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maiframe and Desktop Support Technical

Secaucus, NJ
79000 plus expenses
October 13, 2018

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Victor iPower

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Tel: 201-***-**** Email: US Citizen, Salary Competitive.

Best time to call 4p – 9p every day (Please Leave A specific message) or Email Interview all other times

Available in North Bergen NJ and 10 mile radius.

New York City Long term projects only and walking distant from Port Authority Bus station on 42nd st.


Victor has over 20 years experience as a Systems Application Programmer Analyst in various industries such as IT, Marketing, Communications, etc in providing architectural design, development, deployment, and maintenance of computer systems, program products, applications systems and administration. With over 18 years extensive with Linux, by installing and configured SUSE Linux on Mainframe and installing RedHat Enterprise Linux for DB2 SQL future Migration and Cirix with VMWare. Adept at Linux Redhat and Z/Linux, Z/Linux SUSE installation under Z/VM, WebSphere Application Server, Edge Server, and Workload Management. Responsibilities include daily system checking, performance analyzing, capacity planning, providing infrastructure maintenance in infrastructure environment, and examines application programs and rewrites them to run faster, and tuning data storage conventions to make application programs execute quicker. Researches, documents, provide capacity management reports, and resolves Technical and Operation Problems. Works with a team that consists of engineers, managers, etc. to plan and execute project visions and goals. Provides strategic directions, technical solutions, and give recommendations for systems and applications improvements. With experience in providing feasibility studies, analysis, design, programming Mainframe Micro Focus COBOL, ORACLE, DB2, SQL, C++ and JAVA, consultations, trouble shooting/resolution, customer support, testing and installation of integrated financial software systems also use VISIO for system flow documentation. Manages projects and tasks from initial creation, development, and deployment through implementation, with the ability to work with and communicate verbally and written with people at all levels.


Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Suffield College and University (On going)

Business Administration with Motivational courses at MIT (1+ year)


IBM training Centers Business systems technology skills development

United States Army, 82nd Airborne Division, GED Assoc. Equiv.


Microsoft, Novell & Linux Certification (On going)

Operating Systems

Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, ZLinux Redhat Suse,UNIX,OS/2,OS400,Vmware,


ZVM,OS/390, ZVSE, Novell, Hercules, TurboHerculesHardware:IBM Z Series E Series p570, SUN Ultra Sparc, COMPAQ Servers, Dell Power edge servers. AS400, RISC 6000Financial Software:Payroll. Personnel, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, AP/AR, SAP, SWIFT, JD Edwards, BROKERAGE AND TRADINGStorage Arrays:IBM JBOD and Disk Arrays.Tape Libraries:Epic Tape LibraryRDBMS:Oracle, IBM DB2, IMS DB/DC (DL1), Informix, SybaseLanguages:Java, C, C++, C#, PL/SQL. COBOL, RPG, NetBeans, PHPProtocols:TCP/IP, NFS, LDAP, HTTP, NIS, DHCP, DNS, POP, IMAP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, SSH, Samba and SMTP.Network Services:Send mail, DNS, NIS, DHCP, LDAP, CCmailWeb Servers:Apache, MS IIS, Web Sphere Application Server, Edge Server and Workload Management.Backup Tools:Veritas Netback up, Windows NT Backup

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Remote Desktop Tools:PC Anywhere, Citrix Network Management:IBM NetviewServices:Kernel Compilation Network Attach Storage:Storage Volume Manager Security:VPN, Open SSH, IP Tables, IP Filter, RACF, (PGP Pretty Good Privacy) for data Security ZVM and WindowsPerformance Tools:vmstat, iostat, netstat, top, SAR, nfsstat, Sun ClustersVolume Management:Veritas Volume Manager.


Confidental Clients for the Communications Industry Consultant 11/04 - 04/05 07/06 – Present

Perform System checks on a daily basis as well as research, document and resolve

Technical and Operation Problems. Provide an assessment of their overall operation.


Web Sphere Application Server, Edge Server and Workload Management.

Provided support of CICS regions and Websphere MQ on mainframe that connected to Websphere MQ on

Solaris, Aix and Windows platforms.

Provided strategic directions, technical solutions and recommendations for system and application groups.

ETechchnologies 06/05 – 6/06

Administrator Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Installed and configured IOCP, ZVM and ZVSE w/VTAM CICS/TS. TCP/IP/PKI RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Installed, Setup EPIC TMS R6.4 w/online panels and Converted the Production JCL to run with EPIC.

Documented Data center Standards and procedures.

Examined application programs and rewrote them to run faster. Cleaned up COBOL code logic errors and redundancies.

Installed and configured (PGP Pretty Good Privacy) for data Security ZVM and Windows.

Installed and configured RedHat Enterprise Linux. Hercules for disaster recovery.

Researched Linux Redhat and Zlinux, ZLINUX Suse in preparation for installation under ZVM,

And Web Sphere Application Server, Edge Server and Workload Management

Tuned data storage conventions, to make application programs execute quicker.

Involved in cryptography in order to keep data safe while being transferred to client.

PPS Medical Marketing Company 07/99 – 10/04

Administrator Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Migrated from 922*-***-**** FBA type dasd VSE (V3.R2.L1) to a

Multiprise 2003-203 CKD type dasd Raid.

VM (ESAV2R40) VSE (V3.R2.L2->V3.R2.L3->V3.R2.L6), IOCP, SORT, REXX,

Connectivity TCP/IP V1.4.0 PKI, and Windows-NT/2000/XP Workstation w/Word.

