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Project Staff

Colorado Springs, CO
October 13, 2018

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Experience in the Information Technology industry including the public sector (state and local government) and private sector (manufacturing, job costing, wholesale distributors, automotive, and more). Background in legislation at the federal, state, and local levels. Led projects across Colorado state departments and, cross functional business units to achieve legally mandated system changes, while streamlining work flow and business processes. Worked with large and small distributors migrating organizations from fully manual system to a full automated system. Analyzed business needs regarding the basic accounting functions required in the organization solution.

Process Improvement Project Scoping Project Planning and Implementation Customer Experience Project Performance Needs Analysis Requirements Gathering Requirement Management Cycle Status Reports/Timelines Risk Mitigation Gap Analysis Agile Methodology Waterfall Methodology Process Design/Requirement Traceability Techniques Liaison Between Businesses to Technical Training Development and Delivery Development Reporting Strategic Planning Team Leadership / Motivation Cross Functional Business Needs Analysis Manual System & Usability Testing HIPPA Compliance

CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER Denver, Colorado 7/2017 to current

Organizational Transition Specialist - Contract Position

Working with management, supporting departments and staff transitioning of the roles and responsibilities to Denver Human Services staff from a previous outside contractor.


The Denver Human Services (DHS) Workforce Development (WFD) staff required technical assistance for a successful transition. Technical assistance helped DHS staff and program contractors understand the program rules, and client due process rights.

Design front-line staff case management tool to provide a single source for case managers to better manage their caseloads.

Work with Senior Management in mapping current business work flows in three key Program areas – Eligibility, Orientation, and Workforce Development (WFD) informing significant process changes that resulted in quick client engagement and the streamlining of cross functional business unit operations.

Analyze State and County data sources to identify trends for weekly and monthly caseload reviews, program measures/metrics, and recommendations.

Provide monthly reports to executive management regarding accomplishments, current project priorities, and stages of work in progress.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY GOVERNMENT Littleton, Colorado 8/2016 to 3/2017

Senior Business Analyst

Performed system study of practices and processes for the Child Support Services Division resulting in mapping of business process work flow.


Needed to fully understand the current work flow, processes, and practices in the day to day operations of the Child Support Services program. Observed ten individual staff performing their duties to understand how the work was done. Captured improvements for immediate deployment and for long-term system changes.

Mapping of business processes required for a system development project. Facilitated staff meetings of operational units to discuss and develop a comprehensive understanding of all of the processes, actions, and responsibilities within each separate unit. Captured the results of the meetings in detailed mapping of current processes including improvement in workflow processes to create efficiencies.


COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver, Colorado 9/2001 to 6/2016

Colorado Benefits Management System Lead 12/2013 to 6/2016

Managed an annual enterprise project portfolio budget of $2.5 million for the Colorado Department of Human Services Divisions of Adult Financial Services, Colorado Works (TANF), Employment First, and Workforce Development. Managed projects for nine internal staff tracking milestones, deliverables, risks, and risk mitigation. Maintained status of projects as they moved through the System Development Life Cycle. Managed a large scale project mandated by the federal reauthorization of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act.


Monitored the budget for quarterly build projects (5 - 7 projects) form the initial high level business requirements projected costs to the costs at final billing for the projects. Managed the costs by analyzing data through management reporting mechanisms. Conferred with vendor staff to reconcile costs changes not supported by change requests.

Ensured funds were not misspent by tightly managing the on-going project costs, and being a good steward of public funds through guidance provided by the state legislature.

Several projects of varying size and complexity were the SDLC for each quarterly build. Managed the project timeline, deliverables, milestones, change requests, and project risks critical to good product delivery. Held daily stand up meetings to check the status off the project(s), discuss policy ramifications, provide upcoming milestone and deliverables associated with them, and to understand if project owners required intervention regarding their project. Staff understood exactly what was upcoming impacting their workload, impediments/risks were identified early in the project, and policy and/or design changes were made increasing the value of the project being deployed.

All staff needed to be apprised of project status including those who were accountable for the project, project outcomes, individuals who provided input through consultation, and those who needed to be informed of challenges requiring managerial decisions. The RACI model was introduced to identify all staff members and how they required to update based on the RACI chart. Staff at all levels were current in their understanding of project status, input was gathered by internal and external stakeholders influencing a project's design and outcome, and senior management had the knowledge they required to respond to inquiries from executive level management.

New federal regulations required that the Colorado State Departments of Labor and Employment needed to collaborate with state programs servicing Colorado families receiving for food assistance, or financial assistance. Formed stakeholder work group to design the transfer of data between the two state systems that met the language in the federal regulations, but also streamlined business processes in gathering reporting data by each affected program. The transfer of data eliminated the need for clients to manually enter data to receive labor and employment services. An interface referred human service clients to labor and employment upon program eligibility determination, client data was in the labor and employment system reducing replicating data entered into the human services system, and notified labor and employment staff of the recently referred client. Another data interface was implemented to transfer client activities, training, and hours for program reporting purposes, which reduced manual gathering and entry of the data.

