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Reservoir Engineering Engineer

Ankara, Turkey
October 14, 2018

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Reservoir Engineer


Oyak Sitesi 6.Kısım 5.Giris Daire:39

***** ******* ******/******


**** – 2002 University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

(Specialized on Stochastic Reservoir Modeling and Reservoir Simulation) 1997 – 1999 Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

Department of Chemical Engineering, took classes toward MS degree in Chemical Engineering (not awarded because of awarded scholarship to pursue M.Sc. in USA) 1992 – 1997 Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Including one-year English preparation class) SUMMARY OF EMPLOYMENT & AREAS OF EXPERTISE

High Technical background in Reservoir Engineering, including but not limited, Material Balance, Static (Stochastic Reservoir Modeling) and Dynamic Reservoir Modeling and Reservoir Simulation including Black oil, compositional, streamline, fractured reservoir simulations, miscible gas injection, history matching, Production forecast. Sound knowledge of Geophysical, Geological and Production Engineering Discipline. Self motivated and innovative. Quick Learner, Ability to work in intensive work environment. Jul 2012 – Feb 2015 Schlumberger-SIS, Reservoir Engineer, Abingdon Technology Center, Abingdon, UK. July 2012-October 2013: SIS Technical Service, Abingdon, UK. Provide Technical support globally via InTouch, Customer Care Center (ccc) and Apropo

(customer support by phone) on Eclipse Blackoil (E100), Compositional (E300), Streamline Simulation, Petrel Reservoir Engineering and Eclipse pre- and post- processors.

October 2013 to Feb 2015: SIS Commercialization, Abingdon, UK. Commercialization of Intersect (IX) Grid Edit features. Testing the Grid Edit features with Petrel and ECL workflow. Intersect (IX) is the new generation High Resolution single reservoir simulator for all recovery processes of black oil, compositional, thermal, single and dual porosity and permeability.

Jan 2011 – Jun 2012 Schlumberger-DCS, Reservoir Engineer, Algiers, Algeria Jan 2011-March 2011: Phase I for Didon Field, PA Resources, Tunis, Tunisia. The Didon Field is located offshore in the Gulf of Gabes in located next to the offshore border between Tunisia and Libya. The Productive zone corresponds to El Gueria Eocene nummulitic permeability

(up to 1 Darcy). Initial reservoir pressure is 275 bars, only dropped by 13 bars since the start of production which indicating the support of an active aquifer. All Didon wells produce by natural flow. The oil production started on May 1998 from a single subsea well. A total of 10 wells have been drilled in the field.Currently five wells are producing. The STOIIP is estimated at 72 MMbbls

The work done during assignment:

1. Simulation Model review:

CMG-IMEX simulation model is converted to the ECLIPSE Simulation Model

Current Simulation Model Overview

Initial History Match

PVT Review (Differential Liberation Data is adjusted to the separator (flash) conditions. and surface density data is used. After this adjustment in PVT section, there is 7.5% increase in STOIP)

2. Analytical Studies:

Material Balance Study

Fractional Flow Study

WOR Analysis (WOR (Water/Oil Ratio) Analysis is studied Log-Log plot of WOR and Its simple time derivative versus time shows different characteristic trends for different mechanisms. WOR (WOR derivative) shows positive slope for channeling and negative slope for coning)

3. Uncertainty Analysis (Primary basic uncertainty analysis which is done on Field basis with Eclipse.)

Based on results and conclusions from Phase I, it is recommended to extend the study to phase II

April 2011-April 2011: Tifernine field, REPSOL E&P, Algiers, Algeria. Tifernine field was discovered by Sonatrach in the 1960s. The target reservoirs (C1, C2, C3 and C4) are located at an average depth of 1,500m. Repsol began producing Tifernine field since 1998 with an average production of about 1,500 bls/d mainly from C1 reservoir, but the production has since declined due to high water cut from a very active aquifer (current water cut is about 95%). Repsol is looking at the best option to develop both C3 and C4 reservoirs as the most recent well completed in C3 reservoir produced only 25bls/d after stimulation (hydraulic fracturing).

The work done during assignment:

Dynamic Model Preparation

Well Trajectories selection

Horizontal Wells with/without StageFrac

Multilateral Well

Production forecast for the C3&C4 reservoirs of Tifernine field based on single well model

April 2011-May 2011: Phase II for Didon Field, PA Resources, Tunis, Tunisia. The work done during assignment:

Model Initialization –Consolidation between the new static and Dynamic Model s Oil in Place.(The model is initialized with the J-Function)

History Match (The good match is obtained in terms of Field Reservoir pressure, wells oil production rate, wells cumulative oil production, wells watercut, wells cumulative water production, wells Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) and wells Tubing Head Pressure (THP).

