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Manager Engineer

Bellevue, NE
October 13, 2018

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Hugh J. (Janse) Van Noordwyk


Senior level positions including program/projects management (PM), technical expert/advisor and consultant, engineering manager and mentor which encompassed operations management, environmental engineering, and HSE for national and international companies. Seek to enhance a company’s reputation and revenue; expand company infrastructure; organize, clean-up, increase and diversify a company’s project opportunities. Thusly maximize client growth including sales and productivity, product development and streamline services; enhance employee structure, sales and retention; and promote company status with my significant experience and expert knowledge of the oil and gas industry in the environmental field international levels. Enjoy project management and development, mentoring, training and guiding staff to their top performance with hands-on, open door style. Excellent at keeping all advised and executing a purposeful, sound cost effective trim budget and preparing reports and meeting deadlines. Take pleasure in maintaining association with many colleagues and companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. I am an accomplished international employee and don’t mind business travel. During my entire career I have practiced the Principles of Bioenvironmental Engineering. I am the most versatile environmental manager who can meet all your expectations and needs. Have studied and worked in pipeline HHD, horizontal and vertical drilling and have a good understanding and knowledge of UCOG. My BSChE is a definite plus for wastewater, water, desalinization, sewerage and remediation, and UCOG management careers. I am an expedient professional proposal writer and business development manager. NOTE: Middle Eastern countries pattern their Environmental Standards, Rules and Regulation after the USEPA and UK at times. Sometimes they take the information and put it into use verbatim or with slight alteration. Expat workers from the US are employed in the Middle East to bring them this knowledge and awareness and put the ethics into practice.


Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) (Minor in Chemistry)

USAF - Brooks AFB, School of Aerospace Medicine San Antonio, Texas

Diploma in Bioenvironmental Engineering (MS eq.) (Educational and inclusive of Environmental Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Pollution Control Engineering, Wastewater/Water, Conservation, Radiation/Nuclear Training, Disaster Training & Recovery, OSHA Training, Emergency First Aid/CPR, Safety & Fire Training, Hospital Sepsis, Human Factors Engineering and Public Works/Planning Engineering) I became USAF base teacher/mentor for all the above areas at each base assignment. Working out of the hospitals I held military and public classes on the above.


Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) (IPEP) - Certified 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012

Emergency Training and Evaluations, Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency (FEMA) - Certified 2006

Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOP) - Certified 1984 and 1997

Quality Management (QM) Principles Instructor – Certified

Principles of Radiation Protection Instructor – Certified


Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP) - Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) 1997-2012

Air & Waste Management Association

Tau Beta Pi National Honors Engineering Society


Accomplished 20+ year manager of up to 76 combined staff, direct and indirect, in areas encompassing proposals, programs, projects, modelling, prototypes, construction, sampling and laboratory. This includes office, field, offshore and site staff. Company has multiple Middle Eastern (ME) Offices in 5 different Gulf countries.

Manager for multiple projects, programs (including Jubail Royal Commission Environmental Monitoring and Auditing Program) and contracts at various locations including the budgets and accounting for those locations, departments, assets and projects in the environmental engineering field including P&L, bearing in mind P&L ratio and budget adherence. Asia, ME, Africa and USA locations.

Competent technical and commercial presentation, proposal, report and manual (i.e.; safety/health, study guidelines, plans, feasibility studies, EIA, EIS, ESIA, EMS, EPM, CEMP, etc.) writer with advanced verbal and communication skills. Familiar with HYSIS, ADMS, CORMIX and ENVID reviews.

One of the first to help bring desalination into the Middle East and have worked on two projects start to finish. Worked on cleaning the water with various treatments for Iraq after Gulf War.

Performed as the base Radiation Protection Officer at three air force bases. University certified in Principles of Radiation in conjunction with radioactive gauges, weapons and hospital testing/diagnostic equipment.

First line business development with strong account retention through commitment to service quality standards and client/company satisfaction. Great team builder and excellent mentor.

Expert in remediation, solid, toxic and hazardous waste, waste to energy, purification, osmosis, desalination, groundwater, water, wastewater, noise and air quality as well as appreciable experience in many other environmental areas.

Conducted many Environmental Site Assessments (over 75): Phase I and Phase 2 using the principles of Environmental Site Assessment Process ASTM E 1527-05

Knowledgeable in environmental (USEPA), transportation (USDOT), safety/health (OSHA) and other regulations in the USA, the Middle East and other countries.

Over 20 years practicing ALL principles of Bioenvironmental Engineering (which includes EHS work and OSHA work) for every job where applicable. Excellent plan maker for environmental waste for EMPs.