VM/Magic Rel.1.7, CA-Mastercat, CA-Extend-Dasd, CA-Hyper-Buf, CA-Vsamaid, CA-Faver2 and Mac OS X.

Installed RedHat Enterprise Linux for DB2 SQL future Migration and Cirix with VMWare.

Wrote programs in Mainframe JAVA, NetBeans, C#, C++, COBOL, PHP for online and batch as well

as provide tech and Desktop support. Hercules for disaster recovery.

Developed programs in Java using Microsoft Visual J++, JDK 1.1, J2EE, Sybase.

Upgraded CICS/VSE V2.3 to CICS Transaction Server V1.1.1

Maintained licensing and technical support for all contracts making sure they are paid.

Installed and Configured Suse Linux on Mainframe under VM and AIX RISC 6000.

Evaluated NUMA-Q technology for data center consolidation

Marubeni America Corp 4/98 – 04/99

Administrator Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Supervise and provide technical support on a MVS to OS/390 Multiprise 2000 Y2K project, HP-UX, Sun/Solaris,

Redhat Linux, ORACLE, DB2, AIX RISC 6000, JAVA, Citrix and COBOL.

Provide technical and desktop support to users of Novell, Windows NT, Word, Windows 95, AS/400, Mac OS, JD Edwards,

Provide technical support for PSF/2 printing subsystem on OS/2, Administrate CCMail system.

Activities included Sysgens, maintenance, performance tuning, installation and integration of software.

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SCSUSA 11/92 - 3/98

Administrator Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Installed, Configured, support, administrate, MS/NT V4 Inter/Intranet WWW, FTP, E-mail servers.

Migrated dasd from 3380K to RAMAC, Installed MS/NT Internet gateway mail server (S-Bridge). Working on S/390 P520 disaster recovery/Continuous service

Configurations over Internet/Intranet with OC://Webconnect Web3270 and Citrix .

Installed, configured and supported Linux Slackware, AIX, Mac OS X, RISC/6000, Sybase.

Installed, Configured, supported, administrate 3172, NextStep, SQL, REXX, Novell/SAA w/Hostprint, SNA3270 server, for Rumba Windows, OS/2, 3270 emulation on LAN/WAN, Windows 95/NT, Word, Exchange, Office/Backoffice for developing Business Systems Application & Implementation.

Migrated data center from 4381P22 3380D 3420 VM/VSE/SP CICS 1.7 to ES/9000-150 3380K 3480


Maintained & Supported SDLC Links to AS/400, IOCP, Novell SAA and MS/SNA Server for RJE and 3270 connections.

Activities included feasibility studies, Analysis, design, programming Mainframe Micro Focus COBOL,

ORACLE, DB2, SQL, C++ and JAVA, consultations, trouble shooting/resolution, customer support, testing

and installation of integrated financial software systems also use VISIO for system flow documentation.

Responsibility was Payroll/Personnel, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable's/payables's, JD Edwards, WINS Insurace,

Inventory control/velocity and fixed assets on VM/VSE systems w/DB2 DBD's and PSB's.

Reports derived from database and delivered to Web, Perl CGI, SQL, and Java.

City of Yonkers 10/88 - 09/92

Administrator Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Converted from VM/SP R4 to VM/SP R5, VSE/SP R1 to VSE/SP R3.2, CICS/VS 1.6 to CICS/VS 1.7.

Installed EPIC, NCP/PEP, 3720 communications controller and 3174 token ring gateway to ethernet lan.

Converted BTAM communications to VTAM/NCP SDLC, bisync & IBM token ring.

Tuned CICS/VS application programs by eliminating logic errors and storage violations.

Converted ISAM, DA and SAM application datasets to VSAM. Installed Integral Payroll/Personnel system.

Added Virtual test machines with automated start-up procedures for systems and programming work so that production and mission critical users do not experience outages. Installed SPI/Lock, Cache.

The applications were Payroll/Personnel, G/L, AR, AP, Fixed Assets.

Provided technical support in a client/server environment with System/36, AIX RISC/6000, PC's, REXX, COBOL.

Supported the installation and running of a Unisys system and HP.

Time Inc 10/82 - 10/87

Systems Application Programmer Analyst

Provided maintenance and support to VM, DOS/VS and Disoss mail systems.

Moved to MVS/XA, CICS/DB2, VTAM/NCP, as VM, DOS/VS and 8100 were

Phased out and was involved in all aspects of MVS/XA, JES2, VTAM, CICS/DB2 projects.

Activities included Sysgens, performance tuning, application support, system administration, programming,

systems analysis, consultation, trouble shooting/resolution, installation and integration of software products.

Installed and supported MVS/XA, JES2, Omegamon, VTAM/NCP, IBM Token ring, CICS/DB2, TSO/ISPF/PDF,

Clist's, SDSF, FileAid, SyncSort, SQL, REXX, RACF, DFHSM, DFDSS, NCCF(Netview),

MVS Utilities/Commands, SAS, GDDM, FOCUS, AIX, UCC7-11, FDR/ABR, DPS using SMP/E Puts.

Provided technical support in a client/server environment with System/36, RISC 6000, AS/400's, PC's, COBOL.

Developed and maintained an IVP (Installation verification procedure) accounting methodology for all software,

hardware and network changes.

Wrote TSO, JES2 exits and DADSM (Volume pooling) exit in both MVS/SP and MVS/XA.

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