Three sidetrack locations prepared and current producing wells (D7H and D10H) with these three sidetrack locations were considered as the prediction scenarios.

The prediction showed that for the base case, the remaining reserve is around 2.0 MMstb. An additional one sidetrack well will increase the producible reserves between 0.7 to 1.2 MMstb.

June 2011-August 2011: Bir Sif Fatima (BSF) Field, Groupement Sonatrach-AGIP, Hassi Messaoud, Algeria. (The project is studied in Pau-France). Supporting Reservoir Simulation Study in Pau- France.

The Bir Sif Fatima (BSF) field is located in Block 402a in Algeria and was discovered by well BSF-1 in 1997. Total number of eight wells has penetrated into TAGI reservoir of BSF field up to day. Four of them are producing and remaining are water injection wells. Dynamic Reservoir Simulation Model is generated in order to perform a history match of BSF Field production and pressure data. After the History Match phase the reservoir simulation model was used to understand the range in recovery based on the ongoing development, and to evaluate additional development activities.

The work done during assignment: Supporting the Project`s Reservoir Engineer on:

History Match (Wells Reservoir pressure, wells oil production rate,, wells watercut, wells GOR, wells Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) and wells Tubing Head Pressure

(THP) for producers and Wells Reservoir Pressure and Wells water injection Rate for injectors. Also available PLT `s and RFT data are also matched)

Reservoir Opportunity Index is used for a map generated in PETREL of the reservoir where it can be identified the best areas to drill new wells.

RapidPlan, Schlumberger proprietary for internal use (PETREL plug in Program), a software application designed to automatically generate an optimal well placement strategy.

Prediction Study with the base case (without any additional wells) and the wells location generated in ROI study.

September 2011-June 2012: Tidikelt field, Sonatrach, Algiers, Algeria. The Tidikelt area of study is located south west of Hassi Messaoud and the approximate areal size of the field is 260 km N-S and 160 km E-W. Gas bearing reservoirs are sandstone of Ordovician and Lower Devonian age. At least 33 wells have been drilled, with eight structures classified as discoveries and seven more as prospective. This project will lead into a field development plan for the Ordovician reservoirs in the Tidikelt area.

The work done during assignment:

The available reservoir engineering data were reviewed and classified and missing data were identified.

The available DST data are interpreted.

Construction of dynamic Model

The single well model will be matched with DSTs and analyzed, in order to identify the likely delivery from the wells, with and without hydraulic fracturing, with/without the support from the aquifer.

Nov 2010 – Dec 2010 Schlumberger-SIS, Reservoir Engineer, Khartoum, Sudan Supporting technically sales of ECLIPSE features of Well Friction Model, Multi Segmented wells, Boundary Flux Conditions,Parallel Options, Multi-Realizations besides Compositional Simulation and PVTi.

Feb 2008-Oct 2010 Schlumberger-DCS, Reservoir Engineer, R2T Project, Hassi-Messaoud, Algeria Hassi-Messaoud oilfield, one of the giant oilfields in the world, is a thick sandstone reservoir in the north-eastern part of the central Algeria. The field was discovered in 1956 with an OOIP estimated at 41 billion barrels and covers an area approximately 2000 km2. Currently, the field has around 1000 wells and divided areally into 25 zones. Hassi-Messaoud field is very heterogenic, complex with natural fracture in the entire field, salt precipitation and well integrity problem, well damage, and low matrix permeability, complex surface network gathering facilities. The area that focused pressured maintained by gas injection. Most of the production wells surrounding the injection wells have breakthrough. Understand the behavior of fluid flow in the natural fracture reservoir, miscible gas injection, gas injection pattern, proper geology description and modeling,is the key to manage the field properly and to maximize the value of the asset. R2T team s focus is Zone 23, 24, 25 and also some work done in Zone 1A,1B and 1C.

The work done during assignment:

Data Collection, Review and QC

Initial Pressure Analysis

Review/analysis of reservoir/well performance of Zone 24.

Calculate total withdrawal from producers and total injection to understand voidage replacement and determine gas injectors sweep efficiency and performance for selected cells through Oil recovery by Gas injection.