Technical advisor and consultant to various levels of governments, organizations, manufacturing, production, engineering and refinery contractors, builders and clients.

Served as Division Head in charge of Process Engineering and Process Control Engineering, in addition to regular job, for nine months and for various other career periods totalling approximately 5.2 years. Also handled FEED and re-engineering reviews during those times (ARAMCO).

Have managed five difference country offices for environmental studies, consultations, services and projects (Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait).

Have worked in the triangle of three countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey for oil and gas terminals, refineries, offshore and platform work.

Have managed as team leader sampling and investigative crews (20) for investigation of environmental practices, report, progress, performance, mentoring and environmental needs.

Advanced implementation of program/project development procedures and techniques.

Excellent at technical writing, proposal writer, critiquing, packaging and correction. Mentoring of staff to perform and perfect the best proposal writing practices.

Utilized Quality Management (QM) techniques on problematic projects and Time Management (TM).

Certificate in Supply Chain Store management (2009)

Excellent troubleshooting with quick attention, response, problem solving, organizing and oversight. Taught CPR, Red Cross First Aid, Safety, Radiation Protection and Disaster Recovery and Response Classes. Held various Safety and Fire Response classes.

Totally safety conscious and impress others to be accident free, aware and alert in everything they participate in and to dress for safety in their jobs.

Mock Disaster Preparedness classes and practice drills including those of petrochemicals and rocket fuel fires and spills and air craft crashes. Worked out of four military base hospitals as hospital Duty Officer and Rocket Propulsion Lab to create safe research and maximize stations, sampling, investigations and routines.

Always seeking ways to improve quality and quantity of business development and work produced while reducing costs and overhead. Helped bring to companies and have working knowledge of ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2008, OSHA 18001 (now ISO 45001) and other ISO’s.

Proficient at thinking and conceptualizing beyond the present and seeing the whole picture and tasking from those viewpoints with attention to organization, detail, deadlines, client’s wishes and budget/costs.

Well-developed leadership goal driven organizational management and teacher; mentoring, and motivator of nationals best skills and pride in work.

Talented management style with clear-cut communications, hands-on style, mentoring and open door policy.

Able to work professionally under pressure with proven business, managerial, analytical, organizational, and technical skills and while mentoring, teaching classes, conducting presentations, conference booth sales and conducting surveys, investigations and sampling work.

Handled many socio-economical, sustainability and community development projects throughout career.

PC proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and other routine software programs and certain technical software.


3G Environmental Services Ltd 2015-2017

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia (contract work)

Engineering & Technical Director: directed and/or advised on all engineering and technical matters and activities for the five companies that comprised 3G Environmental Services Ltd. Instrumental in procuring a 5 year contract to manage all hazardous waste activities for the Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco). The Managers of Engineering, SSHE and Quality Management reported to me.

SNC Lavalin Arabia LLC 2014-2015

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia (contract work)

Senior Projects Manager: managed and procured onshore and offshore projects. Recommended and approved environmental methodology for the dismantling of a large off-shore hydrocarbon distribution platform. Also, procured and managed all environmental and energy concerns and considerations for Saudi Aramco’s South Dhahran homeownership project. Mentored and trained junior staff. SNC-L purchased Kentz Environmental in the Gulf and as part of the deal SNC-L had to find jobs for all Kentz engineers so SNC-L laid off last in as first out and so had shorted contract.

Nature Environmental Studies & Consultation Services WLL 2012-2014

Manama, Bahrain, and 4 other offices in Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Kuwait, UAE (contract work)

Director, Technical & Business Development: directed and coordinated all technical and business activities within the company for five Middle Eastern country offices. Restructured internal procedures to increase work flow efficiency and enhance deliverables quality. Oversaw all projects for all five offices, mentored workers and services included the complete range of environmental studies, assessments, auditing, testing, monitoring, etc. for a variety of private, public and government clients. Past projects included working on KSA Northern Rail Road EIA, Yanbu refinery LDAR, various government contracts. Obtained various certifications for company.

BP ~ Azerbaijan Georgia Turkey Region [AGTR] (Contract employee through Moody-Intertek Int’l) 2011

Baku, Azerbaijan

EST Leader: supervised the AGTR Environmental Specialists Team (EST) on all environmental regulatory, technical and other aspects, concerns, considerations and issues of projects, facility and process modifications, procedures, monitoring, etc. Conducted and/or coordinated meetings, visits, inspections, audits, studies, testing, sampling, vendor meetings, etc. Facilities included onshore (3 terminals, pump stations, supply bases, produced water treatment facilities, waste management facilities, etc.), offshore (platforms and rigs) and pipelines. Promoted to supervisor during first 90 days and performed in two position slots simultaneously. Also mentored, trained and instructed younger, less experienced staff in all aspects of environmental engineering and pollution control. Received Certification of Medical Fitness for Offshore and Remote Location Work. BP laid off all ex-pat contract workers in order to renew their contract in this location and had to hire all nationals.

