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Joint Planner Military and Intelligence Analyst

Chesapeake, VA
October 14, 2018

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – United States Army Officer (Lieutenant Colonel, O-5, Ret)

ACTIVE Secret Clearance – and Top Secret with SCI Clearance, granted March 2014.

Seeks Strategic Analyst and Operational Planner Positions.

OCT 2017 – Present: USFFC N1, N1T, Ready Relevant Learning Strategic (RRL) Development and Long-Range Planner and Team Supervisor, NSA HQ, Norfolk, Va. 23511. Created the RRL Strategic Plan based on Senior Leadership Vision. Planning encompasses the documentation and communication of the plan. Developed requirements in support of the Strategic Plan to support future budget planning. Conduct analysis to support long-range planning related to the development of RRL initiatives and the integration of related learning technologies and information systems. Conducted analysis to address Strategic Gaps and Standardized Mission-Critical processes. Analyze proposed doctrine, policy, and missions to identify possible gaps and risks when compared to existing doctrine, policy, and missions. Provided research and recommendations to support execution of mission-critical responsibilities in order to standardized procedures and reference guides to establish consistency in execution of mission-critical processes while streamlining mission performance.

Gather information, identify issues and provide recommendations and draft documentation to achieve overall goals for RRL strategic planning.

Examine current process variance and gaps, and recommend process redesign and change management activities.

Identifies possible as-is/to-be gaps and risks, and documents recommended mitigations.

Prepare and maintain program strategic documentation and developed Working Group Charters designed to synchronize planning and integrate assets.

Provide program support for reviews, conferences, briefings and other meetings.

Develop and implement a risk management strategy and plan, and prepare risk assessments, analyses, studies and recommendations.

Provide recommendations on future requirements based on the Strategic Plan to support Program Objective Memorandum (POM) budgeting across the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP).

OCT 2015 – OCT 2017: ARCIC, JMC, Joint Planning Cell-Army SME, Newport News, Va. Knowledge of Strategic Planning Management, and Resource integration: Proficient in the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP) and Army Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), training and doctrine, joint planning and operations at Brigade Combat Teams, Division and Above echelons in support of Joint Forces and Intergovernmental Multinational operations. Proven ability to interface directly with General Officers / Flag Officers (GO/FO), Joint Intergovernmental Agencies and Multinational senior-level staffs; demonstrated ability to collect and write on Joint tactical and operational issues, provide recommended solutions and advise to GO/FO. Joint Analyst/Subject Matter Expert (SME) supporting the Army Capability Integration Center (ARCIC) Joint Modernization Command (JMC), knowledgeable with functional expertise in Army capabilities, processes and support to the Joint Warfighting Assessment (JWA):

Designs Joint Training Exercises for the Army Joint Warfighting Command (JMC)

Conduct and synthesize JWA mission analysis for both Army and Interagency equities.

Run joint integrated process team task management; liaise with JTCP and JNTC Managers.

Produce higher command orders, directives, governing documents for command approval.

Conduct both operational and intelligence analysis to make recommendations and incorporate emerging concepts in JWAs to advance joint and multinational modernization, interoperability and readiness in support of the Army’s Force 2025 and beyond (F2025B) Strategic Efforts.

Joint Master Scenario Event List and Joint Training Information Manager System planner.

Disseminating data, information and guidance pertaining to Threat and intelligence matters. PPBE and Joint Investment Database/PBR Manager for Joint capabilities and PPBE process.

Army and Joint Analyst/Operations Environment Enterprise Integrator SEP 13 – OCT 15

Intelligence Plans and Operations Action Officer, Newport News, Virginia. MAY 12 - JUN 13

Knowledge of Strategic and Operational Intelligence Enterprise Initiatives and Production methods: Served as the Operational Environment Enterprise (OEE) Integrator, Military Intelligence Action Officer, and Senior Joint Analyst (Army JNTC Team SME, supporting J7) specializing in a range of joint and major combat operations analysis, assigned special projects for the command; and participated in both external and internal-staff collaboration within Army Strategic Management Systems (SMS); TRADOC Knowledge Management Information Systems and Governance Processes; and Army Capabilities and Integration Center (ARCIC) research portals. Monitored, managed, planned, coordinated, and integrated Command Initiatives for implementation, measures of effectiveness and performance toward the TRADOC G-2 Strategic Action Plans (2012-2013) and the overarching Army Strategic and Campaign Objectives (2012-2013).

Deputy Director for Counterintelligence/HUMINT Operations, Djibouti. Advise and Knowledge of Intelligence Collection management JAN – MAY 2012 Provided direct Oversight and Deconfliction of all Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence operations in the Combined Task Force Horn of Africa Combined Joint Operations Area. Coordinated with Coalition and Department of Defense and other Interagencies in support of force protection liaison activities and operations. Supported the Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence missions by coordinating methods of collection, reporting, deconflicting, and liaising with Host and Partner Nations in support of the CJTF-HOA mission. Oversaw operations and funding of a theater-wide force protection liaison activities consisting of 45 personnel (selected by each Service). Represented the Senior Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Officer in all Joint Staff exercises and Crisis Action Team Planning events, intelligence collection, analysis, and production. Managed the Defense Travel System planning and coordination for over 45 personnel. Assembles enemy intelligence information and material. Coordinates flow of intelligence information between intelligence disciplines and supervises the all source production process. Supervises intelligence operations within combat brigade. Conducts general intelligence training. Supervises all collection management.