PVT analysis and Modeled Fluid Properties in PVTi, (Creating Fluid System, Defining experiments (CCE,DL etc) for simulation, simulating experiments, Comparing Equation of State to experiment results, Splitting the components, Grouping, Fitting Equation of State to experimental results by regression, regression to match viscosities, If Injection is available then extrapolation of PVT table)

SCAL, Creating saturation Tables for Eclipse

Static Model Review (Stochastic) and Sensitivity Analysis

Simulation Data Preparation (PVTi, SCAL, Schedule and VFPi (Vertical Flow Performance Curves))

For Schedule in simulation Data Preparation (Well Trajectories, Well Completion data

(Open Hole, Short Radius, Horizontal and Perforated Wells), Production and Injection history data preparation and QC (more than 50 years production and 20 years injection history), Well test data (kH, Skin, pressures), Work Over Histories).

Dynamic Model Set-up for Zone 24 (Single porosity/permeability, highly undersaturated black oil with Todd-Longstaff Miscibility)

Determination of Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) with Slim-Tube Compositional simulation (E-300),

History matches of Zone 24 including more than 70 wells (Oil Rate set; GOR, BHP and Reservoir Pressures are matched)

Gas Injector ́s profile (How much gas goes to which drain (Drains are D5, D4, D3, D2, ID, D1)

Gas Injection Tracking (Application of Tracer in simulation)

Gas Breakthrough direction study(some wells under influence of two injectors)

Comparing available measured PLT with Model`s PLT and adjust the model with the measured PLTs.

Reproducing history for model checking.

Preparation Saturation maps for all drains to determining unswept regions.

Prediction with THP control for producers.

Gas Injection Scenarios

Investigation of influence of gas injectors on surrounding wells.

Recommendation of gas injection optimization strategy resulting to save more gas.

Continuous reservoir monitoring schedule for Zone 24.

Reservoir Connectivity study for Zone 1C

Well Test Review/Re-interpretation for requested wells in Zone 1 (Zone 1A,Zone 1B and Zone 1C)

Single well material balance Study for all wells in Zone 1C with OFM Additional Projects worked:

Comparison of results of Single, Double and Triple Porosity reservoirs (fractured reservoirs) applied to the same reservoir.

Ahned Gas Field Project. Match and Calibrate reservoir simulation model with Well test data and search the connectivity among the wells.

Nov.2002 – Feb.2008 Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Reservoir Engineer, International Projects Department, Ankara, Turkey

Built reservoir model from isopach and structure maps; distributed the reservoir properties stochastically, utilized numerical simulation model in reservoir description, performed the uncertainty analysis study on production profile by using COUGAR

Modeled fluid properties in PVTi and special core analysis in SCAL

Participated in project development activities within the International Project Group in terms of probabilistic and deterministic reserve estimation ( by ECLIPSE if sufficient data available), production forecast, development plan and pre-feasibility studies on various oil and gas fields that company interested in Middle East, North Africa and Asia, some of them given below:

o Indonesia: AlurSiwah, AlurRambong, JuluRayeu, Bata Raya, AlurKocang fields reserve estimation (@Risk software) and Development scenarios in Eclipse.

o Iran: Kuraamabad Field ilam formation reserve estimation and Field Development scenarios in Eclipse.

o Syria: Block 24 Judea and Rutba formation; ElBishri,Kasra,QBW and WAB structures reserve estimation and Field Development scenarios. o Eqypt: Block 9 South Alamein Oil and Block 13 West Obeyed Block Gas Prospects reserve estimation and Field Development Study in Eclipse. Review of North Idku Offshore Gas Field, Perenco Asset, Farm-in Projects.

o Libya: Block NC188 and Block 147 Murzuq Basin reserve estimation and Development Scenarios of all possible structures. Libya Offshore Daryanah and Sirval reservoirs Leads, Maersk Asset, Farm-in Projects, Reserve estimation and Development plan. o Tunus:Louza Offshore oil field, Medoil Asset, Farm-in projects. o Angola: Review of “Redevelopment of the Safueiro oilfield offshore Angola”, Polaris petroleum Asset, farm-in project. o Kazakhistan: Review of “South East saztobe reservoir evaluation and simulation Study” done by Halliburton.

Successfully completed Cayirdere field simulation project in ECLIPSE Suite for a gas field including material balance study (P\z vs Cum. Gas Prod.), Vertical Flow performance curves are matched with measured pressure data, history-match (Gas Production Rate is set, Gas Tubbing head pressure(GTHP) and Reservoir Pressure are matched) and prediction.

