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Junior Software Engineer

Orlando, FL
October 14, 2018

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Gregory McHugh



University of Central Florida

BS in Computer Science

Orlando, FL

May 2018

Course Highlights: Database Management Systems, Numerical Calculus, Robot Vision, Systems Software, Processes of Object-Oriented Programming


Programming/Scripting Languages: HTML, CSS, Swift, SQL, C#, Haskell, R, JavaScript, C++, Python, Java

Frameworks and Tools: Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio, Arduino IDE, MySQL Workbench, SQL Server, Amazon Web Services, Django, Git, NodeJS, Apache


Created Website using Django

I implemented Django Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Bootstrap. The website was intended for the organizing and planning of university events, and the registration of universities and student groups/organizations.

2D Dungeon Crawler Game in Java

Implemented LibGdx/Gradle and opensource sprite art to create graphics and programmed AI search algorithm of enemies using A*. Player would direct a character through a series of mazes while enemies would seek out player.

Mobile App (iOS) Using AWS to Signal Arduino

User could remotely control solar awning. The solar awning would be directly controlled by an Arduino board, which in turn would connect to the internet via Ethernet and communicate with the iPhone via AWS and MQTT protocol. In the app, users could create an account login, register multiple awnings, and specify the angle to their liking. Alternatively, automation could be turned on so that the awning could automatically adjust its angle to achieve optimal solar power generation.

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