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver, Colorado 8/2013 to 12/2013

Special Projects Lead

Lead Colorado Management Benefits System re-design of the Workforce Development and Employment First program sub-system. Instituted the Management Evaluation process for review of county program practices and results, and met with senior county management to discuss promising practices and opportunities for improvement.


A sub-system of the CBMS was poorly designed resulting in staff being burdened with labor intensive data entry reducing the time spent with clients to attain and retain meaningful employment. Formed internal and external stakeholder work group to outline the current challenges facing staff in minimizing their ability to help clients gain meaningful employment at a living wage. Streamlined and simplified data entry, and designed tools that provided staff with automated follow up requirements. Built in ability to capture meaningful employment data on market sector, wages, personal time off and health benefits to gain a complete picture of the support to the family.

The state plan approved by the federal government for the Colorado Works program required periodic management evaluations of the program as administered by Colorado county government agencies. Engaged internal staff to gather county data to be analyzed prior to preparing documentation provided to county executive management, which was discussed during the management evaluation review meeting. Management evaluation schedule was developed to adhere to the state plan, open dialogue with county management was productive in sharing current best practices


employed, and opportunities for improvement by sharing best practices of other counties learned through the ME process.

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver, Colorado 10/2007 to 8/2013

Training Coordinator

Managed training budget of $604,000 for fiscal year planning, executing, and approving expenditures for all state-wide staff development opportunities.


Annual conference for county staff with 400 in attendance. Drafted Request for Proposal for venue. Negotiated with vendors to reduce price and increase comps. Analyzed and summarized submitted property bids for final decision. Worked with internal and external stakeholders to create the agenda. Annual three and one half day conference was an excellent staff development opportunity.

Identified knowledge and skill gaps in the counties. Determined training content required to provide the knowledge and skill. Developed training for delivery, worked with contractors to satisfy the training need where applicable. County staff were offered many skill and knowledge building opportunities throughout the year.

The training line approved by the state legislature required how the monies were to be used appropriately. Followed the statutory language in providing staff training, followed the state procurement rules when planning the annual training plan. Ensured that all training delivered met the criteria in the state long bill. Many staff development opportunities were made available throughout the year. Evaluations from the staff development trainings reflected that the trainings were a good investment.

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver, Colorado 12/2004 to 10/2007

State Enforcement Team Lead and Trainer

Supported state-wide county staff, supervisors, and managers through training for staff development. Worked directly with Colorado citizens in understanding their responsibilities regarding child support. Performed supervisory responsibilities.


Knowledge and skill gaps were evident by questions received from county stakeholders about the enforcement remedies. Performed training needs assessments to identify targeted training content required to provide the knowledge and skills. Developed and delivered training for 20 statewide county program training over 500 staff members. Followed up with supervisor staff and internal staff to verify skills were transferred into staff actions and practices. County staff were offered many skill and knowledge building opportunities throughout the year to better perform their job responsibilities.

Unit supervisor was on an extended leave. Managed all personnel supervisory functions in the absence. Ensured work was completed, wrote the performance appraisals for the unit staff, and managed all personnel tasks.

Several new enforcement collection remedies were made available to states through the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity and Reconciliation Act. Participated on all of the system design projects for the collection remedies. Developed and delivered training specific to the new collection tools. County staff gained knowledge of the new tools, transferred the learning into their daily interactions with non-custodial parents, and worked with them to get payment of child support payments.

COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver, Colorado 9/2001 to 12/2004

State Enforcement Program Specialist

Provided support for the Child Support Enforcement Unit to stakeholders including county program staff and Colorado citizens. Project lead on a redesign of an automated enforcement remedy.


Analyzed the unemployment enforcement collection tool identifying the problems within the current design. Led a workgroup of internal and external stakeholders to gather requirements. Worked with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to correct the interface of data between the two state departments. Drafted the business rules for redesign. Increased collections by 50% from $2,500,000.00 to $3,750,000.00 after automated CDHS Child Support Enforcement program collection tool redesign.

Non-custodial parents who did not pay their child support would have several enforcement actions taken. They would call asking why an action was taken. Explained the actions result from nonpayment of the court ordered child support payment. Educated the importance of making the payments to support their children. Explained that payments of the


child support would allow for the enforcement actions to be removed. Non-custodial parent understood why the actions were taken and how they can work with the county staff to remove the actions through constant payment.

County staff had a knowledge gap about how the child support automated enforcement remedies worked. Explained how the enforcement remedies were triggered, how the non-custodial parent would be impacted, and how they could stop a particular enforcement remedy. County staff gained an understanding of how they could manage the enforcement actions.


Master of Social Work and Public Policy

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Associates in Science and Technology

Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn Michigan


Adobe, Microsoft Word Excel Visio and PowerPoint, Jira


Agile Scrum Foundation

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Certification – In Progress


International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

The Event Planners Association

Interagency Chief Learning Officer Council (ICLOC)

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