Built a static model (by kriging) in FLOGRID for one of the biggest field,Raman, in Turkey.

Built a static model in FLOGRID for Akcakoca basin of Akkaya and Ayazli field in Black Sea sector of Turkey for reservoir Simulation.

TPAO reservoir engineering representative in Shah Deniz Offshore Gas- Condensate Field in Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea for 4 years.

Shah Deniz Project, SWAG(Subsurface Well Advisory Group) Member

Shah Deniz Project, FFD (Full Field Development ) Member)

Shah Deniz Project, TSC (Technical Subcommittee) Member

Attend many technical meetings and workshops (Baku and London) to discuss development of the project in respect of ongoing wells, well locations, full field development, reservoir modeling and reserve estimation. Monitored production and development plan.

Built static reservoir model and reservoir simulation model for Shah Deniz with the data provided by project s operator for incompany use.

TPAO reservoir engineering representative in ACG oil Field (Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli located Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan) for 1 year.

ACG Project, RWG (Reservoir Work Group) Member

Attend technical meetings and workshops (Baku and London) to discuss development of the project in terms of development plan, reserve estimation, production increase options, static and dynamic reservoir model. Monitored production and development plan.

Constructed static reservoir model with the data provided by the project s operator and validated oil-in-place volumes in PETREL for incompany use. Running simulation model for Chirag sector of ACG project. PUBLICATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS

Award Received three times merit increase based on performance (August 2011, August 2013 and August 2014)

Award (2009) 2009 DCS President ́s EAF Award winner: NAG (North Africa Geomarket) R2T Production Optimization project for Sonatrach in Algeria Paper (2004) Ehlig-Economides C.A., Serpen E., Laine E., “Effect of Areal Heterogenity on Waterflood Performance between Parallel Horizontal Wells” SPE 90346, SPE International Petroleum Conference, Puebla, Mexico, 7-9 November 2004

Presentation (2004) Serpen E., Laine E., Ehlig-Economides C.A., “ Effects of Geostatistical Heterogeneity on Lateral Flow Behavior ”, 66th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France, 7-10 June 2004

Thesis (2002) An Analysis of Recovery Acceleration in Heterogeneous Reservoirs using a Pi-mode Production System, Houston, TX, USA

Paper (2001) Tuncel A., Serpen E., “Emulsion copolymerization of styrene and methacrylic acid in the presence of a polyethylene oxide based-polymerizable stabilizer with a shorter chain length”, Colloid & Polymer Science, Vol:279(number:3),pp.240-251, March 2001 Presentation (2001) Styrene-Methacrylic Acid Copolymer Latex by A PEO Based Monomer, E. Serpen, M. Tuncel, T. Camli, S. Senel, A. Tuncel, 2nd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research In Eastern Mediterranean, May 20-24th, 2001, Ankara, Turkey. Scholarship (2000) Honored with a scholarship for Master s degree in the United States by Turkish Petroleum Corporation.

Award (1997) Award given by Hacettepe University Chemical Engineering Department Head, due to the success in M.Sc. Entrance written exam in first rank SOFTWARE CAPABILITIES

ECLIPSE (E100, E300, FrontSim, Office, PVTi, SCAL, Schedule, VFPi, Grid, FloGrid, PlanOpt, NWM), PETREL Reservoir Engineering and RapidPlan, IX, MEPO, COUGAR, Petroleum Experts IPM-MBal, Kappa-Saphir (Well Test Interpretation) WinGSLIB,

@Risk, Crystal Ball, OFM Usage, Mathematica, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and Power Point).


April, 2013 MEPO – Schlumberger (5day)

February, 2013 Eclipse EOR – Schlumberger (5day)

September, 2012 Intersect (IX) – Schlumberger (5 day) April, 2008 Guest Tester (Fractured Reservoirs and Compositional simulation)-Abingdon Technology Center, UK (4 weeks)

March, 2006 Petrel Introduction Course – Schlumberger (5 days) December, 2005 Reservoir Management – OGCI (5 days) November, 2005 Mature Oil Fields-TPAO(3 days)

May, 2004 FloGrid-Sclumberger (3 days)

LANGUAGES Turkish (native), English (fluent)

INTERESTS Reading books, watching films, listening to music, travelling. PERSONAL INFORMATION

Date of Birth: 1975

Marital Status: Divorced/ a son

Driver s License: Class C

Military Service: Completed in 2003

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