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rf research

Glendale, AZ, 85310
October 14, 2018

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J E R EMY H A N N A E - M A I L : D R . J E R EMY.H A N N A @GMAIL.C OM 1 of 3

J E R E M Y M . H A N N A, P H D

**** *. ****** **., ********, AZ 85310



Creative and methodical experimentalist with strong hands-on background in r.f. engineering and research, surface science and thin films for novel electronic materials, plasma wave propagation and plasma-surface interactions. Works effectively both individually or as part of an interdisciplinary team. Experience in designing systematic experiments with specific objectives, analyzing data, and publishing results.

Extensive experience with high-power, high-frequency amplifiers, circuits and antennas, and r.f. sputtering magnetron sources.

Experience in r.f. signal analysis using network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and vector signal analyzers.

In-depth knowledge of thermal, mechanical, and electromagnetic analysis using Ansys simulation software.

Expertise with real-time DAQ, system control, signal processing, PID system control, and general programming using LabVIEW and MatLab.

Expertise with helicon and reflex-arc discharge plasma sources, DC and r.f. plasmas, and high and low vacuum system design and instrumentation, floating electrostatic probes, and microwave interferometry.

Highly proficient in scanning electron microscopy, Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, X-ray diffraction spectroscopy, energy & wavelength dispersive X-ray analysis, auger electron spectroscopy, X- ray photoemission spectroscopy, thermal desorption mass spectrometry using residual gas analyzers, and the use of quadrupole mass spectrometers, and optical pyrometry.

Experience in thin-film deposition using r.f. sputtering magnetron sources, bonding of various materials using low-temperature, low vapor-pressure bonding techniques, as well as a high temperature hydrogen furnace.

Strong background in CAD and solid-modeling.

Machining experience including CNC and milling.

Proficiency in basic and ADC circuit design and fabrication, and SPICE.

Previous U.S. government Secret Security Clearance.

Beryllium Worker Safety Training certified – class 100 clean room facility operations.

Member of the American Physical Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Private pilot with instrument rating (single engine, land) and over 1000 flight hours. EDUCATION

1996-2003 Auburn University Auburn, AL

Earned PhD in plasma physics: “An Investigation of Neutral Effects on Ion Cyclotron Wave Propagation in the Auburn Linear Experiment for Space Plasma Investigations.”

Completed research unsupervised after advisor left Auburn University in 2001. J E R EMY H A N N A E - M A I L : D R . J E R EMY.H A N N A @GMAIL.C OM 2 of 3 1991-1995 Pennsylvania State University State College, PA

Earned B.S. in Physics


2009-2017 Beamwave Research, Inc. Naval Research Lab, D.C. Research Scientist, Electromagnetics Technology Branch, Code 6850

Analyzed thermal and mechanical stresses due to current loads on collectors within advanced vacuum electron devices using Ansys simulation software.

Planned and executed series of experiments to study distortion effects on TEW radar waveforms due to saturation of TWT amplifiers. Collaborated with theorists and TWT design team to improve modeling of TWTs to overcome distortion effects.

Designed and implemented adaptive system for testing pulsed r.f. amplifiers of varying power and frequency bands in order to establish drive curves and gain values over the full bandwidth of the amplifier.

Collaborated on designing a system to measure the drive curve and bandwidth of a 200 GHz, 5 W amplifier, and made the measurements on the new amplifier.

Designed and built experiment to test laser emission from a novel LED when driven with an electron beam. Used an electron gun designed by Beamwave Research to drive the LED at varying currents in a vacuum vessel and monitor ultraviolet emissions from the LED.

Participated in series of experiments on using thin-film diamond as an electron beam amplifier. Successfully created a technique to cleanly bond 4-10 μm thick flakes to a thicker diamond substrate. Also performed experiments establishing low temperature hydrogenation of the diamond emission surface.

Executed series of experiments to bond ferroelectric transducers to silicon wafers at low temperature using compression bonding of an In-Pt-Ti coating.

Refurbished and wrote LabVIEW controls for photoemission electron microscope, photoemission energy analyzer, and in situ scanning electron microscope.

Participated in experiments to investigate mobility of cesium on tungsten for use in cesium-tungsten cold cathodes.

2004-2008 University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA 2007-2008 Assistant Project Scientist, Center for Energy Research

Led experiments on high-temperature transients on carbon-beryllium mixed materials for ITER relevant plasma facing components, establishing the detrimental effects of materials mixing in an ITER-like device.

Planned and executed experiment to study angular sputtering rate of tungsten nano-structured surfaces due to argon plasma exposure at varying impact energies.

Designed and built control system for new high-temperature thermal desorption spectrometer, and began series of experiments on the gas retention of tungsten nano-structured surfaces exposed to hydrogen, helium, and mixed-gas plasmas.

2004-2006 Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Energy Research

Planned and executed experiments to study carbon film formation in carbon-grid ion thrusters.

Participated in experiment to measure angular sputtering of molybdenum and carbon clusters using QMS. J E R EMY H A N N A E - M A I L : D R . J E R EMY.H A N N A @GMAIL.C OM 3 of 3

Designed and built fast-sampling 2-color IR optical thermometer and spectral pyrometer for surface temperature measurements in pulsing experiments on PISCES.

Contributed to the design and implementation of a transient high-power system on PISCES.

Headed series of experiments on carbon and beryllium using pulsed power system to investigate high- temperature transients on ITER relevant PFCs.


Shaw, Jonathan; Hanna, Jeremy. 2016. Chemically stable visible light photoemission electron source. US Patent 9421738.

Shaw, Jonathan; Hanna, Jeremy. 2016. Thin diamond film bonding providing low vapor pressure at high temperature. US Patent 9238349.

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