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Medical Medicine

Europe, Western Cape, South Africa
October 13, 2018

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Registered in England No. *******



First Name Schnitzer

Surname Paul Richard

Specialty Family Medicine Specialist

Nationality Romania

Gender Mail

Date of birth 09/07/1967

Marital Status Single

Children No





Degree Subject/Speciality and Medical School


Medical Doctor CAROL DAVILA Medical School of Bucharest . 08/1995 1. Specialist Family Medicine Specialist 04/2008


National Medical Chamber C84270



Language Level of language

English Fluent

German & France Basic

Personal phone number : 0040/ 762/666-849

Registered in England No. 2518546


Municipal Hospital of Slobozia


GP specialist practitioner at Anima Speciality Medical Center 01/2017-03/2017 Sanmed Bucuresti


GP specialist practitioner

At C.M.I.Dr Stefan Corina


EniSaipem-Project Doctor

Saipem- Project doctor working on a running project Dealing with administrative as well as medical issues . Consulting, investigating, and treating old existing patients as well as New patients, also dealing with small trauma issues, that needed small surgery practice .

Appling health prevention programs for local as well as for expatriate employs, and creating new education and awareness programs

Jul 2013 – Dec2014

Head of GP Family practice

CMI Dr.Schnitzer Paul Salcioara

Medical practice, leading a practice /clinic.

Having a list of 1800 – 2000 patients registerd

On the the clinic list, coordinating all medical activities and Practicing as family medicine specialist .

Feb 2011 – Jun 2013

GP-Family medicine Specialist practitioner .

At the CMI Dr.Stefan Corina clinic, carrying

The usual GP duties ; in addition i take an

Additional training in PAP smear sampling

and concealing for females with ages between

25y and 65y that are in danger to develop cervical Cancer ; a project that have the aim to discover

Registered in England No. 2518546

New cases of pre malignant or malignant cases

And taking the right steps in order to save the lives Of woman that already developed cervical cancer

Or has the probability to develop cervical cancer in future . May 2008 – Feb 2011

CMI Dr. Stefan Private Clinic :Urziceni-Ploiesti way,0927155 Jilavele-Ialomita .


GP – Family medicine specialist MD

Family Medicine Specialist with employment contract practicing at CMI Family medicine private clinic; Consulting investigating and treating local the community. Monitoring chronically ill patients, Pregnant women and children . Taking care of patients from a wide grup of ages,and a wide range of pathologies, also practicing preventive medicine like children vacination and chronic patients vacination,securing current medical careing . Facilitating the secondary medical assistance, supervicing and secure the local scchool .

Supervising pregnant woman from first day of pregnancy till labour time Children grouth supervising from todlers to adults till old age . In my medical activity I also managed to garou placing,blood samples prelevation,injections,uretheral cateterisation,itradermoreactions, vaginal examination ; rectal examination, EKG, ulcered varices bandaging,otoscopy eye fundoscopy,simple steaching .


08/2007 - 04/2008

CMI Dr. Stefan Private Clinic

Urziceni-Ploiesti way 0927155

Jilavele-Ialimita .



I worked as a Family medicine trainee doctor carrying out the same duties as in previous clinics Today I continue to work at the CMI Dr. Stefan clinic as family medicine doctor,carrying out the same duties as prveosly during the afternoons . Final rotation in the trainig program for family medicine specialist, and passing the final exams (practical and theoretic ) for family medicine specialist . 1/1/2007 – 2/1/2008

Municipal Hospital Bucharest

Registered in England No. 2518546

Spliul Independentei 169 sector;5

76251 Bucharest ROMANIA .

Chief Clinical Tutor for GP Resident Training

Responsible of a nomber of patients ;and presenting them to medical students. Cheack on the students daily routin clinical activity, follow patient treating and procedures applied by my students .

01/2007 - 08/2007

CMI Dr. Nicoleta Private Family Medicine Clinic Romania Regie Policlinic

Nr.8 Regie Buievard;sector;6

Bucharest ROMANIA .