WorleyParsons Arabia Ltd Co. 2009-2010

Al-Khobar and Jubail, Saudi Arabia (contract work)

Corporate Environmental Manager: managed environmental projects, studies, assessments, audits, etc. Provided environmental guidance and expertise on other Company projects and undertakings. Developed business in the environmental field with existing and prospective clients and some in other countries besides KSA.

MIC Environmental Manager: insured that all Ma’aden Infrastructure Company (MIC) environmental concerns met or exceeded company and national/international standards and requirements through thorough analysis, proper engineering and appropriate coordination. Prepared, implemented and managed Construction Environmental Management Programs (CEMPs). Also served as environmental advisor to the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) on all environmental issues, concerns, projects, etc. for its encampment infrastructure phosphate project as well as other mineral operations. Worked setting up air monitoring station and community complex through commissioning phases.

Shaw Arabia Ltd. (SAL) 2008-2009

Riyadh and Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (contract work)

Regional Manager: had responsibility for SAL’s operations in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. Activities included business development, staff supervision, P&L, proposal preparation, project supervision and support of corporate headquarters in Riyadh. Travel to Jubail for work conferences and development of business in Western Province as well.

Professional Adviser, technical and organizational, on several confidential, Saudi Government projects and other work. Offsite remediation management and community developments near proposals/working projects.

WSP Middle East Group (WSPME) 2005-2008

Jeddah and Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia & Dubai, UAE (contact work)

Technical Advisor/Expert: directed a training program established to instruct young Saudi engineers and scientists in how to conduct environmental inspections of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Also contributed on a project to upgrade Saudi Arabia’s current environmental standards to fit specific environmental requirements and conditions of the country. This work was performed for Saudi Arabia’s national environmental agency, the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME); formerly known as the Meteorological and Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA).

Engaged with a variety of environmental projects and programs within KSA and the UAE. Served as WSPME’s KSA representative on other projects, studies and business development within KSA. Prepared, implemented and managed several CEMPs. Active participant in WSP business development in the Middle East. Investigated coastal areas for tourist complex and clean-up.

Saudi Company for Environmental Works Ltd (SEW) 1998-2005

Al Khobar and Jubail, Saudi Arabia (contract work)

Technical and Business Development Manager, and past Operations Manager, for a leading Saudi environmental/waste management services and consulting company. Responsible for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 14001 certifications, waste/wastewater management/minimization plans, environmental risk assessments as well as other areas of environmental engineering and pollution control such as air quality monitoring/pollution abatement/emissions control, water/wastewater monitoring, treatment and reuse/discharge, solid and hazardous waste treatment and reuse/recycle/disposal, effective medical waste disposal and noise measurement and abatement.

Program Manager (PM) for the Environmental Monitoring and Auditing Program for Jubail Industrial City, one of the world’s largest industrial complexes. Entailed reporting to the Saudi Arabian Royal Commission regarding air pollution, water pollution, solid and hazardous waste, noise, environmental safety concerns and emergencies.

Independent Environmental Consultant 1996-1998

Omaha, Nebraska (self-employed)

Consultant: conducted reviews, studies and projects of various environmental concerns with private, public and government clients. Key activities included:

Preparation of the Process Safety Management Plan for a large wastewater treatment plant’s chlorination facility.

Preparation of the Safety Operating Plan for a private aircraft terminal’s fuelling facility.

Conducting underground gasoline storage tanks leakage investigations and providing remediation recommendations.

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi ARAMCO) 1980-1996

Dhahran, Ras Tanura and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (perm employee)

Supervisor: supervised all aspects of environmental engineering at various capacities and at various times.

Managed up to 76 technical, professional and administrative staff members.

Developed and implemented programs, i.e.; Tank Seals Inspection Program, Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA) Program, Pipeline Hydrostatic Water Disposal Program, Offshore Platform Environmental Inspection Program and Groundwater Contaminant Monitoring Program. Facilities included refineries, NGL processing/storage plants, power plants, marine terminals (onshore and offshore), onshore and marine pipelines, offshore production and gathering platforms, tank farms, industrial and domestic water/wastewater treatment plants, sulfur recovery/processing plants, communities, etc.

