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Microsoft Office Medical

Ryazan, Ryazan Oblast, Russian Federation
October 16, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

Name: Mazen

Family: Abdel Nabi

Date of birth: 29.11.1978

Place of birth: Egypt

Nationality: Russia

Address: Russia, Ryazan city, Belyakova st., home 17, flat 20.

Married- daughter 4 years, son 2 months

Telephone number: +795********, +792********


Education and qualifications

- Bachelor specialist: MBBS, Physician – 6 years.

State educational institution of higher professional education "Ryazan State Medical University Academic Pavlov" faculty of medicine

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation - "060101 General Medicine" 24 June 2014.

- Master’s Degree "Obstetrics and gynecology" 1 August 2016.

-Ultrasound diagnostic Advanced professional course - 3.5 months (Ryazan State Medical University of Post-Graduate Education- Ryazan/ Russia).

-laparoscopic surgery Advanced professional course - 18 hours (Ryazan State Medical University of Post-Graduate Education- Ryazan/ Russia).

-Gynecological Endocrinology Advanced professional course - 7 days (Ryazan State Medical University of Post-Graduate Education- Ryazan/ Russia).

-On January 2018 starting of the PHD ( Detection of the ovulation by using digital apparatus through saliva).


Examination of patients, diagnosis and treatment standards. While working in the obstetric units mastered basic methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various pathologies of pregnancy, small obstetric operations (equipment performance and suturing episiotomy, manual examination of the uterus, inspection of the birth canal by the mirror. I has mastered the technique of performing aminiotomy, cesarean section. While working in gynecological departments mastered basic methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian disorders, menstrual cycle disorders, pregnancy, miscarriage, benign and malignant tumors of the genitals, acute gynecological pathology. I mastered the technique execution and independently carried out: colposcopy, ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology.


Laparotomy access

• Subtotal hysterectomy with appendages/without appendages.

• High amputation of uterus with preservation of menstrual functions.

• Abdominal hysterectomy with appendages/without appendages.

• Operative interventions on appendages.

• Conservative myomectomy.

• Plastic-reconstructive operations concerning anomalies of development of the sexual system.

Vaginal access

• Vaginal hysterectomy without appendages/with appendages at prolapsed genitals.

• Vaginal hysterectomy without appendages/with appendages without prolapsed genitals.

• Electroconization of uterine cervix with the subsequent histology investigation.

• Anterior and posterior colpoperineorrhaphia with levatoroplastics (operative treatment of the prolaps of female genitals).

• Imposing of system Gynecare Prolift Anterior/Posterior/Total.

• Operative treatment of the formations of external genitals and vagina.

Hysteroscopy access

• Separate medical-diagnostic abrasion of cervix and uterine cavity at hyperplasia of the

endometrium (including histology and cytology research).

• Histerorezectoscopy (removal of polyps, intra uterine septum and adhesions).

• Ablation of the endometrium.

Laparoscopy access

• Diagnostic laparoscopy.

- Ectopic pregnancy ( tubectomy).

- Cyctectomy.

- Subtotal hysterectomy with appendages/without appendages


Arabic - Mother tongue

English – Very good

Russian – Very good


Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Software / Applications:

Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office 1997, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, Internet Explorer.



Assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Company’s name

Ryazan State Medical University, Obstetrics and Gynecology department


09/2016 - till present Ryazan, Russia

Position: Obstetrician gynecologist

Company’s name

Regional Clinic Hospital Ryazan city, Gyencology department


01.09.2016 - till present


OB/GYN (Obstetrician / Gynecologist)

Company’s name

Medical Center medexpress, Gynecology department

Period / City / Country

Since 2016 - till present Ryazan, Russia

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