I worked as a Family medicine trainee doctor ; routine consultancies, monitoring of chronically ill patients, as well as follow-ups of pregnant woman and child development monitoring I also do work capacity evaluation of my patients as well as their self management .

Follow up of chronic patients :like hyper tention and diabetic patients monitoring, children consultation diagnosing and treating,primary and secondary medical prevention along with current medical careing .The clinic had a list of 1000 patients . 10/2006 - 12/2006

Family Medicine Surgery


8 Austrlui st. sector ;2 Bucharest 73112



As family medicine trainee doctor

Consultations, diagnosing,and treating as a Family medicine Doctor ;investigations ordering, follow-up of chronically ill patients,as well as pregnant women follow-ups, periodic population screening by laboratory analysis,work capacity evaluation periodic and after major health events. The Clinic had a list of 1000 patients. 04/2006 - 09/2006

Municipal Hospital of Bucharest

Splaiul Independentei 169; sector:5

76251 Bucharest ROMANIA .


Trainee doctor

consulting and diagnosing at the 2nd surgery section, blood samples prelevation simple steaching, uretheral catheterisation, pleural puncture, abces drenage, steaching at the end of surgery, nail extraction,ulcerated varices bandaging, iv treatment initiating .

Registered in England No. 2518546

10/2005 - 03/2006

Alfred Rusescu

120 Lacul Tei sector;2 Bucharest ;ROMANIA .


As trainee doctor :

I have consulted

Children and toddlers consulting diagnosing and treating . Medical and surgical examinations, blood samples prelevation, otoscopy and laringo scopy for ENT pathologies,treating infectious deseases, and all medical pathologies presented by the childrens in the ward, including uretheral catheterisation,iv.treatment . 04/2005 - 09/2005

Municipal Hospital of Bucharest

Splaiu Independentei 169, sector;5 Bucharest

76251 ROMANIA.

Starting teh training program for family medicine specialist program . I was working in internal medicine consulting, diagnosing and treating patients with wide range of complicated and non complicated chronic pathologies . Runing medical investigations,ekg,blood samples prelevations,uretheral cateterisation of males and females,otoscopy,oftalmoscopy, laringoscopy,diabet, hyper tention and other chronic pathologies diagnosing treatment and follow up including balance them for long periods of time ;partial and full rehabilitation after surgeries or other minor or major events,or before moving to a rehabilitation ward . 03/2004 – 04/2005

Wikends and night shifts at the HIPOCRAT 2000 medical centre Bucharest 137-147 Basarab Blv. sector:4 Bucharest ROMANIA .

Whide scale GP consutations off houre shifts and wikend shiefts . Feb 1996 – Mar 2004

Hipocrat 2000and out of hours shifts .


I worked as a GP consulting the clinic patients with wide range of chronic and Acute pathologies ; beside consulting new income clients diagnosing and treating Them for acute and or chronic pathologies .

I was also doing out of hour shifts in different hospitals in Bucharest In internal and ER wards .


31/10/2016 – IADC RIGPASS Accreditation Program

Registered in England No. 2518546

10-13/12/2013 Ro-Ro Passenger Ships/Passenger Ships Other Than Ro-Ro Passenger Ships No.00001907.Date of issue 13/12/2013.Date of expiry 13/12/2018

04/12/2013 Security Awareness Training&Security Training For Seafarers With Designated Security Duties No.00010295.Date of issue04/12/2013 02-13/09/2013Basic Safety Training,Certificate No.:00003668.Dateof isue13/09/2013,date of expiry 13/09/2018

14 -15/08/2013: PALS (Paediatric life support)Certificate No.0010. By the Romanian Paediatrics Association .

