meeting Cost programs on Savings and Avoidance

(Blade Usage, Second Sourcing, Blade Life Extensions/Rejuvenation)

Continuous drive on innovation and active on PATENT ideas contributor


Improve machine productivity and manpower by implementing UNIVERSAL MACHINE HANDLER SET-UP program (machine conversion elimination/universal set-up and NVA elimination)

Improve machine productivity and manpower to overcome substrate material warpage by re-designing and enhancing machine capability – on-going patent review at US

Redesigned substrate material to eliminate and prevent copper trace burr on saw singulation process (attained and accomplished ZERO DEFECT PROGRAM on this project)

Improve machine productivity and manpower due to frequent tooling breakages by implementing Y-Cut Die Enhancement (attained ZERO TOOLING BREAKAGES)

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