Executive and Operations Officer for TRADOC G-2 Jun 2010 – Jun 2013

Advise and Knowledge of Administration/Staff Liaison and Outreach: Served as the Executive Officer to the TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS) for Intelligence. Managed the daily staff actions and procedures for the DCS, G-2. Coordinated, synchronized, and responded to all aspects of the executive requirements involving the TRADOC Command Group Actions Office, G-2 enterprise directorates, and TRADOC partners. An Army Red Team Member and Army Starfish Program, who emphasizes upon unique critical thinking skills, fostering cultural empathy, self-awareness and reflection, applies groupthink mitigation strategies, and Red Team methodologies –resulting in delivering change agent outcomes, reduces uncertainty, and improves operational decision making. Monitors, records, and facilitates the executive flow of information exchanged between the Executive Steering Council, Core Competency Boards and the Intelligence Enterprise.

Joint Intelligence Planner, United States Joint Forces Command, Norfolk, Va. Aug 2006 – Sep 2009

Advisor and Knowledge of Intelligence Requirements Analysis and Production: Serves as Lead Military Intelligence Action Officer, Directorate of Intelligence J2, U.S. Joint Forces Command from August 2006 - July 2009. Mission-driven Intelligence Analyst with over 13 years of experience and expertise in conducting all-source intelligence analysis to directly support Battalions, Brigades, Divisions, and Joint Task Forces. Proven record of applying advanced intelligence analytic skills to identify, assess, interpret, and report potential threats. Ability to work collaboratively with inter-agency Department of Defense personnel in high-pressure situations and under tight deadlines and brief on military-political leadership, national military strategy, strategic doctrine, and regional relations with regards to their impact on force developments. Exceptional meritorious achievement during the Operation Iraqi Freedom “Surge of Forces” planning in Fiscal Years 2007-08 Force Sourcing Cycle Military Intelligence Joint Working Group Action Officer for U.S. Joint Forces Command. Led the Global Force Management Military Intelligence Joint Working Group for current operations and long-range strategic planning, manpower, personnel, and military intelligence resources and capabilities.

Company Commander, Battalion Military Intelligence Officer, Germany. Dec 2000 – Dec 2006

Knowledge of Threat Intelligence, and Personnel Recovery: Served as the NTC’s Senior Military Intelligence Company Observer Controller/Trainer and Lead Division Planner for Decisive Action Training Environment Exercises - trained 15 Brigades deploying to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and the Global War on Terrorism on HYBRID/Irregular Warfare Operations. Training and planning consisted of Intelligence and Operations processes-related research, collection process, collection activities, Threat analysis, and Intelligence Production. Trains immediate subordinates in specific phases of intelligence operations. Assists in appraisal of intelligence, operations, and training procedures. Coordinates operating requirements of subordinate units. Supervises intelligence operations in Prepares all source intelligence products to support the combat commander. Assists in establishing and maintaining systematic, cross-referenced intelligence records and files. Receives and processes incoming reports and messages. Assists in determining significance and reliability of incoming information. Assists in integrating incoming information with current intelligence holdings and prepares and maintains the situation map. Assists in the analysis and evaluation of intelligence holdings to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action. Assists in the preparation of Order of Battle records using information from all sources and in the preparation of strength estimates of enemy units. Assembles and proofreads intelligence reports and assists in consolidating them into military intelligence. Prepares Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) for Conventional / Irregular Warfare / Hybrid Threat products.


Graduate of Command and General Staff College, Intermediate Level Education (MEL 4) 2010

M.A. in Business and Organizational Security Management, Webster University 2010

M.A. in Computer Resources and Information Management, Webster University 2006

B.A. in Business Management and Economics (via LAMP), Virginia Wesleyan College 1995

Knowledge Skills and Abilities: Supervisor, Strategic Analyst and Operational Planner

J-23 Lead Intelligence Planner RRL and Army Strategic Planner Risk Mitigation Manager

Joint Planner/J-2/J-23 Joint Resource Officer Navy Strategic Planner/Developer

J2X Deputy (CI/HUMINT) TRADOC G-2 Executive Officer Army, Navy and Joint Planner

NTC Lead Division Planner NTC Observer Controller Senior MI Company Trainer

Intelligence Officer Field Artillery Officer Military Police Officer

Counterintelligence Officer Battalion Intelligence Officer HHC Company Commander

OE OPFOR SME All-Source Analyst Officer Research Practitioner

Irregular Warfare Analyst Proficient in Microsoft Office Creative/Critical Thinking

JTIMS Manager Enterprise Planner/Integrator Information Systems Administrative Coordinator Complex Problem Solving Project Management Plan and Operations Officer JNTC/JTCP SME Design/Process/Assessments

Counterinsurgency Conventional Warfare SME Administration Lead with COR

Military Analyst Army STARFISH Mentor RED TEAM Member

Management/Leadership Rapid Decision Making Design and Metrics Manager

After Action Review (AAR) Joint Investment Database MGR Planning Budgeting Resource

Multi-Domain Battle Planner RRL Integration Board Designer Transition Plan Director

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