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Project Design

Everett, MA
October 15, 2018

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Mr. Xiaoqian Wang E-mail: TEL: 949-***-****


University of California, Irvine (UCI) 09/2012-03/2017

Major: Mechanical Engineering-Bachelor of Engineering

Northeastern University (NEU) 09/2017-present

Major: Project Management-Master of Science



GRE: 321(Verbal:159/82%; Quantitative:162/82%; 3.0/17%)

Programming: MATLAB, C++

Engineering Software: Solidworks, Solidworks Simulation

Analyzing Software: Pastran, Nastran

English Skill: Pro English communication without barriers

Project Management skills: Microsoft Project, Risk Register, Probability & Impact Matrix.


Marine Engine Department, Jiangsu Jintai Ship Research and Design Company 06/2014-08/2014

In 200t crane hydraulic system design project: designed hydraulic equipment and components; revised schematic drawings of control system

In research project of the safety protection system of mobile loading in beacon ships: learned principle of safety protection system control; designed brakes and completed drawings; attended project design examination meeting

In 85-meter self-unloading sand boat turbine design project: fulfilled designing and drawing of shaft arrangement, tail shaft tube, jack shaft and rudder

Jinling Ship Manufacturing Shipyard 05/2017-08/2017

Participating in designing of 1200t shipping boat and analysis working condition of its engine and propeller.

Calculating engine’s working output and increasing its power by modifying some core parts. Arranging oil tubes and cooling water tower for ship’s engine. Calculating whole ship’s stability and analyze its water resistance and participating flowing test with other experts and engineers in Yangzi River.


Sub-lead, Thermal Energy 10/2016-11/2016

Advisor: Prof. Jaeho Lee & Prof. Yun Wang

Research Purpose: To design an improved body-powered flashlight which will be powered solely from the heat of a human hand and test different materials and fluids for most effective power output. Tested 3 different cooling fluids (AI, Steel, Plastic) with 3 different materials (Air, Water, Coolant). Fabricated 3 prototypes and run 100 second tests for power vs time. Designed and improved the step-up voltage regulator

Leader, RACECAR PROJECT 01/2016-07/2016

Advisor: Prof Maccathy

Design Goal: To design and manufacture a high-quality suspension system for a Baja Race Car

Assisted in finishing design on solidworks of trailing arms and assembling it to the mastering assembling

Analyzed and remeasured the turning angle in order to adjust the suspension to the correct position; adjusted the trailing arm and front turning wheels. Fulfilled fabrication work, including making jigs of front upper arms, bending trailing arms, profiling gussets of trailing arms and cutting upper right arms. Testing and Monitoring its working status.

Achievement: UCI Team placed 24th in the 2016 Baja SAE competition

Core Member, Robot Lab 03/2015-06/2015

Advisor: Prof Rangel

Research Purpose: To design a kind of robot which automatically searches and monitors the signal source of a field, avoids obstacles and quickly moves to the signal source

Established CAD models of the robot and ensured stability and practicability of robot mechanism Responsible for electrical fabrication, which includes electrical and pneumatic circuit designing, signal testing and core chips assembling

Assisted in mechanical fabrication and programming of chips.Conducted system control tests.

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