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Maintenance Mechanical

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 15, 2018

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J.ANTONY ALEX Contact mobile number 0091-944-***-**** Email id:



I have gained a good breadth of experience with the profession and am keen to tackle any long or short term contracts available in the near future. I am a dedicated worker, an excellent timekeeper and enthusiastic in my search for new challenges. I am prepared to consider a range of opportunities commensurate with my experience gained thus far.

08 years of Oilfield maintenance experience with expertise in the following Equipment such as Centrifugal pumps and compressors, Reciprocating pumps and compressors, Rotary pumps & compressors such as Gear type, screw type, lobe type, Gear Box, Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines, Column, Vessel, heat Exchangers & Reactor.

Educational Qualification

Professional : DME - Diploma Mechanical Engineering

: SSlC from st.terasas High School

Employment History:

Period : Jun 2017 to Still Date

Employer : CPCL, Chennai

Designation : Mechanical Technician

Period : Jan 2017 to Feb 2017

Employer : QCHEM QATAR,

Designation : Rotating Equipment Technician

Period : Jan 2015 to May 2015

Employer : QCHEM QATAR,

Designation : Rotating Equipment Technician

Period : Feb 2011 to Jun 2014

Employer : ONGC,Mumbai

Designation : Mechanical Technician

Period : Oct 2010 to Jan 2011

Employer : OFS

Designation : Mechanical Technician


Carry out equipment erection, Installation and Commissioning of all Rotating and Static Equipment’s,

Alignment with & without piping, Pipe Stress check, bearing inspections, assemblies of all mechanical equipment’s.

Carry out Inspection of Vessel, Tanks, Strainers, Scrubbers, Coolers & Piping

Preparing Punch list and clearing punch list according to P & IDs and Reviewing P&IDs

Prepare all tools & tackle required for commissioning of equipment & steady state of plant

Performs preventive maintenance and Corrective Maintenance for all Rotating and Static Equipment’s

Performing Solo Run, Coupled Run, Functional Test and Performance Test for all the Rotating Equipment

Carry out Hydro test, N2+He Leak Test, Leak Test for all the equipment

Update records of all critical values (alignment, clearances etc.)

Manpower allotment for completing the jobs and ensuring workers safety while carrying commissioning & Start up

Running a team of men with high regard site and personal safety.


Maintenance and overhauling of Centrifugal pump / Compressor, Reciprocating Pump / Compressor, Gas Turbine, Fine Fan, Blower and Gear Box.

Performs preventive maintenance and Corrective Maintenance for all Rotating and Static Equipment’s

Performs overhauls of Gas & Steam Turbine, pumps, compressors & mechanical seal replacements

Performs health checkups of rotating equipment (LLF- look, listen and feel), take preventive actions on equipment on alarms & critical observations

Plays key role in plant turnaround by executing / supervising machine overhauls

Maintain & update all equipment histories & records

Manpower allotment for completing the jobs and ensuring workers safety while carrying maintenance

Carry out day to day plant maintenance work independently


Maintenance and overhauling of Centrifugal pump.

Double suction single discharge pumps, maintains and overhauling of vertical sump pumps, single stage and multistage pumps.

Maintenance and overhauling of GE & Siemens Gas Turbine, centrifugal Compressor, reciprocating Compressor.

Maintenance and overhauling of positive displacement pumps, reciprocating and rotary pumps.

Maintenance and overhauling of Fin fans and blowers gear boxes.

Servicing of Centrifugal pumps (both horizontal and vertically mounted for seal leak, low flow rate and abnormal vibrations

Alignment of pumps and prime movers both axially and radially.

Servicing of Gearbox (Spur and Worm gears) of various fans, blowers and Mixers at tanks.

Maintenance and overhauling of GE (MS5002) & Siemens (SGT5-4000F&SGT-300)

Combustion chamber inspection, hot gas path inspection, Boroscope inspection. Vibration Analyzing.

Replacing of IGV blades and changing of bush as well as pinion gears, also setting of angles as per inspection.

Turbine, bearing, compressor rotor, stator, labyrinth seal clearance. As per drawing starting motor and Hydraulic axial piston pump maintenance jobs.

Routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, Lube oil filters, Fuel oil filters, Hydraulic oil filters, Fuel gas filters and Air intake filters Replacement. Flame arrester with breather inspection and maintenance jobs.

Preparing the preventive maintenance check list, Equipment Maintenance schedule, spare parts list, Material requisition and punch list.

Maintenance and overhauling centrifugal Compressor (Elliott, Pignone, Ingersoll rand).

Thrust Bearing &Radial bearing &Tilt bearing journal bearing inspection replacement.

Axial centering of rotor alignment.

Seal replacement Dry gas seal & Mechanical Seal, Gear coupling alignment.

Piston ring and rider ring wiper ring replacement on Reciprocating Compressor

Rim and face, Reverse Dial Indicator and Laser Alignment.


Servicing and pressure setting of all types of Safety Valves

Maintenance and testing of heat exchangers.

Shell and tube fixing, floating and u-tube type exchangers Maintenance and testing of pressure vessels, towers and columns.

Maintenance of valves, pipes and fittings (P.S.V and relief Valves isolation and NRV valve pipe, supports and insulation, all fittings and testing).

Experience and knowledge in dismantling, assembling and all type of control valves with product of NELES James burry, fisher mason Elian, dresser and velan.

Servicing of all types of Block Valves, gauge glasses, Steam traps and Burners

Maintenance of Heat Exchangers and coolers cleaning hydrotesting both shell and tubes

Servicing of fire trucks, trailer pumps and all firefighting systems like Sprinkler system, Deluge valve etc.

Storage tank (floating roof) maintenance.

Shutdown maintenance jobs of all columns, boilers, tanks and all other refinery, Oil/Gas equipment’s.


Follows all safety rules and guidelines established by the offshore, onshore and actively participates in safety meetings, safety programs.

Having good knowledge in Permit to Work, Safe Job Plan/Job Safety Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, Tool Box talks and Hazards & Hazards control

Imparts job knowledge & training to my team in the field.

Understands and apply to plant safety standards and maintenance procedures while performing work

Personal Profile:


Father Name : A. JESU RAJ

Date of Birth : 28/06/1990

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Language Known : English, Tamil & Hindi.

Passport Details:

Passport No : K 4034000

Date of Issue : 01/06/2012

Valid up to : 31/05/2022

Place of Issue : Madurai


I hereby declare that the information stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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