Project Management (PM), i.e.; Monitoring Systems for Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring Network, Groundwater Contaminant Monitoring Wells Network and Desalinization Plant Performance Enhancement and onsite/offsite management of large remediation projects.

Environmental Advisor on the 1991 Gulf War oil spill and a principal investigator of the spill’s aftereffects. Gave spill impact and remediation measures presentation to Saudi ARAMCO’s Corporate Management. Also was Company’s chief Oil Spill Advisor for several years in the early 1980’s while based at Ras Tanura.

Leader of new unit created to resolve environmental concerns of a company acquired by Saudi ARAMCO, which included auditing of Air Pollution Control Equipment, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Solid and Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Practices, and Noise Levels. Facilities included refineries, marine terminals, pipelines, tank farms, bulk plants, airport/air base fueling facilities, etc.

Conducted a special study that investigated biofouling in reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

Conducted air emissions inventory of Saudi ARAMCO’s many oil and gas industrial facilities.

General Electric (GE) Company 1980

San Jose, California (temp contract)

Program Manager of environmental qualifications program for nuclear reactor in-containment of mechanical and electrical components and other equipment and company need. This program was developed in response to the Three Mile Island incident to determine and measure the failure rate of components while being mechanically, electrically and radiation stressed.

Acurex Corporation 1977-1980

Mountain View, California (contract work)

Project Manager/Senior Staff Engineer: Managed and conducted numerous environmental projects and studies for private industry and US Government agencies. Three of the more interesting were the Development of Waterborne Coatings for Wood Furniture (published), the Destruction of Hazardous Liquid Wastes in Cement Kilns and major Solar Panel designing/testing.

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M) Company 1973-1977

Saint Paul, Minnesota (perm employee)

Senior Staff Engineer: Managed 3M’s corporate hazardous waste program and was responsible for all environmental considerations of 3M’s Metropolitan Twin Cities plants, including but not limited to fire and safety, OSHA violations and accidents, stack sampling, asbestos removal and disposal, and chemical materials/waste safety considerations, containment, treatment, disposal and logistics. Trained staff, lab workers, survey and sampling teams for all 3M locations.

The Ben Holt Company 1973

Pasadena, California (contract work)

Senior Staff Engineer: Coordinated field efforts on a project conducted for the USEPA. Supervised subcontractors, wastewater sampling teams and lab technicians.

Assisted in the development of Effluent Guideline Limitations pertaining to Fruits and Vegetables Drying, Canning and Freezing and related industries. Extensive national travel for this project.

VTN Consolidated, Inc. 1972-1973

Irvine, California (contract work)

Staff Engineer: Coordinated environmental studies and prepared reports for private, public, and local, state and federal government clients. Studies included planning for removal and disposal of hazardous waste (HW) and HW tanks, landfills, traffic, site evaluations (EIA/EIS), asbestos, water, wastewater, air, noise and remediation. Work entailed compliance and auditing. Worked on EIA and environmental planning recommendations of elite beach housing community (Laguna Nigel, CA).

United States Air Force 1968-1972

Various Air Force Bases in the United States (honourable discharge)

Bioenvironmental Engineer: Performed environmental, water and pollution control engineering, industrial hygiene, health physics and human factors work during four assignments at three Air Force Bases. Taught First Aid, CPR, and instructed classes in communicable diseases. Conducted fire and safety classes including those on nuclear radiation survival. Inspected and surveyed all base facilities including but not limited to hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, water use and base housing and buildings whether privately run and owned or government owned. Acted as each bases local liaison government contact to state departments of health and other local governmental regulatory agencies.


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company’s Hazardous Waste Program, Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 27, pp. 245-249

ARAMCO’s Groundwater Monitoring and Protection Program, International Environmental Conference, Alexandria, Egypt

Control Techniques Guideline for Architectural Surface Coatings, USEPA Contract No. 68-02-2611

Reducing Emissions from the Furniture Industry with Waterborne Coatings, USEPA Contract No. 68-03-2584

Quantification of Municipal Disposal Methods for Industrially Generated Hazardous Wastes, Proceedings of the 6th Annual Research Symposium on Treatment of Hazardous Waste, USEPA-MERL, EPA/9-80-011

Thermal Desorption: A New Waste Management Option in Saudi Arabia, Air & Waste Management Association Conference, Manama, Bahrain

Mobile: 1-402-***-****


Skype ID: Hugh VanNoordwyk

Environmental Manager/Director

Senior Environmental Engineer

Projects/Programs Manager

Technical Expert/Advisor

SSHEQ Positions

Process Engineer

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