24-26/02/2014 Basic Offshore Safety Introduction &Emergency Response Training Incl.Huet+Emergency Breathing System

Basic OffshoreSafety Introduction &Emergency Breathing System,Certificate No:84715700260214022,date of expiry 25/02/2018 Hypertension and Diabetes monitoring and treatment adjustment during the routine work-practice .

CLINICAL skills,techniques,and experience :

clinical skill,tipe of experience area of clinical practice years Examination and treatment of adults Family/General Medicine 15 Diabet and nutrition diagnosis and treatment Internal /Family medicine 15 Examination of todlers Pediatric /Family medicine 15 Examination of children Pediatric/Family medicine 15 1y – 18y

Children vacination Pediatric/Family medicine 15

Adult with chronic deseases vacination Family medicine 15 Dermatological examination diagnosis and treat Dermato/Family Medicine 15 Infectious deseases examination,diagnosis Medicine/Family medicine 15 and treatment

Imunization of patients with chronic deseases Medicine /Family medicine . 15 Child growing follow up Pediatry/Family Medicine 15 Pregnant woman follow up Obstetrics/Family medicine 11 Pregnancy follow up

Assesment of cardio vascular risc factors Crdiology/Family Medicine 14 Assesment of diabetic risc factors metabolic /Family Medicine 15 Follow up of patients with hypertention Cardio vascular/Family Medicine 15 Diabetic patients follow up Metabolic/Family Medicine 13 Registered in England No. 2518546

Follow up of patients with complicated Medicine /Family Medicine 14 chronic deseases.

Balance patients with complicated diabet Metabolic/Family Medicine 14 Examining and folowing up patients with Rheumatology/Family Medicine 15 rheumatic deseases .

Examination, folow up and balance patients Rheumatology/Medicine/Family 10 with complicated rheumatoid deseases Medicine

Examination of patients with chronic hepatic Gastro/Family Medicine 13 pathologies,follow up and balance .

Examination, investigation of patients with Pulmonary /Family Medicine 14 pulmonary deseases chronic /acut .

ENT,upper and lower respiratory tract infection Pulmonary/ENT/Family Medicine 15 Examination of patients with oftalmologic pathologies Oftalmology/Family Medicine 15 Examination of patients with neurological pathologies Neurology /Family Medicine 10 and follow up .

Psichiatric and cognition examination, trearing Psichiatry/Family Medicine 10 and follow up .



Fisical Examination 5000

Cardio Vascular Examination 4000

24h Blood Preassure Monitoring 10

Respiratory sistem examination 5000

Urinary tract examination 3000

Locomotor Examination 50

Otoscopy 1000

Oftalmoscopy 500

Aproximate Visual Examination 200

Suture Removal 30

Calculate the aproximate date of Delivery 15

Bloking nasal bleeding 25

Dressing changes 16

Registered in England No. 2518546

PR Examination 50

Prosthatic Examination 400

Examination of thiroid gland 350

Mamary gland examination 100

Vaginal Examination 70

Large joints examin 1000

Neurologic Examination 60

Spine examination include 1000

lombar spine examination .

Cardiac and respiratory examination 1200

Todlers Examination 500

Children Examination 500

Cardiac and respiratory examination 1000

of todlers and childrens .

Rmoving of foreing bodies from 400

ears or nasal cavity from todlers

childrens and adults .

Sexual end family planing education 150

Screaning for chronic deseases 1000

Screaning of metabolic deseases 1000


Interested in chronic patients monitoring and evaluation. Interested in general work capacity of people .

Reference Contacts :

1) Dr.Stefan Corina MD GP Specialist

Head of Surgery clinics Ialomita .

59 Bucharest Constanta High Way

Registered in England No. 2518546

Ialomita ; Romania .

Telephone nr. 0040/24/328-80-14 .

0040/753/0125-55 .

2)Dr.Voinea Liliana-Mary MD.PhD.


Bucharest Municipal and Univercitary

Medical Centr Hospital .

169 Splaiul Independentei Sector 5

Bucharest ; Romania .

Telephone nr.0040/722433940

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